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  1. I'm thinking the same thing. There's no screams of panic from the BTL crowd.......yet!
  2. Sad thing is that the 'Trolls' have been right so far, and will continue to be right for a while yet. The market here in West London (Ealing) is still red hot. There is no crash or slowdown here.
  3. Well, it can only help as a dis-incentivise a potential BTLr. (Which is a good thing IMO)
  4. Then RB, why did you STR? Was it to make a (potential) profit?
  5. Are these the stats for *new* mortgage lending? Blimey, didn't realise it was this high. Where did you get this statistic from? But interest rates haved been much lower than when 3.5x multiple was the norm (i.e early 90's). IMO this 3.5 argument is a complete nonsense. You have to look at the overall affordabilty picture.
  6. An excellent point there CO. Not everyone homeowner is on a 6x IO mortgage with addtional huge amounts of unsecured debt. (However many time RealistBore bangs on about debt ceilings! )
  7. You're right in the fact that the recent BoE IR rises appear to have had little effect on consumer spending. (Well upto Xmas anyway) I'm not sure about the insolvency figures though. I appreciate the numbers are up. But isn't this just a load of numpties taking the IVA route?
  8. His problem is that you've dared to make a point that conflicts with the HPC bear mantra. Sad isn't it?
  9. Agreed. There's no reason for a crash) (P.S. Before anyone mentions it. The ol' 3.5x salary argument is soooooo 1990's )
  10. A very interesting article. It's looking like the IR cycle is at / near the peak. Hope so. But offering an opinion that differs from the HPC mantra usually upsets the 'wishful thinking' bears.
  11. Exactly, all points to a slowdown and a soft landing for the housing market!
  12. No, are you? Or something similar? Like I said, wishful thinking. HPI slowdown yes, there is no reason for a crash.
  13. Well, that's up to you of course. There's always the option of a decent grammar school though!
  14. But that ain't gonna happen. More wishful thinking! I don't think prices will continue to rise at the levels we've seen - but there is no reason for a crash. (Certainly not at the level you expect wish for)
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