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  1. Muslim Tory MP Bankrupt She should be hung drawn and quartered, I bet she eats babies in her spare time.
  2. I think only a fool would overlook Australia's capacity to harness the economic boom of the emerging economies right on their doorstep. Australia is rich in natural resources and with a landmass that puts Europe snugly into Western Australia alone, and a population of 21 million it is clear Australia is truly the golden country. For the economists out there you will be familiar with the term "If it hasnt come out of the ground, you have made nothing" The UK, and Europe are spent forces in the current economic civilisation, they are up against a rock and a hard place, their expectations of living standards are going to drop significantly as the emerging economies forge ahead leaving the US and Europe as wastelands of a former empire. The organisation I currently work for is engaged in the building of 3,000 houses, and that is just for the workers!!! Soon after will come roads, railways, hospitals and the infrastructure to support over 1m new buildings and business's that will feed off the boom in resources. Bye Bye UK, the dole queues are going to be the only game in town for a long time to come, and expect to see dole tourists arriving from a bankrupt Europe.
  3. Its only 300 pounds for every man women and child in the UK. Its important that Africans have a good education in order that they can use to best effect the munitions and weapons we sell to them in order that they can kill and maim eachother, not just now, but into the future. Its the right thing to do. That lazy cow the Queen costs each of us 62p each and every year.
  4. Brown unveils Africa school funds The chancellor is making his second visit to Africa in 18 months Chancellor Gordon Brown has said the UK will give $15bn (£8.5bn) in overseas aid for education in Africa and Asia http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/4893980.stm
  5. Its an English thing and seen particularly in the workplace. Ever noticed how nobody in the UK can make a decision ? Well there is you answer with regard to the markets, they wait for someone else to make the decision, then follow on behind.
  6. Imagine one of those people suckered into believing in climate change. Being the office and pub bore, as an authority on climate change, then find out its all one big hoax. How foolish are these people going to feel in front of their kids, mates, relatives. There cannot be too many people left in the world who cannot see it for what it really is...........surely ? It like the dumb blonde in the pub who laughs at a joke, but then later admits she didnt get it but laughed along to save her the embarrasment of being the only person who didnt understand it.
  7. It has permitted you to continue to live in the fourth richest nation in the world with all the power and responsibilities that come with that status. The vast majority of adults in the UK have under Labour purchased a house, not something that can be said of the old boom to bust days of the do nothing Tories. For sure there have been some like yourself that have lacked the confidence in the nation at the outset of the price corrections and have failed to get onto the housing ladder. But the vast majority of people have managed to get onto the housing ladder and are thankfull that Labour have created jobs in the public sector for those that unable to find a job in the less stable private sector that has caused a economic problem the world over.
  8. Me too. I think if I see a nice piece of land I should have the right to claim it for myself........................one problem. What happens when someone likes the piece of land I have claimed ? The solution to the UK's housing problem is in reducing the population. We have plenty of housing stock, but have admitted very large numbers of immigrants into the nation without taking into account the strain on local resources. Solution is to shut the doors firmly closed.
  9. Not sure I would agree with you on Globalisation. Its nothing new, been going on for centuries, China being one such example. The truth is that a nation can become wealthy, then spend the money on power in the form of wars. Imagine the standard of living we would have had in the UK, had Labour not taken us into six wars in under a decade.
  10. I think its pretty much agreed that interest rates are going to rise significantly over the next decade. Money is far too cheap and as such overseas investors are looking elsewhere to invest. If the Tories win the election, interest rates are going to rise, taxes will fall significantly, and I am afraid jobs are going to be lost. That said we will emerge much stronger to face the world in the future.
  11. Well done, thats a tidy sum to be up on. I am not trolling, merely considering selling up this summer myself. My last valuation was in 2004, so I reckon that although they went up then down from 2007, it does appear that the market is gaining some strength which to me spells a good time to bail out. If the market does rise to any great extent, that in my view will be the catalyst to bring it all down with a bump in late 2011
  12. Thought we might have an update on those clever guys who sold to rent several years ago. How are you finding the experience ? Sitting on piles of cash, growing daily to become a huge amount of cash in the future ? Or waiting for Icesave to repay your savings ? Are you up on the deal, if so how much ?
