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  1. Single parents in rented accomodation- oh wait i'm one of those! It was entirely my fault!
  2. Just what this country needs. More people claiming benefits that they are not entitled to. How about - use your 65 grand to pay your way! :angry:
  3. I'm not sure why. The average bod on the streets seems completely oblivious to me. The value of the FTSE has very little bearing on the average persons life. In my experience the nation just sucks it up from the media and we bimble on regardless. I think the world would be a better if not more dangerous (subversive) place if more people understood many of the topics raised and discussed on HPC. But quite frankly; most 'don't give a damn'.
  4. Hail the righteous!! Yes it seems as though the entire nation has jumped on the crash wagon. How dull! What are we to do now, us contrarion "righties". My guess; Thursday HPI -1.8. Oh it's not a take a guess post...........but heh who cares
  5. How long should one hold on to suasages as an investment? Do you think they will give a good return over the long term? 3 - 5 years? Where should I keep them?
  6. Thanks - looks as though the recorded category information is correct and relates to fraudster using his old address as current. I suspect that he is pretty screwed. You'd have to be a muppet to by a car on HP anyway!! Sign of the times eh!
  7. Hi all. Slightly off-topic but relevant as I'm a wanna be FTB. Checked my experian report today just as a routine measure and noticed that a CIFAS entry has been added. It appears that a previous tenant at my current (rented) address has applied fraudulently for a car purchase on HP. It seems that this previous tenant did a runner owing left, right and centre. A number of debt collection agencies have been trying to contact this man at my current address (obviously to no avail) and he is now applying for credit still giving my address as his own, although I understand that he left some 7 months ago. I would be grateful for any advice on whether this entry will affect my credit score and is there any action that I ought to take as a result. My credit score was previously 999. I'm guessing that this will become a more common issue for many of us in the currect climate.
  8. Havn't posted for a while. -1.7% link here Now where's my morning frappucino?
  9. Estate Agents! - beat the meat more like.
  10. However, pointing out that an MP is "a stranger to the truth" is perfectly acceptable.
  11. In the true spirit of HPC.. laugh so much I nearly peed!
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