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  1. This is exactly what I'm talking about with lack of drive in life. It's hard to tell emotions from text on a screen, but I detect a severe lack of 'get up and go' in life with your post here. Why does your ambition in life have to end at retirement???? I don't intend it to. By staying alert and alive we resist that delcine into inactivity and apathy which is such an ageing attitude. And with your username 'Monger Of Doom' as well. It just about says says it all really. Thankyou, I am please with that comment. This is just it, I don't want to be the majority. Another of my ambitions in life IS to be the minority, NOT the majority. Yes, but I've realised that doing nothing is also a risk. So risk is unavoidable. Here's me trying to give people a good hard push in life on here, (Which we all need, at some point in life) and I get these silly comments back in return?? You know, it really does say it all. Why does everyone keep talking about 'Winning The Lottey'? I don't even do it!! How about EARNING £1 million in life? Now how's that for a difficult challenge in life?? If less than 10%pa - Means a higher retirement age. 8% probably about 60. 6-7% about 65 years of age. So there's plenty of leeway each way. I quite agree. Most will fail. But then again, most won't even try. Which is even worse!!
  2. I just cannot believe some of the comments I read on this thread? People like the above quoted text for example... Where's the ambition and motivation in life???? Any idiot can sponge off the state, it's easy. Any uneducated fool that takes your fancy can do it. Unfortunately, if you want more than that in life you are going to have to work. And work your socks off!! Hard work!!! ( Sorry, if I've just scared a few people with these words - 'Hard Work' ). I'm currently running my own SIPP as my pension, my target is around 10-11% gain a year. ( A tough, but a realistic target ). You see, instead of slumped in front of Eastenders, I decided to educated myself about the amazing and fantastic thing called 'COMPOUNDED INTEREST' OR 'COMPOUNDED GAINS'. I let you do your own research what it's about, it's a magical thing that the wealthy understand and the poor do not, and it's so simple. If I can achieve my SIPP target every year I will be retired very comfortably at 55. Anyone can give it a go, but of course it falls back to 'hard work' again, so it will put most people off, unfortunately.
  3. Which is better? 1: £8000 tax a month with rent on top of that. 2: £8000 tax a month without any rent or mortgage payments. Perhaps just a 'wise' little man. Jesus, we'd have a war if council tax went that high.
  4. A smooth decrease or increase is the best way. Less ripple effect throughout the whole economy. Gives people time to adjust to changes. Now explain why your sharp correction way is best?
  5. That's good you have thought about and put into action a pension scheme. Very wise. I was talking about a place to live when you retire, without playing rent!! You can still live in a house if it's worthless?????? I'm personally a bit dubious about the idea of using a house as a pension. It seems to be the popular idea at the moment. As you said it could well be worthless.
  6. If you read my previous post you'll see I wrote ' I care little if the prices go up or down'. I would lose money, yes, by losing my job. And no-one wants that , do they? I wouldn't want it and wouldn't wish it on anyone else. (Unlike a few on here that wouldn't care!) Look, at the end of the day no-one knows what will happen. Everyone has their own little theory on the future outlook. But the reality is that no-one knows. I don't, you don't, anyone on the forum doesn't, even the 'experts' don't know. We could argue all day about it, studing charts, data etc and still come to the same conculsion. No-one knows. But what I'm trying to drum into people on here is this, that is 99.9999% certain. ***************************************************************************** You must own your own (or shared) dwelling by the time you plan to retire or else you'll be working till you drop dead. FACT!! Pensions are in crisis now, think about in in 30-40 years time. Retired age will be raised. So it's pretty much safe to say the goverment pension will be non-existant. The money benefit pot will of dried out years before. Squeeze dry by immigration, benefit spongers etc. So foolish to use that as backup. ***************************************************************************** Is anyone going to disagree on that one? I bet someone will....
