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  1. I think only a fool would overlook Australia's capacity to harness the economic boom of the emerging economies right on their doorstep.

    Australia is rich in natural resources and with a landmass that puts Europe snugly into Western Australia alone, and a population of 21 million it is clear Australia is truly the golden country.

    For the economists out there you will be familiar with the term "If it hasnt come out of the ground, you have made nothing"

    The UK, and Europe are spent forces in the current economic civilisation, they are up against a rock and a hard place, their expectations of living standards are going to drop significantly as the emerging economies forge ahead leaving the US and Europe as wastelands of a former empire.

    The organisation I currently work for is engaged in the building of 3,000 houses, and that is just for the workers!!! Soon after will come roads, railways, hospitals and the infrastructure to support over 1m new buildings and business's that will feed off the boom in resources.

    Bye Bye UK, the dole queues are going to be the only game in town for a long time to come, and expect to see dole tourists arriving from a bankrupt Europe.

  2. Why the hell are we giving money to Africa? Who gives a fu*k about fuc*ing Africa?

    Africa can sod off and die for all I care.

    Its only 300 pounds for every man women and child in the UK. Its important that Africans have a good education in order that they can use to best effect the munitions and weapons we sell to them in order that they can kill and maim eachother, not just now, but into the future.

    Its the right thing to do.

    That lazy cow the Queen costs each of us 62p each and every year.

  3. Imagine one of those people suckered into believing in climate change. Being the office and pub bore, as an authority on climate change, then find out its all one big hoax. How foolish are these people going to feel in front of their kids, mates, relatives.

    There cannot be too many people left in the world who cannot see it for what it really is...........surely ? It like the dumb blonde in the pub who laughs at a joke, but then later admits she didnt get it but laughed along to save her the embarrasment of being the only person who didnt understand it.

  4. Why was the Bailout good for me?

    I keep hearing, from various leading media figures, and politicians that the Bailout had to happen.

    Phrases like; 'We had to have the bailout, otherwise it would have been like cutting off our nose to spite our faces.....'

    I know that I have been forced to waste tens of thousands in rent. [Possibly six figures]

    Not something that gets mentioned often, but I think a lot of people on here probably have feelings of despair, anger, worthlessness, knocks your confidence etc, [all suitably buried!] not being able to afford a bedsit for a decade.

    Whereas I feel pretty confident in stating that if the Housing Bubble had not been allowed to inflate, I would have got a mortgage around 1999, and very probably paid off a large part of it by now. Had kids, a family, etc. etc.

    I think I would be leading a very different life. Probably a much better life.

    [My Industry, manufacturing/Engineering, in the Petrochem/Pharma/Chem sector has suffered, and I have lost my job because of it.]

    Im Living off my [meagre] savings, as are many others. Still paying taxes. [My money Going to the Banks]

    So, why were the Bank Bailouts good for me?

    It has permitted you to continue to live in the fourth richest nation in the world with all the power and responsibilities that come with that status.

    The vast majority of adults in the UK have under Labour purchased a house, not something that can be said of the old boom to bust days of the do nothing Tories.

    For sure there have been some like yourself that have lacked the confidence in the nation at the outset of the price corrections and have failed to get onto the housing ladder. But the vast majority of people have managed to get onto the housing ladder and are thankfull that Labour have created jobs in the public sector for those that unable to find a job in the less stable private sector that has caused a economic problem the world over.

  5. Me too.

    I think if I see a nice piece of land I should have the right to claim it for myself........................one problem.

    What happens when someone likes the piece of land I have claimed ?

    The solution to the UK's housing problem is in reducing the population. We have plenty of housing stock, but have admitted very large numbers of immigrants into the nation without taking into account the strain on local resources.

    Solution is to shut the doors firmly closed.

  6. A theme that I have observed in quite a few threads on this site lately is that some people seem to assume that they have the right to a certain standard of living just because of where they live. The biggest threat to this assumed right is globalisation which is really just a process whereby standards of living are adjusted by the value that various communities can contribute to the world.

    The sustainable standard of living in any society is a complex function of accumulated wealth, intellectual capital, social cohesion, the cost of doing business, the structure of the economy and the proportion of the population that are contributing as much to society as possible based on their individual abilities across all dimensions from economic to charitable to social to artistic.

    My view of those who oppose globalisation in wealthy nations is that they are really acting selfishly and prefer to draw down on previously generated wealth to support a standard of living that they have not earned the right to enjoy than to try to optimise the standard of living through their actions. This is a reason why British society is crumbling. We have probably reached the point of no return.

    I have no argument with those who try to change society to ensure a reasonable standard of living relative to a society's output for those who are unable to do so for themselves. I am opposed to those who try to change society to ensure a good standard of living for those who are unwilling to do so for themselves.

