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  1. So, Our unseen imperious leader, who is apparently in perfect health despite rumours to the contrary, is making (internet) radio broadcasts from his headquarters about the impending glorious victory he will soon deliver. I'm sure I've seen this film before!
  2. Today's headlines are not going to be good reading for bears. Guardian: New Hope that UK pulling our of recession The Times: Britain on the cusp of economic fightback The Telegraph: House prices forecast to end year on a high FT: Boost for Lloyds as bad debts hit peak Daily Star: Jordan Names the Day (Actual day for the end of recession I believe, but I could be wrong) Fortitude is required in the face of this kind of onslaught. Now, I'm not saying the Express is wrong but would I be at all uncharitable to suggest that their headlines have a certain rabid je ne sais quoi? Here are (as many as I could find) of their headlines Dating from yesterday back to Saturday 4th July. omega 3 is the secret of long life (yesterday) Britain's bouncing back to wealth labour's £186bn benefits madness new bride killed by sunbed oxygen kills cancer house prices up for third month organic food no healthier foreign spongers scandal by judge how exercise beats cancer get £500 to spy on neighbours don't let him die in vain (army story) jacko doctor facing death probe migrants man swine flu helpline fears over new swine flu phoneline 1,000 homes a month facing tax rise swine flu threat to holidays swine flu will kill 350 people every day holiday hell on the roads (roadworks) now swine flu panic sweeps Britain Britain's flu deaths double the £77.50 passport 100 danger men on loose coffee stops alzheimer's will maddy now be found? jacko's golden goodbye (he'll be buried like tutankhamun) Sat 4 July (these are all genuine I promise you.) See if you can spot the, shall we say, frenzied leitmotifs?
  3. Wow, this raises more and more questions the more you consider it. It's a legal minefield. Ambulance chasers are going to have field day. Do these guys have legal authority to handcuff people? What if you get bitten by one of their dogs either as a "criminal" or indeed an innocent? Are they legally trained? What law are they going to apply, the actual law or the will of the vigilante? If they are patrolling the streets and scaring away neer-do-wells where is the incentive to pay. How many in a "community" must pay to get support - this is important because once they begin operating the police will withdraw services (unofficially) so you will be at their mercy. If you live in an area where you need a security guard to walk you to the bank ask yourself if you want a man in a hat and a high viz jacket with you when you next go to the cashpoint! "special patrols outside schools" - to protect the children or more likely to protect the community from them. If this were instigated it would set a very bad precedent.
  4. I'm guessing the Minotaur is in the sitting room, right? What happens if you have guests and they brought a car? "Dinners ready, can you back out your cars so I can bring the food around!". Perhaps the owner is a McDonald's drive thru nut and the kitchen door is in fact a serving window where he picks up his meals and then drives "thru" to covered patio area which presumably has a picnic table setup. 999. I've fallen down in my sitting room, send an Ambulance and some firemen with a sh1tload of axes..... Or alternatively it is drug dealers house, by the time the police get to the sitting room you've shoved the whole stash up your ar5e. but, to the rescue is this man with a practical and attractive solution already alluded to.... God help him...btw Ignore the initial advert
  5. Why are "people" so inured to Billion (rhetorical statement). I can remember when our "leader" would, as chancellor, stand proudly/shamelessly in front of Parliament declaring how many extra Million(s) he would be spending on project x or y and people would cheer loudly or gasp in dismay. Now the mention of Millions elicits little more than shrug. Ignorance would indeed appear to be bliss for many.
  6. John Kenneth GalbraithA short History of Financial Euphoria. (my edition) 1990.
  7. I am not ignoring the actions of one side and criticising another. The second party (govt) is criticised above for what they did not do. It is very different. Many organisations operate in conflict and concert with each other. The government runs business and enterprise departments to assist business creation but also has a monopolies and mergers department to ensure there is no market abuse from dominance. Private companies will always try to maximise their profits and regulators ensure that this is not done to detriment of essential services such as gas, water etc. So there is no inconsistency in blaming one organisation for doing what it does while criticising another for failing to do what it should have done. There is no need for name calling or summary insults either. If you disagree make your point but you are not more right because you are rude and aggressive.
  8. I did reply earlier. I have no problem with an investigation if it is reasonably believed to be warranted. If something illegal has taken place then I would be happy to see those responsible held to account, no matter who they are. This does not undermine the need for evidence however.
  9. ..and presumably you have documentary evidence that they were aware of the short, medium and long term consequences?
  10. Well let's assume not, which is why I chose a postman rather than "some geezer paid to throw it though a window". So, is he still equally guilty?
  11. Presumably, by your logic, if a postman delivers a letter bomb he is equally complicit then?
  12. I would indeed. I would never condone criminal activity. And, just to be clear, if GS is shown to have acted in a criminal way I would want to see the heaviest of punishments handed out.
  13. Again assuming that you are alluding to GS I fully expect them to make as much money as they can, for themselves, in a market in which they operate (legally). If I make my money available to them and they lose it - I accept it was my fault. If they make money for me it is my benefit. However if someone takes my money and against my wishes gives it to GS and it is lost then I am aggrieved at the third party not GS.
  14. If you are right then Paulson and others will be prosecuted. If you are wrong then it will remain another unsubstantiated and unproven conspiracy theory.
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