  7. You seem a little sour about something. Please quote the post I made that has annoyed you.
  8. Well, looking at your profile just noticed you put neither in the bull or bear selection box? So what does that tell us?? If you are aware of the stockmarket you will also find they use the term bull and bear. Sometimes if I hold a stock that I don't think will go up or down in the future, than that means I'm neither a bull or a bear about it. So neither is an option to have, so thats why I didn't select one on my profile. Why am I here? Well lets say to add some reality to the forum and leave it at that...
  9. I believe the money benefit pot will be run dry by then. A huge, huge risk counting on the goverment to help you out. What funny about that? Many, many people do it. Some succeed, some fail. Just takes some balls, and very hard work thats all. My girlfriend sister and boyfriend are currently doing up there new bought house. It's in a mess, stairs are coming away from wall, no hot water, holes in ceiling. He went to a few courses in plastering, but mostly learnt himself. As I said, do one room at a time. Get your important rooms, bathroom and kitchen done first and do one room at a time. It takes a huge amount of courage and hard work, but they will get there in the end.
  10. You have £100,000 saved up and wages approx £40,000 year and can't get on the ladder? Oh, my god... Where do you live? Kensington, London?? No, it's Watford by looking at your profile. There has, is and always will be haves and have nots in life. I learnt that a very early age. Life is unfair. But god only helps those that help themselves. With 100k to play with you have a huge advantage. Why not buy a house cheap need of repair and do it up. Many of my friends have. If your not sure how to, start by reading books and join courses on DIY. Take your time, do one room at a time whist your at still at home. It will be very hard work, around your normal full-time job.. but as I said 'God helps those that help themselves'. This is just one of the many options you have.
  11. I too am a homeowner, and care little if it goes up or down. But we want a gradual increase or decrease, nothing too sudden. Your 3 friends have done the right thing by buying. Investing in property is a long term investment, not a short term one. If they can ride out any dips they will be fine. Let's hope the thousands of unemployed don't start a riot down your road then. Oh dear, your house and car insurance won't cover you for that sort of damage. Still want a crash? Yet again, as I explained before, this is an example of people not thinking before they wish. Careful what you wish for....
  12. I don't have the hump with you, it's just looking around this forum I see time and time again people praising a crash, but without thinking what the real consqeunces will be. A housing crash will benefit no-one, those on or off the property ladder. People cannot see that. I know what they are thinking... 'I can't wait for the crash to happen. Cheap houses bring it on, I get one.. or maybe two. I can then be smug at all the others falling like flies getting repossesed. I can then have satifaction I was right in holding off.' But the reality of it is, if this did happen, buying property would be the last thing on their minds. An econmic collapse is nothing to be wished for. Huge numbers unemployed. People have to make a living somehow? Muggings, burglerys, robberies, crime soaring... Isn't the problem bad enough already??? So please anyone reading this post, THINK before you wish for a housing crash, because I promise you'll be a lot worst off than you are now if it does. Of course the world econemy will collapse one day (hopefully not in our lifetime). How can any country thrive when oil costs $200 a barrel, which it will one day??
  13. Yes, there is nothing wrong with renting. But only for short term of course. Just make sure your not still renting when your 65, or else you won't ever retire.
  14. So your saying the UK would benefit from a housing crash and mass unemployment and povety?? That stress, worry, pain and despair for thousands of households across the country would be a good thing?????????? Just so you can get on the ladder!! (Best I don't post my comments on that one, I will get chucked off the forum)
  15. Happy?? What's happy about a housing market crash? Trust me, you don't want a house price crash, I promise you. For both people with or without property. Can't you see? If houses crashed, it would bring down the whole of UK economy with it!! Oh yes, there be plenty of cheap houses about. Hell, you could probably buy a couple!! Great your thinking.... err no, not quite... You see, a broken economy means it's highly likely you won't have a job left and be unemployed. So you see you still can't get on the ladder and now don't have a job at all!!! Do you still want a housing market crash? Ahh, I thought not. Let's all prey, it doesn't happen!
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