    Globalisation is not really going to change the outcome for societies, it is just going to accelerate the pace at which it happens. Globalisation performs a useful inter societal function which results in a fair outcome. It raises the standard of living for those who deserve it and it ultimately lowers the standard of living for those who are drawing down previously generated wealth.

    Not sure I would agree with you on Globalisation. Its nothing new, been going on for centuries, China being one such example. The truth is that a nation can become wealthy, then spend the money on power in the form of wars.

    Imagine the standard of living we would have had in the UK, had Labour not taken us into six wars in under a decade.

  7. I think its pretty much agreed that interest rates are going to rise significantly over the next decade. Money is far too cheap and as such overseas investors are looking elsewhere to invest.

    If the Tories win the election, interest rates are going to rise, taxes will fall significantly, and I am afraid jobs are going to be lost. That said we will emerge much stronger to face the world in the future.

  8. Up by about £200K.

    Well done, thats a tidy sum to be up on.

    I am not trolling, merely considering selling up this summer myself. My last valuation was in 2004, so I reckon that although they went up then down from 2007, it does appear that the market is gaining some strength which to me spells a good time to bail out.

    If the market does rise to any great extent, that in my view will be the catalyst to bring it all down with a bump in late 2011

  9. Thought we might have an update on those clever guys who sold to rent several years ago.

    How are you finding the experience ?

    Sitting on piles of cash, growing daily to become a huge amount of cash in the future ?

    Or waiting for Icesave to repay your savings ?

    Are you up on the deal, if so how much ?

  10. I've never said that prices are crashing. I said prices will fall in the next few years.

    Yes, of course, Chichester will always have a premium in relation to surrounding areas. But premia are proportional, not absolute. When the whole national market goes up and down, Chichester will go up and down with it, proportionally.

    What can change this proportional "rate" are local factors. Like a big employer closing down. Or the arrival of a big employer, etc.

    I don't know if any of these will happen in Chichester. If it does, it will affect it, of course. Chichester has a lot of public sector jobs, with the St. Richards Hospital, County Council, and the District Council. This sector will shrink in the next few years.

    Big private employers? The supermarkets should be safe. Rolls Royce? I don't know. Any others?

    The city centre retail looks like shedding jobs. But i don't have the numbers. Probably with the national average, hence proportional.

    I doubt local jobs are supporting the market past or present. Chi Ob I doubt there is a job in there paying over 25k, have seen accountants jobs advertised at 18k!!!

    Chichester is old money as you probably know. People move up to London from Chichester for work, then return later in life with a stash of cash, and the family money as well.

    Zimmer Frames and pink rinses ensure Chichester prices are kept high. Not many young people could possibly live in Chichester with the parking situation, god knows how long to wait for a parking permit, and a bus service that would look third world...............in the third world

  11. Are you really sure?

    From Rightmove's direction was down:

    23 May 2008: Initial entry found. Price '£429,950'

    12 May 2009: Price changed: from '£429,950' to '£399,950'

    26 July 2009: Price changed: from '£399,950' to '£375,000'

    And it sold now for 550k? There may be some mistake there. Please, if possible, double check your info. Cheers.

    227 Whyke Road I am sure you can check it out somewhere. I was back in the UK over Christmas and noticed it had sold, having seen it on the market for 550k. Cant remember the agent. If I am mistaken then its a bargain at 375k as it has a huge back garden with a new garage for three cars and storage, and additional parking for three cars off road at the rear. Not only that, the house can accomodate a huge wraparound extension as its built a fair distance from the boundary. I looked at the one next door for 250k in 2000 but the owner wanted offers well over the asking price, so a waste of time.

  12. Ah laurejon, laurejon, these next few months could be very stressful for you. Either you'll get what you've always wanted, or you'll be stuck with the Broon Gang for another 4/5 years.

    Personally I think this could be the most interesting election since 1992.

    This ties in exactly with the opinions of a friend of mine who works in the Doncaster NHS trust. He spends most of his time in meetings these days, trying to appease empire building non-entities.

    Not stressfull for me, I no longer have to live in the UK. However it is a forgone conclusion that the Tories will win by a landslide. I doubt there are any people in the UK who have not been affected in some way or other by Labours awfull reign.

    In fact, the Labour Government should carry a public health warning on all communications such as they do with Ciggarettes. Pictures of Children in Iraqi hospitals should get the message home.

  13. We had a credit/property/economy bubble, that started to burst, but the government, at great expense, is managing to delay - until the election. But no government can afford to buck the market for ever. We will land, back down to reality. The laws of Macro economics (national accounts) will force that, as much as the law of gravity does. We are not in a temporary "storm". We are landing from a credit/properties/economic bubble, back down to normal, permanently.

    Chichester can take some more time to accept reality, and be pulled back down, but it will. Bad news for property owners, but good news for the younger generation.

