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  1. When your debt repayments outweigh your income then its time to throw in your hand.

    The bankrupt nations should simply throw in their hands and go their own ways. As for the UK we should start to become self sufficient in agriculture and manufacturing. We should devalue our currency and meet the markets head on.

    It is pointless paying a workforce to sit at home when they could be doing productive work in an effor to rebuild not just our broken economy but our broken society.

  2. We in the West have had over a decade of Socialist inspired policies. Those policies start and end with the thought that the Government knows best how to spend money and any problem that befalls a nation can be solved by.......................spending more money.

    Well wake up and smell the coffee.

    Socialism is now so very yesterday and Governments are now being turned over in favour of Conservatism and right leaning factions.

    Its time to repay the debts of the socialists who have bankrupt the West and still to this very day think the solution is to borrow and spend more money we dont have.

  3. Whilst the UK wastes billions on a bogus carbon tax (Water.........that is clouds are a greater greenhouse gas than carbon) India and China and the US are building coal and gas fired power stations at record rates.

    Sorry UK but you mugs have been given a bum steer and the Yoke is on you.

    Farage should be hushed up before he alerts the public to what is really going on in British Politics and the banksters of the world get rumbled along with the politicians they are paying off along the way...................Tony Blair being no exception.

  4. I think we have been here many times before so let me explain once more.

    Estate Agents do not set prices, or indeed cause price hikes. Indeed an Estate Agent would be most happy to sell your house for a price that has it off his books in a matter of hours as sold.

    It is Vendors that are the problem..................house owners will always be under the impression that their house has risen in price at an unrealistic rate which is often based on their perception that the monthly repayments which are often hefty will always be recouped plus a nice profit.

    It staggers me that so many people still believe the line Agents are responsible. Be asssured real estate agents would sell your grandma for quid if there was a commission in it.

  5. Anything that reduces the number of rental properties on the market has to be a good thing. London has few jobs and it is quite crazy the amount of housing benefit paid out to the unemployed who are living in central London.

    Kens plans will hopefully reduce the number of rental properties as Landlords reconsider the value of their investment.

    This will be a huge vote winner for Ken and I for one applaud it. I suspect Ken is merely jumping on the bandwagon as he does actually have a couple of BTL himself.

  6. You couldnt make this stuff up. The UK is neck high in debt. Families are struggling to put food on the table, the banks are bankrupt along with the Bank of England and they find 1Bn to gift to Africa.

    I suspect the summer riots of 2011 are going to be a walk in the park compared to the wrath that is going to explode in the future as the British public wake up to the reality that they have no control whatsoever over their political system. The system is rigged thats for sure.

  7. I'm looking for advice please.

    We made a verbal offer on a property a couple of months back via Raeburn, Christie Clark and Wallace (North East Scotland).

    Our offer was rejected as the seller wanted more money so we just walked away and forgot about it.

    This morning we've received a bill from Raeburn, Christie Clark and Wallace for

    'Fees for professional services in connection with your proposed purchase, to include telephone calls with you, submitting verbal offer, subsequently discussing rejection of offer with you, including posts and correspondence' Total - £96!!

    Just for a couple of telephone calls!

    I've spoke to another lawyer informally who said it was absurb and he'd never heard anything like it. He has advised me to ignore it, but that doesn't seem right.

    Anyone had any experience of being charged for making a verbal offer on a property, and if so how much were you charged.

    Thank you.

    You instructed a lawyer to make an offer on a property on your behalf which is the process in Scotland rather than making it directly yourselves to the agent as in the UK>

    Clearly that will be a chargeable service no matter what the outcome.

  8. I live on the Northern Beaches and my rent for a 2 bed unit on the waterfront is $500pw. Thats roughly the same as you would pay to live in a three bed house on the South Coast in the UK. Australia currently has zero unemployment which is actually around 4% (Bludgers as they are known). Australia has a socialist government so lots of lovely extra cash if you have a child or children.

    They actually pay you to have your children which is fantastic, I think we got around $6,000. We get 50% of our childcare costs paid for, we get some nice tax rebates as I am employed full time 3 days a week, and self employed also, as when I think I might like some extra money.

    I have found the trick is not to earn too much money here and enjoy your life. If you start earning a good whack then the government will take it off your hands via the tax confiscation system. Far better to get a job that covers the bills 3 days a week, and have four days off sunning it on the beach and just enjoying yourself.

    If I put myself out and got a real job I think I could get a base salary of around $80k and with my extra earnings top it up to around $120k but then I would forgoe four days off a week and increase my childcare costs in the process.

    If you are ambitious then self employment is the way to go and its very easy to start up a business. GST (VAT) is payable if you turn over 75k on your self employed earnings.

    I managed to offset a large proportion of my rent on my self employed earnings in addition to financing the car and all my gadgets. Everyone gets a tax rebate if you are on Pay as you go (PAYE) provided you do your online yearly returns.

    The recent arrival of Obama to Australia and his statement that the Pacific Region is the most important area on planet earth today would illustrate that Europe is going to be cast aside and become the poor relative of the human race.

