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  1. I cannot believe this. Is there no end to this? Where are these figures are coming from? And where is this money from? House price inflation of 11.7% while CPI inflation is down!!. http://news.sky.com/story/1336642/inflation-slips-but-house-price-growth-surges
  2. And another piece fromt he same page: London house price pressures are set to moderate and valuations may even decline, according to Deutsche Bank AG. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-07-18/london-house-prices-at-risk-of-declining-deutsche-bank-says.html Interesting.
  3. An interesting piece of news from Bloomberg: Homes worth more than 2 million pounds in central London’s best districts fell in value in the second quarter in the latest signs of cooling in the U.K. capital’s luxury-home market. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-07-18/central-london-luxury-home-values-declined-in-second-quarter.html Will it affect the rest of the properties?
  4. Vow! That looks scary. Reminds me of the foolish builder who built house on the sand.
  5. Same, I haven't been there either. According to you, every loser from here should go and live in the parks of Spain Different reports say upto 25% of Spanish are living below poverty line (of course, it does not mean they are starving). charity reporting poverty why should a Catholic charity lie?
  6. Hungry Spaniards I have seen similar here in Britain too, mostly elderly. But what is the problem? We can enjoy high house prices!
  7. Affordable property Sky twist To whom I wonder! Moderators: delete this post-did not see the other post made earlier on.
  8. It is just an attention grabbing news from Telegraph. Every successful business will do regular review to see how viable a business arm is. Probably no substance in it: HSBC denies move
  9. It is not unless you buy the land. Check this: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/HomeAndCommunity/BuyingAndSellingYourHome/MobileHousing/DG_191087
  10. No excitement this time as expected: Bank of England holds interest rates at 0.5% Interest rate held
  11. Man, it is time for you to pack the bags and leave this hell hole.
  12. Interesting comment from NuLab! It is a fact that the coppers have become lazy(I do appreciate a lot of hard working, honest police men and women). Many are unfit for the job- flying in the cars with blue lights for no apparent reason(may be lunch is late), body searching the blacks (? for fun), sitting in the warm offices trying to find out new ways of making criminals of law abiding citizens, acting as the prop for the nulab machine- they deserve it! Only funny thing is Jack Straw giving this comment- one who is blind in both eyes making fun of one with a single eye!
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