    You appear to be convinced in your mind that property prices in the area are crashing, when in fact the converse is true. Property in Chichester is in short supply if you took the time to visit the agents. Chichester itself has very few high paid jobs, hence the reason its full of commuters who travel to London or Brighton, maybe you are not up early enough to see the crowds at the railway station.

    Travel around the area, Bognor, Emsworth, etc you can see exactly why there is a premium price to be had in Chichester despite the fact that parking is pretty much a non starter.

    In my view Chichester prices have yet to peak, and with many people sick and tired of living in London, having visited the Goodwood Festival of Speed in their millions, they fancy a move to Chichester financed by selling their 1 bed studio flat in Hackney to a cash buyer for 750k and buying a 6 bed city centre Georgian house for cash.

  14. In the meantime thought I would post up some Chichester hilarity

    How about this 3 bed, (or 2.5 depending on your view of the size of smallest bedroom), yours for £399,950.


    The property has been on for ages and with various agents having been £425k until recently having been asking that money for ages over a year ago.ing Another typical example of an overpriced property and the lack of sale backs this up.

    Purchased in 2001 for around 250k, and sold in November for over 550k.

    Chichester is on the up

  15. Anyone else out there care to comment on Chichester Prices.

    Market seems staganant - despite an abundance of EA's there's a distinct lack of SOLD boards

    I wish Chichester would wake up to reality.

    This has been on for months and moths and price remains the same regadless

    postage stamp font garden fronting onto a pedstrain crossing on busy main road and 3rd bedroom cosy to say the least http://www.rightmove...p;mam_disp=true

    Or how about this gem of a bargain http://www.rightmove...p;mam_disp=true Wonder why it's been on the market so long ! lol

    A quick check of rightmove shows some apprent better value homes but I know the locations of nearly all the Chichester Properties am therefore able to make a pretty good assement as to whats HOT and whats NOT. Lets just stay I'm in no rush to offer on anything today !

    There are still loads for sale in Chichester that have completely failed to reduce on price and literally been been on for months. I can almost hear them " We're in Chichester Darling - We'll just sit back and see what happens"

    We are renting having done the right thing and made a significant reduction on our home to sell, (not a milion miles away), ealier this year.

    I can only assume the multitude of EA's, (I can real of a dozen or so), are comfortable with this and having made lots of money in the past when the sun was shining.

    The market here seems relatively stagnant in terms of completions from what I can see.

    Many vendors need to wake up or resign themselves to not selling

    Chichester desirebale value or market in denial - YOU DECIDE

    Contributions ,(to those lurking locally & maybe without accounts - register and post it doesnt take long)

    Happy to rent until reality sets in for others.

    Got some bad news for you. I know Chichester very well, and know that particular house you mentioned even better.

    Its just sold for over 550k!!!


  16. Quite. A week or so ago, he promised the Haitians they "will not be forsaken". It sounded phoney and insincere and perfunctory and I thought, ok, we'll see what actually happens. More than a week later, news man in Haiti said it would probably go down as the worst ever response to a disaster. They were forsaken alright. That was a given when they wheeled out the Bush / Clinton mafia in response.

    "Watch what they do, not what they say.."? People the world over would do well to make this their mantra.

    Off topic, I know, but backs up Crap in Wood's scepticism in previous post.

    It is very hard to help people who do not help themselves.

    Haiti has a long and bloody history, has a disregard for law and order, is violent and oppressive. If there was any nation on planet earth that did require regime change, then Haiti was it.

    The Americans who I am quick to discredit, have on this occassion rolled out the boats quite literally. They have ships, soldiers, aid workers, medics, and God knows what else out there helping people who are sitting on their backsides.

    The UK's response was some firemen and the emergency response team who have now returned home with a statement "Its unlikely anyone will be alive now" Despite several people being pulled out alive to this very day.

    The UK is pretty much useless when it comes to getting things done these days. If there is a problem to solve, offshore it as its not worth the pain of using the brain.

  17. The price guide is there to stop people coming in with a full market price offer. It affords other potential purchasers the opportunity of placing a higher offer to secure their dream home, and become stakeholders in the great property owning tradition of the UK.

    With people queing up to buy a property, its only right that others are allowed to participate and ensure ownership does not become the reserve of those that simply have more time to get their offer in first and close the doors to higher offers.

  18. He's never appeared on Newsnight. He's more a comfy sofa type with fluffy presenter interviewee.

    When everyone hated Maggie and the 'Maggie, Maggie, Maggie... Out, out, out' chants rang out, you heard them because she was out and about and faced interrogation. Brown probably has no idea how much he is despised. He won't face the public, he will not submit to probing interrogations to justify his actions or policies.

    And why should he ?

    Imagine Hitler, Stalin, Mao, all being asked to explain themselves ? Who is going to demand that ? I am guessing that anyone who does will find themselves chatting to Robin Cook on the other side.

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