    If you have any skills relating to Mining, Construction, Energy then Australia is most certainly the only place to be at this present time.

  9. Really? People have never had the ability to live independently from the land? Not sure how you figure that one out.

    However as I said earlier, it's heartening to see more and more people getting the link between our current problems and our land ownership system and state structure, as summed up in my signature.

    Do you have an alternative explanation?

    I think you can find many nations with plenty of available land, Africa being just one of them and the people live like sh1t. Who pays for the hospitals, doctors,sewerage, clean water ?

    You are not considering what you are advocating. In the good old days living off the land humans were lucky to live to 25 years old, infant mortality was over 50%, and many people didnt wake up in the morning as someone had raided their village for three potatoes and clubbed them and their family over the head whilst they were asleep.

    The idea that land is the problem is simply not correct. The UK has a population of 70 Million people!!!!

    A few years ago I went for a holiday to Cancun and took a trip to the pyramids. There was a long straight road out of Cancun that went for hundreds of Km and on a blazing hot day an old women was walking along with a basket containing no more than four tomatoes. I asked our guide what on earth she was doing out there in the middle of nowhere and he explained she was walking the five hour trip to sell four tomatoes at the market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. If you taxed the entire wealthy population of the UK 100% you would be no closer than solving the problem. You miss entirely the underlying issues.

    1. 40% of the workforce are dependent on the Government for a Job and they also spend money in their departments aside from their wages as part of their job.

    2. The benefits system pays people who have not contributed, and are unlikely to ever contribute. Imagine how many taxpayers it takes to support a single unemployed man who rents a house at 700 pcm.

    Clearly when taking into account the above in all its simplicity that is the real problem. We have people not paying into the system and we have people who's demands on the system are unlikely to ever balance with their expected taxes later on in life.

    Then after all that take a long hard look at what we pay to the EU, what we give out in Aid, and what is lost in failed Government contracts such as IT, and failed Public Private deals that are a time bomb waiting to happen.

  11. Australia has a population of 22 million. Has the worlds largest reserves of natural resources. Gas, Coal, Oil, Uranium, Iron Ore, Gold.............and the list goes on.

    Given events over the past decades in Europe whereby nothing is produced, its all the same money being passed around time and time again. It doesnt take an einstein to work out that Australia is gifted.

    That is reflected in the fact the world is trying to get its money converted to Australian Dollars by way of investment and any other angle they can think of. Austrlia is one hell of a strategic geographical position to embrace the worlds real economy which is now in the East, and as a bonus Australia is an Island!!!!

    If you love your children then get them out of Europe and into Australia before its too late!!!!!!!

  12. I see QE as a good thing. Imagine money is a football and everybody is having fun just kicking it around and passing it to one another. The foot ball gets passed to a saver that picks the ball up and refuses to pass the ball on to anybody. With no ball to play with everybody is stood round with nothing to do.

    So the B of E print up another football and the game continues the saver shouts foul that he's got the real ball but when it comes down to it if he is not prepared to start passing it around like a reasonable human being he should STFU.

    But when you are playing a game of football and suddenly there are millions of balls on the field, which one do you kick ?

  13. Mr Weale added that the UK needed to rebalance towards a more productive, export-led economy - but this was largely out of the Bank's control, and would be easier when the economy was growing more strongly.

    Yes pushing up asset prices is really going to help this! dry.gif

    One day, just one day someone might give a shit about the economy and not the balance sheets. I fear the collapse will happen before this day comes.

    That Mr Weale is a genius and why didnt we think of that. "Productive export led economy" whilst we were all sleeping in our beds at night thinking that wheeling the same barrow of money up and down the country and overseas was production.

  14. Please could you explain what about my post makes me a FW?

    Why would delaying my mortgage by 5 years mean I'd be paying off my mortgage for 5 years longer?

    How would you have liked to see my calculations inflation adjusted? I'm happy to readjust them once I know what you mean.

    Just bear in mind that I couldn't have bought at any point in the last 15 years due to lack of funds, so I'm certainly not trying to claim I made the right decision - my hands were tied.

    Something I have learnt in the last recession.

    When house prices are cheap, they are cheap because banks will not lend by way of mortgage. So in order to grab a bargain you will need hard cash. The average Joe will not benefit from a property crash, rather they are most likely to be unemployed at some time during the cycle, and when working earning low wages and repaying debt from their unemployed years.

    We have over the last decade had the lowest interest rates in history..........................they are going to rise post recession as the world realises that cheap money and easy credit is what caused the issue.

  15. There are many articles on the net detailing current plans by the UK to limit the damage of a Euro failure which is described within as imminent. The game they are playing right now is one if procrastination as in the background plans are afoot to deal with the huge civil unrest that is going to follow when Italy defaults in December.

    The brutal fact is there simply is no money. The European project has failed and its going to be a hard slog for any nation to keep its head above water given the seriousness of all that the collapse of the European Union entails.

