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  1. Depends on the area I guess. I'm not talking about central London.
  2. I managed to buy in a very nice London area for 2005 prices smack bang at the bottom of the double dip recession that never happened. couldn't have done it IN THIS AREA if it weren't for this forum as I'm not on a massive wage. I was bearish on property, but bullish on where the depreciating cash would be spent. One thing this forum doesn't take into consideration is that A lot of people seek multiple incomes & it's not uncommon for someone in London to have their own business, & a buy to let & work etc You'd be very surprised by the number of people I know who Multihussle to make ends meet.
  3. I bought in west London 2 years ago at the bottom of the double dip that never happened. My theory was that I'll be protected from neg equity, by the wealth / popularity Of the area. Well 2 years later I'm now looking at 80% LTV as prices have risen around 80K ! My advise is to take a good look around west London & think About the job losses, repossessions & anything else negative... I did & couldn't find anything negative. The recession barely touched Anyone around here. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE WEALTH IN LONDON ! There are a lot of clever people with experienced wealthy family circles, who shrug of recessions Due to their financial positions. Prices around here recovered So fast that I missed the bottom of the crash 2007/8 crash by 6 months !! Bankers money etc ? Hanwell, ealing, Acton... It doesn't really matter that much As it's only 30mins or so between each area. Most people could easily upgrade Towards ealing ACTON etc if they wanted to. Just take a look at the 30-40k cars parked / driving around in the "less wealthy areas" If you can afford the better areas then go for it it's a no brainer... All IMO
  4. Beware : lots of Printy printy fiat cash looking for a home.
  5. Hi Eric Read my quotes above This has been going on for hundred of years especially in the UK. World wide printy printy for hundreds of years . I'f you can't beat em, join em. Shall I send you a link to a good video explaining it all.
  6. "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws." Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild. "The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on it's favors, that there will be no opposition from either class." - Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863 This has been going on since the 1800's there is no wrong time to buy ?
  7. I now feel that printy printy is now reaching every corner of the earth with scary speed.
  8. Sacrifice size,space & garden driveways & other non essential things & got for nice area instead.
  9. Bought in Prime South West London Mortgage has to drop by £200.00 per month. Were going to start overpaying by roughly £400 / £500 per month as costs of a few other things have recently dropped. We should be near to 80% LTV very soon Other flats for sale in the same place, now being advertised for £310-£335K
  10. If your having GOLD problems I feel bad for you son I got ninety nine problems, but a DIP ain't one !! Jay-z bought the first ever 11lb / 5 kilo Cuban Link Chain ever made - designed by Rafaello&Co Jay-Z wore this chain at "So So Def" 20th Anniversary party. HOV has always been a big fan of the company's work and always the first to get his hands on the newest styles that nobody has yet.
  11. Funny situation.. They own all the homes that young families would like & young families have homes that they need. Who wins in the end ? The Young have more time Or are the mid 40year olds of today gonna snap them all up as Buy to let's etc . If not then a big crash / opportunity in when.. 2036 ?
  12. Wow you guys really have a lot of patience. I remember reading about the London price crash on here in 2004 Then 2005/6 it never happened.. But eventually came in 2007. JBTMFD's lol
  13. & cash will only devalue like it always has & always will. Who says interest rates have to go up anytime soon ? Why would they want to give away interest to savers & stop companies, countries, people borrowing at such cheap rates.. They couldnt drop rates so low years ago because Gold was stronger back then, now..... they can go as low as they want & for as long as they want.
  14. Time waits for no man. Do what I did & buy at the bottom end of a popular area Let the bankers, actors, politicians, elite singers etc protect you From negative equity. Get yourself in good shape, get a full new trendy wardrobe, Splash out on yourself & meet a young career minded woman. Have some kids & teach them the ways of HPC. Who else are you going to leave All that money too when you die ? The govermment ?? Time to LIVE like a king. Otherwise your cas is being printy printed away Above all have a fall back plan. PROTECT YOURSELF
  15. Forget those manias We're in the middle of a fiat paper printy printy mania !! Cash falling down from the sky
  16. Congrats Don't feel bad, this forum was spot on with predicting the crash, But didn't / dosent have a buying alarm in place. There were some clever guys on here who jumped back into property At the bottom of the 1st dip & picked up property cheap because Not many had deposits saved up etc I bought at the bottom of the double dip near London. London price rises mean I have no fear of negative equity at all & I'm now nearly on 80% LTV. Sometimes tou got to Bend your morals or you’ll break, eventually.
  17. This all helps prints printy, & has since the 1900's Buy the property dips ! & Bend your morals or you’ll break, eventually.
  18. 1/2 a mill C'mon I see half a mil pound cars rolling through the outskirts / hoods of London all the time.
  19. Some more.. "This could potentially be the final shakeout of weak physical hands, because there will be plenty of strong hands catching that physical even though physical buying won't stop the price from falling. Unfortunately for a few long-time gold bugs, the lack of a fundamental and foundational understanding of a much higher value could see them liquidating at the worst possible time in all of history. And that would truly be a shame. At least I have given fair warning. I'm not predicting that this is the way it will play out. Only that it could. And being aware of this possibility has value if it gives you strong hands at a key point in time."
  20. "Each time the price swings up and down like this the "gold" traders trade their way in and out of their favorite paper gold positions. But the physical side is slowly working its way into stronger and stronger hands with each swing. Strong hands buy the dips while weak hands are selling in a panic."
  21. I don't know about the 100k deposits, at 10% deposit : 20-40K if your smart & pick a decent 2/3 bedroom house / flat in NORMAL Areas or near the outskirts. Yes There are some crazy people who buy half a million pound newbuild property's & Are on a silly part buy deals etc & there are also a lot of high earners too. To put it into predpective around west London I've bumped into Quite a few young celebrities on various occasions. These celebrities TV / Music could easily afford multiple property's if they spent wisely. There are also lots of youn people with wealthy parents who will definitely Get them onto the ladder.
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