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  1. That's fascinating. What effect does remortgaging have on the loan principal? I forget the details. Presumably, we should also *face palm* because we can safely ignore the eye-watering LTI as house prices only ever go up...

    Either you are ramping or you have ramping in your soul. Either way, shape up. If you want to take as a predicate HPI forever then you need to join another on-line community. If you want to make an argument here then you can't assume HPI forever. It's not called housepricecrash.co.uk for no reason...

    (And given the fact that we have a CPI target of 2% and hope for real growth we are looking for HPI above wage inflation before we get weak at the knees, nominal HPI is not really going to cut it.)

    Yes price rises also mean that your loan to value goes in your favour helping you to get better mortgage... but we don't like balanced arguments on here lol

  2. Chinese tycoon Guo Guangchang detained by police

    One of China's richest men, Guo Guangchang, has been detained by police.

    His company, Fosun International, confirmed on Friday that he was assisting authorities with an investigation.

    The confirmation followed reports that he had gone missing.

    Financial magazine Caixin said that staff at Fosun had been unable to contact Mr Guo since Thursday afternoon.

    Fosun, one of China's biggest private conglomerates, halted trading of its Hong Kong shares following the reports.

    The company said that its shares would resume trading on Monday.

    Fosun said that Mr Guo, 48, who has been described as China's Warren Buffett, was still able to be involved in major decisions.

    It was not clear why police had detained him ?

  3. I've noticed that owners who are happy with thier equity / or paper Gains on their property get heavily ridiculed for discussing their equity etc

    but sold to renters on this forum (some who didn't really need to sell) seem to be let off even though they have used the ladder to make gains & want more.

    Discuss , especially 1st time buyers

  4. The recession is still to fresh in the minds of the public

    I say the Next recession will be 2020+

    I can't talk for the older crowd except to say I know a few old time landlords who were fine before recession & are stil fine today.

    To me this feels like 2006. Anyone buying nkw is buying on a shared ownership or far outskirts of london.

    money now being spent by youngsters On big / new cars on credit.

    Everyone copying each other but not realising a lot of these kids have wealthy parents.

    Lots of youngsters living at home going out spending ridiculous amounts on booze, holidays, clothes

    Lifestyle. Kids are now not a consideration until mid/ late 30s

    Yes plenty of lambs to the slaughter. Just more time needed to herd them all in

  5. The market crashes when it's ready to. Not when you say it should

    It crashed in 2007, Next crash due 2019-2022 when the masses have forgotten about everything and are spending every penny

    On crap.

    Kind of feels like it now but there's more room to go next time round.

    Like I said time and time again. I barely even saw a crash on the outskirts of London.

    The next crash will take more prisoners.

  6. If it's financially right go for it. Don't let your life be put on pause for money & property

    As you were born without it & will die without it.

    remember a crash only lasts 5 or so years max, look at the length of the previous ones.

    IMO The next crash will happen 2020 - 2022 , which falls into the every 10-15 year pattern

  7. If the bank are offering you 10 years at 4% then they don;t expect rates to rise above this.

    Were in the process of taking out a first direct tracker at 1.79%, it allows us to make significant overpayments. It's a gamble against rates going up and the economy being stuck in another lost decade. Im still quite bearish on the economy, so I don;t see western policy makers (UK, US, EU) putting up rates and considering that rates are sill levels in places like belarus with no knock on effects I think the western bankers still have stranglehold over everyone.

    Thx didn't think if it that way. I'll have to consider a tracker as I don't expect rates to go up anytime soon. Why would the banks need to give everyone interest when they make money from thin air anyway and don't need to pass these low rates on to homeowners.

    But what if rates do rise... Don't know I can take that chance.

  8. This crash has been painful to many HPCers because they only believed one thing

    & only read one forum. I was a bear for a long time but had to grow some bull horns

    When I saw little / no sign of a recession around London.

    When deposits had to be out down all of a sudden I guessed that it would take joe blogs round London maximum of 2/3 years to save for a deposit.

    I would advise anyone who thinks London will crash to seriously take a look at the wealth the youngsters have

    To spend on a fri / sat night around town and in bars etc

    Big cars, big money, big wallets and that's NOT inc the bankers etc

  9. You need to wait till the end of the quarter or buy at auction or buy privately. Last car I bought was last year...brand new...7k off the book price. Credit is king if you are stupid or believe a salesman.

    Wow !!!! so you attack me as a 1st time buyer who scrimped & saved for over 6 years for my deposit ....Driving old cars and sacrificing everything blood sweat & tears

    And then you have the cheek to buy brand new cars & complain that house prices are too high for you. You need to check your priorities !!!!

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