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  1. Thx Forgot to add I have an emergency stash too, (Small gold bug) that would be nearly 2 YRS worth Of living expenses Should I some of it ? Monthly payments are £1200.00 ish per month. Things are a little bit tight Mortgage broker said that with 5k put down , payments would be 800ish fixed for 3 years @ roughly 2 percent
  2. Can you clever chaps help me calculate my LTV with flat valued at 300K & point me in the direction of any good deals. 2 YR fix ending soon Bought 2011 : 270K Deposit : 38K Mortgage : 240K Value of identical flats recently sold 2012 : 276K 2012 : 280K 2013 : 290K 2013 : 302K A few on sale for 300K+ Savings to put down before newdeal / lenders variable rate : 4-6 K
  3. I tried it too in "Notting hill" & in U.S it was one of my "American Dreamz" I was in "Love Actually" The Second time didn't GO DOWN too well I'll get my cape..
  4. Then they get to take the physical assets from those who find themselves in financial trouble, Such as houses, whole countries etc But they would prefer to keep people in debt than have them go bust. There's no money to be made in interest if borrowers go broke. So of rates must be reduced to nothing / go negative so be it. So I've heard.
  5. I'm in a similar situation. Exempt our balance is around 237 When the two year ends we could look for another mortgage etc Or stay in the lenders standard variable which as per paperwork Works out at £200.00 cheaper per month. If its too costly to remortgage onto a new deal then we'll stay on the variable & use the savings to overpay every month.
  6. Well Somethings crashing vertically alright... Your purchasing power.
  7. Why not. I found HPC in my early twenties & it still took me around 7 years to save up my deposit.
  8. What if they dont want to pull the trigger What if these rates are what they want. So that is seems a no brainer For everyone to keep on borrowing ? Including big businesses The FED has been around since 1910, there's no rush for them to do anything.
  9. FOFOA 2010 http://www.gekkosblog.com/2010/06/fofoas-take-on-gekko-denninger-debate.html?m=1 What is referred to here is the chaotic transition period between the failure of the fractionally reserved paper gold markets and the emergence of a physical-only free gold market. During this rocky transition any former parity between "the price of gold" and the price of actual physical pieces will be broken. This is when no physical will be available at the published price. As for the physical price, it will be unknown as it rockets in the background to new heights. So yes, any paper gold will be worthless during this time, and any physical gold will be priceless.
  10. I know of many whose parents got them a house / mortgage as soon as they were old enought to work / had a stable job A very wise move it turned out to be.
  11. You HPCers need to take a big step back & look at this over the long term. The federal reserve was formed in 1910. Back in those days : You could have bought a house in Chancery Lane for £11,000, one in Fleet Street for £25,000 or one in Cannon Street – down by the Thames – for £20,000. printy printy inflation is already here !! The fed has achieved 90% of what it wanted to do & is doing pretty well. Low interest rates hurting them ?? Interest on nothing Isn't & hasnt cost them much : ) & now that gold isn't backing the currency & had been long forgotten they can now really drop rates. Why give everyone more money than they need in interest , when they can force everyone including businesses To borro More money at lower rates.
  12. West is best Lots of greenery, little traffic depending on area (Lower fuel costs) Depending on where you live you can have easy access towards Heathrow / Gatwick / M25 / M1 / M40 central London. Little drama / crime robbery. M25 corridor so lots of central London (Banker ?) wealth spreading its way throught out the M4 all the way down to reading & beyond
  13. Don't worry 1st time buyers. Flats are cheaper to keep warm than Big houses.
  14. Still waiting for a 50% crash with only fiat paper as your investment ? My message to you : "You have to adapt in order to survive. Bend your morals, or you'll break eventually !"
  15. Slump in gold price releases years of pent-up retail demand http://in.mobile.reuters.com/article/idINDEE93I06M20130419?irpc=932 SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Gold retailers struggled to cope this week as parents buying dowries, casual shoppers and tourists snapped up bars, coins, nuggets and jewellery as a slump in the price of the yellow metal released years of pent-up retail demand. The price decline in the past week, the steepest in 30 years, has tarnished gold's appeal for the portfolio investors whose money had fuelled a 12-year bull run. As investors rush out, consumers that were priced out of the market for years have rushed in.
  16. Thanks injin Thought that's what you wanted. I like your arguments. You've helped me to remember golds special qualities & i think balanced arguments are always needed when investing in anything. With regards to the price being driven by investors, I think there are definitely giants Accumulating gold for the reasons I listed & more ( Gold for oil & vice versa ) when it becomes scarce I want a piece of the action
  17. Uses of gold & reasons why others may want a position in it too. Most cell phones, computers, calculators, television, and other electronic items contain gold. Gold is used in window glass and astronaut helmets to reflect infrared rays while allowing sunlight to pass through. Gold is a good conductor of electricity and heat. There is a monetary system called the ‘gold standard’ which fixes a unit of money to a certain weight of gold. Injectable gold has been proven to help reduce pain and swelling in patients suffering from tuberculosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Gold won't tarnish, rust, or corrode and is very strong when alloyed. In fact, it is also surprisingly the most malleable of all metals. Gold melts at 1064.43° Centigrade. It can conduct both heat and electricity and it never rusts. Dentists use about 2 per cent of the gold mined each year (about 60 tons). A gold crown is usually 75 per cent gold, with a mixture of silver, palladium and zinc to harden it. All the world's gold and platinum ore came from outer space after a mammoth meteorite shower battered the Earth more than four billion years ago. Nearly one billion cell phones are produced each year and most of them contain about fifty cents worth of gold. Their average lifetime is under two years and very few are currently recycled
  18. Could have joined in 2004. Was a lurker & didnt know the forum existed Just used to read the fron page & its comments lol
  19. I can now join this thread. Bought last year. Will collect anything found & try to overpay as much as possible but on a serious note Will overpay using : -Money from eBay sales of old items, -Increased overtime at work, (Trying to come up with more money making ideas)
  20. What ive heard : Before the whites came along you were a slave (employee) If you commited a crime or were in debt. You did your service & then were free The whites, Spanish, French etc got so used to this service available to them that they started kidnapping the slaves & free people, whilst ruining Africa's peaceful setup Now we are all slaves (employees)
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