  13. I doubt local jobs are supporting the market past or present. Chi Ob I doubt there is a job in there paying over 25k, have seen accountants jobs advertised at 18k!!! Chichester is old money as you probably know. People move up to London from Chichester for work, then return later in life with a stash of cash, and the family money as well. Zimmer Frames and pink rinses ensure Chichester prices are kept high. Not many young people could possibly live in Chichester with the parking situation, god knows how long to wait for a parking permit, and a bus service that would look third world...............in the third world
  14. 227 Whyke Road I am sure you can check it out somewhere. I was back in the UK over Christmas and noticed it had sold, having seen it on the market for 550k. Cant remember the agent. If I am mistaken then its a bargain at 375k as it has a huge back garden with a new garage for three cars and storage, and additional parking for three cars off road at the rear. Not only that, the house can accomodate a huge wraparound extension as its built a fair distance from the boundary. I looked at the one next door for 250k in 2000 but the owner wanted offers well over the asking price, so a waste of time.
  15. "Those who can pay, should pay" The cornerstone of the Labour Party, and if you are a socialist then quite right too.
  16. Not stressfull for me, I no longer have to live in the UK. However it is a forgone conclusion that the Tories will win by a landslide. I doubt there are any people in the UK who have not been affected in some way or other by Labours awfull reign. In fact, the Labour Government should carry a public health warning on all communications such as they do with Ciggarettes. Pictures of Children in Iraqi hospitals should get the message home.
  17. You appear to be convinced in your mind that property prices in the area are crashing, when in fact the converse is true. Property in Chichester is in short supply if you took the time to visit the agents. Chichester itself has very few high paid jobs, hence the reason its full of commuters who travel to London or Brighton, maybe you are not up early enough to see the crowds at the railway station. Travel around the area, Bognor, Emsworth, etc you can see exactly why there is a premium price to be had in Chichester despite the fact that parking is pretty much a non starter. In my view Chichester prices have yet to peak, and with many people sick and tired of living in London, having visited the Goodwood Festival of Speed in their millions, they fancy a move to Chichester financed by selling their 1 bed studio flat in Hackney to a cash buyer for 750k and buying a 6 bed city centre Georgian house for cash.
  18. Purchased in 2001 for around 250k, and sold in November for over 550k. Chichester is on the up
  19. Got some bad news for you. I know Chichester very well, and know that particular house you mentioned even better. Its just sold for over 550k!!! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-17546452.html
  20. It is very hard to help people who do not help themselves. Haiti has a long and bloody history, has a disregard for law and order, is violent and oppressive. If there was any nation on planet earth that did require regime change, then Haiti was it. The Americans who I am quick to discredit, have on this occassion rolled out the boats quite literally. They have ships, soldiers, aid workers, medics, and God knows what else out there helping people who are sitting on their backsides. The UK's response was some firemen and the emergency response team who have now returned home with a statement "Its unlikely anyone will be alive now" Despite several people being pulled out alive to this very day. The UK is pretty much useless when it comes to getting things done these days. If there is a problem to solve, offshore it as its not worth the pain of using the brain.
  21. All I can say is keep up the good work Gordon. I sent two thousand Aussie Dollars back to the UK this month and after charges came up with 1,120 quid!!!! I am guessing that anyone with savings in the UK is not only hit with low interest rates, but also the worth of their money is evaporating before their very eyes.
  22. Unfortunately without House Price inflation the UK has no economy. Think long and hard and explain in simple terms what 70million people on a small island bereft of natural resources will be doing in the UK in a decades time to support themselves ?
  23. Fantastic idea by Darling and really on the ball. I hope that after the General Elections when they are next in power in two hundred years time, they can remember this policy and put it into action, unlike the many policies they came to power with and then forgot.
  24. The price guide is there to stop people coming in with a full market price offer. It affords other potential purchasers the opportunity of placing a higher offer to secure their dream home, and become stakeholders in the great property owning tradition of the UK. With people queing up to buy a property, its only right that others are allowed to participate and ensure ownership does not become the reserve of those that simply have more time to get their offer in first and close the doors to higher offers.
  25. And why should he ? Imagine Hitler, Stalin, Mao, all being asked to explain themselves ? Who is going to demand that ? I am guessing that anyone who does will find themselves chatting to Robin Cook on the other side.
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