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  1. Fantastic!! My base rate tracker mortgage remains at 0.8%. Besides, current inflation although above target has nothing to do with an overheating economy. Correct decision made!
  2. They always cost 25% more, it's just that the other 25% was paid by someone else.
  3. So you'd rather burn a £10 note than put £20 in a pension? Wierd.
  4. Just putting the house on the market at the moment. All estate agents I'm talking to are reporting a massive upswing in properties coming to the market. They are also reporting a massive upswing in purchasers looking ot buy. The estate agent I've chose to go with is telling me they've already made more sales in the first two weeks of January, then they ever have in the enire month of January before. However, the agent is also saying that deals are being done and only the more sensibly priced houses are selling.
  5. Interesting to note that disability living allowance is talked about so often on mumsnet that it has its own acronym. Hmmmmm.... looks like a website full of scroungers to me.
  6. Benefit scrounging giant foreign locusts eat our homes and set up traveller camps in Diana's home town!
  7. Yes and in the same report it stated for ever £1 spend on public pensions the government doesn't collect £3.75 as a result of not taxing clouds, £2.61 on not taxing people who still think Friends was good TV, and £6.11 on not taxing people who don't think they haven't seen the loch ness monster.
  8. For the most part I read this forum out of amusement. The generally uninformed and illogical posts do make me smile. However the above statement is just out there with the faries. £2.50 is spent on not taxing someone? For some people that post on this forum, not taxing somebody is considered government spend. Just astonishing, I hope that said person is not in a position of influence, or a profession requiring insight, logic and intelligence. Ahhhh... so that's a no, then.
  9. Shift patterns won't work. All school is a state funded creche. If you move to half day shifts then the parents can't work. Besides, my local school starts at 9 and ends at 2.30. That's already half day.
  10. Hopefully. To be honest, I've no problem working. Love to do it, provided I get reasonably renumerated. The problem is that after having a kid it is actually finacially beneficial for my wife and I to work half time. Just to re-iterate to those that believe that makes me a chav in the making - I have more pound notes in my pocket by working less hours. That ain't my fault now is it? Why would I pay the government for the pleasure to go to work for an extra 2.5 days? A byproduct of this means that net loss to the exchequer from tax and benefits is approx £22k a year. Tough sheeeeeeeeit to the exchequer. Now... multiply by many thousands. I know of at least 4 couples planning to do the same in my circle. And one couple that has already done it. This is what happens when a government taxes too much and wraps child care in so much red tape that you need five people to monitor the one person actually looking after the kids. People just stop playing the game.
  11. Not wrong at all. It the system and it's there to be used. Why work an extra 2 days a week paying 30% tax and NI on that and pay more in child care costs when you don't have to. It is exactly what I'm planning to do when I have kids. Wife and I drop to half time. What's the point paying 50%+ in income and NI tax and then give earned after tax income to a child care company. It's just stupid. I calculate the exchequer would lose in tax and pay out in benefits about the the same amount as a average full time public sector employee from my family alone. Income tax, employee NI, employers NI, VAT and tax credits. Whoppeee. Welcome to the tax stike, commies.
  12. That is one fantastic chart. Would be good to drill down further. Also, would be interesting for a portion of each circle to be shaded by the lost money in that space through public sector employees, so we can see ratio of service to salary. Notice that the last 5 years has seen a 36% increase in public spending. (Approx £165bn). The deficit is a bit more than that, £175bn. Therefore to get public spending under control, all we need to do is roll back to 2004. Simples.
  13. You've said elsewhere you are on £25k a year. You drop down to three days a week, you lose £10k a year. Or after tax £660 per month. But, your child care costs drop significantly. You only have 4 days a month to cover them. (You obviously arrange your 2 spare days on differnt days to your wife). Also, with that salary you'd be quids in at the benfit office.
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