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  1. I spoke to someone who's worked involved gold & it's location / movements etc They said one of the Most common problems they had was that there weren't many places that could hold A lot of gold because it would crack the concrete floors That place must have one hell of a tough floor
  2. Lego Gold mine set, advert on tv today. Gold prices high, how much can be mine ( or something like that )
  3. Don't forget By having to now put down a deposit, your also overpaying from the beginning .
  4. What's with the laughing man symbol on that picture ? What's it implying ?
  5. The rich are getting richer & the poor get poorer The bankers / liar loaners & long time investors have already won & aren't giving up their positions. I decided that If I can't beat em, I'd join them & we got our 1st place at the bottom end of a very desirable west London area. It meant downgrading from dreams of a big house to a flat but I like it. The energy costs are nice an small & the risk of theft is greatly reduced. Kind of Like buying a small economical Car instead of a big flashy one. ( i don't live above shops on a high street) plenty of greenery around & beautiful rivers to Walk down. Good schools / facilities all the shops you could want within walking distance. I could have gone a few miles out and got a house but I chose quality over quantity.
  6. Thanks, had never though about that side of it. Sounds very sad & upsetting for that to happen
  7. Me and mrs crashman have bought ( early 30s) I plan to propose in a year or two, And I've kind of already got the ring. 1/2 price in 2008 & May get a bigger discount yet :-) Just gotta sell something at Hattton gardens, coininvest direct or cash for gold etc 1st.
  8. Buy from here . It's a Friend of a friend just starting out http://uk.ebid.net/perl/main.cgi?mo=user-store&title=precious-metal-investment
  9. Haha This type of person will see a young house price crasher Doing well compared to them and assume they for their wealth through drugs, Dodgy dealings etc Welllll screw u !!
  10. Well said, was about to say the same thing. How come the banking families are nowhere on these lists ? When they create / get money from nowhere Cause they don't want that info shared with the world
  11. Hmmmnn I wonder if the billionaires & millionaires will feel the same ?
  12. http://uk.ebid.net/perl/main.cgi?mo=search&type=keyword&advanced_body=1&words=silver+bullion&categoryid=&go=&price1=&price2=&countryid=uk&used=&near_me=&sfeedback=&pcode=
  13. Silver bullion on EBID.CO.UK Cheaper charges than EBAY hence cheaper prices http://uk.ebid.net/perl/main.cgi?mo=search&type=keyword&advanced_body=1&words=silver+bullion&categoryid=&go=&price1=&price2=&countryid=uk&used=&near_me=&sfeedback=&pcode=
  14. Uxbridge for me, but there's other similar priced areas that are a little closer to the city than uxbridge. I'd put low crime rate at the top of my list. As things get harder crime will only increase
  15. I'm your age and found this site at 23 / 24 years old. Due to experiences with family i realised at a young age that Life is short so I lived it up whilst saving at the same time. Still went on holidays, still went out drinking I just went in 60% instead of 100% with anything I did. I would say you've got to sacrifice things when buying around London, unless you're buyin in the 350k range. Remember you earn good wages in London.. Well so does everyone else ! Have you looked at the values of cars being driven around ? The extensions and refurbishment on property that's happening. The QE money is working its way in from the top down. Slowly but surely Don't forget there are a lot of savvy investor type people around London. And there always have been so you are competing with them. I wanted to avoid negative equity so I bought at the bottom end of a highly sought after area. I have no garden or driveway etc but the school, shops and facilities more than make up For it. Also I know of many families around west London who had buy to let portfolios in the 80s and haven't suffered at all because of the credit crunch. Rents & prices have gone up. They and many others are slowly extending and expanding their investments. For years theyve known that holding cash / paying rent is a bad option
  16. Silver is the next precious metal that is due to become extinct / depleted . Its used in lots of electronics & medicines etc. It used to be used in coins / as normal spending money, But recently this changed due to future supply issues. It is bein suppressed to allow the economy to survive. It is NOT bonkers to hold silver. WHEN silver supplies are low It's price WILL have to go higher to worth make it worth recycling.
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