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  1. I see that the children on this site have added an unauthorised avatar. How is this site going to have any sort of credibility if the moderators can interfere with a posters profile? I would be surprised that the advertisers on this site would be impressed with the behaviour here and would be comfortable with this sort of interference. To be honest, when I came to this country, I expected to encounter professional and hard working people but this site seems to be the meeting place for the trailer trash that I heard existed. Go get an education and a life! You may make enough money to buy you
  2. It's an unfortunate English trait to want to destroy and pull down those who have success. There are some people who see success and want a share of it. They give up luxuries and time (the biggest luxury?) so that they can apply themselves to providing a better and brighter future for themselves and their loved ones. All I see here is a group of envious ne'rdowells who, instead of finding a way around the challenges of life, they moan, whinge, bleat and generally cry about the fact that they have found themselves in a slightly less than ideal situation. The youngsters trying to get on the la
  3. He He He - If all you losers can do is pick me up on my English - then go spell 'I lost out because I am without commercial astuteness!' You moaning, whimpering fools. I read your pompous and self-righteous ramblings about how all of us investors will fail. You are only here because you failed to spot an opportunity and are bitter that you know realise that you are financially inept. I have a great many friends who rent happily because it is their choice. They don't bitch or whinge about us investors because their lives are full of other things. I bought years ago and will always survive b
  4. Whilst I believe that immigration will have a massive impact - I agree with you about moral corruption. There are few scruples when it comes to money but that has always been the case.
  5. I visit here often and chuckle at the pessimistic tripe offered by the amateur 'economists' and housing 'experts'. The latest rubbish to be offered up to sooth the bitterness of the non-home owners is the comparison of the UK housing market with the US and Australian markets. It is with glee that some posters watch the trials and tribulations of other markets and assume that the UK will fall flat on it's face. The truth is that those bitter pessimists are wrong, and I will tell you why. The UK differs from those other failing markets because of its policy on immigration. Ourselves and Irelan
  6. There won't be a crash? - Not immediatly. The big difference between the UK housing economy and those of the US and Australia is the Uk's policy on immigration. Whilst I agree that a crash would be triggered by the BTL falure, this will not happen. The fundamental in all this is the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of former eastern bloc citizens wishing to live in the UK and Ireland. They all require accomodation and, even if they do live six to a house, this will satisfy the market. It will only be when UK industry disappears altogether, that those migrant workers may return to t
  7. I am afraid that those who think that Britain has a secure future are misled. We have been living in a 'have everything' society for too long and not been investing in our future. Many people are waiting for the ruling classes and the captains of industry to help us poor proles out and restore Britain to it's 'rightful place' in society. Here's the hard truth guys. They don't give two hoots about us! If we as the citizenry believe that the rich boys are loyal to anything other than their own bloated wallets, we are fools. If we won't work for £7 per hour then there are a few million perfectly
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