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  1. All I was saying is its not new thats all no need to be a mong about it It does show how fukin stupid the population of this country really are though. Fair enough but when you reply with a short sharp reply like you did. The poster may feel his post is not valid and not appreciated. And being a new member who has not posted much or ever, we should be encouraging people like this to post....Thats all im saying Mong has nothing to do with it, and yes it does show how f*****....stutupid the sheeple are
  2. who cares if its old news its still worth reading? i hadnt seen it... sorry if it doesnt meet you up to date finger on the pulse of the downturn news Nelly! welcome to the forum aptid....ignore the veterans mate some are grumpy old farts even when its all going good? regards
  3. Fantastic post, and yes I am amazed to, i havent posted on this site for a long time but as a guy who has felt this financial crisis first hand in the last couple of months after being laid off and watching the financial situation of this country spiral out of control into a state of abject panic. I thought i would have my 2 pence in regards to what is going on....I have seen this coming since the end of 2004, these are scary times indeed, luckily i have secured a new job but am tightening the belt as im not earning as much as i was, so being humble and watching the pennys lol.....The press has so much power these days, their influence on society and people is far greater than ever before. Everyday we are bombarded with doom and gloom courtesy of them....And it is doom and gloom. If its as bad as i think its going to be i will probably be looking for another job soon. I work in the car trade and i can tell you now its very very quiet....And one of the first industrys to get hit. Yes this is a turning point for everyone and every industry no one is safe....And the media are absolute demons they have more power these days than god, they can bring the sheeple up with headlines like your house is worth 60 pounds more every day, and then send shivers down the spines of those when it all goes wrong.....luckily i rent and am not a wage slave to bricks and mortar....for that i am fortunate, but i know a lot of good hard working good people who are and for that reason i feel sorry for them, when the crap hits the fan 100%, and everything normalises which i hope it will, i want to see the building industry and the lending of money regulated to a massive extent, and never want to see the greed and damn right ignorance that has gripped this nation for 10+ years. A home is a place to live and to bring up a family if you choose, it is not a means to make money.....it is not a little nest egg for when your old and grey its a place for family, happiness, good times and a place to enjoy. An englishmans home is his castle but when it cost more than 3 times your income it is just a very over expensive finacial burden that an englishman does not need!!!
  4. Btl portfolio his ex wife took him for everything he had....lmao....not much chance of that my friend......buoyant market he said that it will pick up in april misguided fool......god....i had to stop my self at times from ripping him to pieces....I think he would have found his arguments for rather elusive if i had really got going. Lifes good. hehehehehehehe.
  5. Just had a visit from a relative and her fella, he works for bairstow eves. I believe a branch manager possibly one of the directors.... Anyways, it turns out that he and another three coleagues were hoiked in the office. One of them is no more. And their will be no new company cars in the forseable future...... My heart bleeds.
  6. What Cleggy? I think A character called mr mageeka. was a kids tv programme about a wizard..........thats who he reminds me of
  7. lmao, yes that right. It was on that truth about property program was it not. One place lost 86 large in 18 months oooops in i believe dirty Leeds.. This is the sort of thing the sheeple should be reading in the papers not this shortage of supply and you had better look at share schemes. 9x multiple what will be passing the payment on to our great grand children twice removed divided by tooty three?......I am getting my two fingers ready for the bulls who have posted on this thread today. I will be printing this thread and wiping by jacksy with it, we go are going the same way as America bulls theirs no saving us, sub prime is bigger than all of you and it going to bite you on your small insignificant ****'s.........i thank you and goodnight. I welcome any bull to post as i take enormous joy in laughing at your narrow minded stupidity. If you honestly think after the northern rock fiasco and the fact that half of britain is struggling to pay their mortgage their is'nt going to be a significant correction then more fool you......night night x
  8. I have considered oz?.....as for the shooting stabbings etc, yeah it does seem to of got bad. But is it because the media is a much greater force than it was, and everything gets reported. Is the grass greener on the otherside. I plan to take six weeks when i can in oz to see if i could cope.....Im pretty sure i could.......... Make mine a fosters maaaate! and throw me another shrimp on the barbie.......im sorry that was pure cheese!
  9. Quite an amazing thing happened today, was reasonably quiet this afternoon so i was flicking through the BBC news website, just seeing what was going on. All the drivers were back, so the office was pretty full. Lots of chatter and noise, I heard a colleague talking about the new tenant in her flat she and her husband have bought, saying how lovely the young girl was who had moved in etc etc Dhss. This got the ball rolling on the subject of housing. One of the younger members of the van driving squad, pipes up yeah Ive got my deposit he said quite confidently. Someone asked "how much you going to borrow?" well he said i can borrow 100% from the abbey, really..... i think they have pulled all their best deals have they not, due to the northern rock fiasco. Ypu will be lucky to get a mortgage at the moment boy! Then i heard the unthinkable two of the most bullish people i work with then said, yeah i think its all over now, think they are probably going to start coming down. One of these people sold a four bed eight months back, and has downsized to a bungalow, he is now mortgage free. He's quite a shrewd old bugger and i know he saw all this was coming. So to my surprise a few are quite awake to the fact that something smells a bit stale, which was a big surprise for me because that I was not expecting, I think the press and the generous amount of negative press that has been broadcast obviously has been viewed by these individuals. And has seemed to of got through maybe? or they have a few more brain cells than i credit them for. Another colleague was complaining how expensive his mortgage was, when asked how much it was, he replied £450, their was a roar of laughter and no surprise he did get a good ribbing for that.....think it was meant to be a little sarcastic on his part. Has anyone else seen sentiment changing in the work place? I nether thought it would happen. Hopefully in the next couple of years i can have a nice little 2 bed that i can call home fingers crossed. If sentiment is changing this quickly maybe sooner?
  10. thats bloody brilliant, i get nearly 500 out of my 220cdi, but its an auto not a manual. Just googled your motor someone rekons they got 1019mile to a tank.............now that impressive.
  11. As romantic as you idea of trams is, we don't have the road network in place to cater for them so i really cant see that happening at all. They would have to widen probably every road in Britain? France is a poor comparison their road network is far superior to our's as for most European countries, this is why it works so well for them. I think the last 20 years have been a good opportunity to enhance the road system in this country? to cater with the traffic volumes now rather than 20 years ago. Don't get me wrong i agree with your pro public transport statement, and I'm all for it but the logistics are not in place to cater for it, we have a dated road network/rail network and well i dont think ive ever seen a tram in Essex. And you know how i feel about buses and chewing gum.
  12. The trouble is my car is essential for me to get to work at the moment, will bike next year when i move closer. But the trouble is they know people have to pay because we don't have any other choice...public transport? bugger that last time I used that, My coat got ruined because some inconsiderate little ***** had stuck chewing gum on the back of the seat. Maybe sometime in the future when we can have electric cars widely available, they will still find a way to tax the hell out of them to. I put 20 quid in my car the other day at shell garage on the A12 in colchester 20 quid got just over 1/4 tank of diesel. The only diesel you can by their is their so called v max which is very special apparently and i paid 1.03 for the privilege of topping up my tank. How the ****** do i know its not the same crap that Asda sell, which is poor quality fuel, thing is i don't and the consumer (us) is being ripped off by this bloody country every day! Rant over
  13. I was thinking exactly the same thing or colchester for that matter.....these people are bloody brainwashed........I want to find out where that idiot with the tt works......what a *****. His will be the 1st one in the window of his ea in january hahahah
  14. hahahah lmao i see him driving through the high street some nights. Trying to pick up young girls....He's an EA im gonna find out where he works and taunt him. Nice car i'l give him that...shame it aint paid for....
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