    You simply cannot have a European superstate whereby the majority of the business is related to Governments providing unproductive employment to such a large percentage of the population.

    The UK will have to rethink exactly how it is going to cope with mass unemployment and civil unrest when it has no natural resources, no large scale production facilities, and unfortunately an uneducated and unskilled workforce by world standards.

    All civilisations have been destroyed by Liberalism, and the West is going to be NO exception. Imagine how our great great great grandchildren will laugh when they read the old newspaper cuttings. You couldnt make this stuff up, the lunatics are most certainly running the assylum.

  16. Great points. Now that you mention it with our highly educated population of 62 million its hard to imagine people with knowledge and intelligence so great that we would need to grant them citizenship. For example say the nation decided to fund more stem cell research.. I am sure it would be oversubscribed by Brits with phds in related fields.

    There really is no argument for net immigration besides pushing capital growth for the richest few.

    Immigration helps the economy by introducing more consumers and taxpayers into the system. In adition immigration also puts a ceiling on wage inflation which would take off if it didnt exist.

    Those are the advantages, as for the disadvantages well they relate only to the existing workforce and taxpayers and I guess as a government it doesnt really matter. The world is going through a process whereby Government and its many many departments has become the powerhouse of the economy such that a whole nation depends on a huge workforce being employed by the government. it defies the logic of production v consumption and as we can see in Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Ireland and anywhere else you care to mention the wage bill for Government is what has tipped them over the edge.

    The solution ?

    I am afraid its too late for the solution. You make hay whilst the sun shines, and the sun won't be shining in the West this century.

  17. Is it this story?


    There is a big difference between understanding it and agreeing to it, and understanding to it and going along with it because your bread is buttered on that side despite it being wrong.

    Are we all to really believe that in the halls of Westminster our politicians were not aware that the EU was a creeping soviet styled organisation that behind the viel of free trade had a plot to become our political masters ?

    Is it a suprise that the EU parliament is made up of failed politicians, corrupt politicians, and anyone else the could muster who were prepared to commit an act of treason and mutiny against their nation ?

    For me the British political system is a setup of good cop, bad cop. Its the same old drivel year in year out and finally I have worked out that our leaders do not steer our course. Our course is steered by global leaders of whom we know nothing about.

    Just take a look at Obama running around the world trying to muster support to Nuke Iran. It would be a comedy joke if it wasnt the case it was real. And do we think Obama really wants to nuke Iran ?

    Of course he doesnt but his masters have told him if he doesnt do the deed and get international backing he is out at the next election. Do the US public want another war fought on behalf of a dodgy rogue nation that commits war crimes on a daily basis and continues to argue the right to exist.................in someone elses land.

  18. Well you'd be wrong about cash then, as I see it. It might be a little different in this crash, with measures taken to help smooth down outright hpc shock, but it's coming.

    Hasn't the market proven to you once already that savers get priority over those owning real estate and debt? Who'd want to put themselves in a similar situation by buying now, to the losses you were looking at back sometime in 1990/91.

    Only this time are so many betting it will be the savers who get burnt, which I very much doubt, or at least not as much as the debtors and real estate owners.

    The market is different this time. In those days we had black Monday, Black Wednesday and my business was hit with interest rates of 18% and more.

    As you rightly point out Cash was indeed king in those days and we didnt have QE to watchout for.

    Holding cash today that is being eroded in value by inflation and the potential of hyperinflation is in my view not a good idea. The Australian Dollar is at record highs and you can get 8% on a term deposit here so I would think if converted to AUD then maybe cash is a good move.

    Provided you can get a fixed rate then for me any cash laying around would be better served as a deposit on a property and then let out. if it was between buying or renting then I think renting is providing a safe haven for the short term however many renting today may well miss the boat as lending restrictions kick in over the next decade.

    We are sailing in uncharted waters, its incredible to watch it all play out and I dont think anyone could have predicted what is happening and regretably what is going to happen to the UK over the next few decades. Fortunately I smelt the coffee some time ago and hopped overseas in order to avoid the calamity.

    The future is now East and although I have left it late I am happy that my daughter will reap the rewards by the bucket load.

  19. From what I have been reading today in the global news its all too late.

    The UK banking sector has been insuring the bonds that have been issued by the EU nations thinking there was no way on Gods earth that the EU would be allowed to fail.

    They ate from the devils cup and unfortunately the British public are the ones that are going to be the real losers as the EU gathers steam to break up and renege on it debts.

  20. I was watching the programme "Idiot Abroad" over here in Oz and couldnt believe my eyes when he went to the Chinese market and watched people eating Cockroches, Scorpions, Flies, Rats, Toads and that was a special meal out!!!!

    Obama thinks he is going to get a free trade agreement with the Chinese, or else!!!!

    I think he is going to go home very dissapointed, nobody can compete with China and that is a fact.

  21. How's Oz mate, com'in over in Feb for a month, will cost me 40% more than in 08, cheers Merv.....................Whats the housing market doing, my mate in Brissy reckons the market is tanking and the over stretched are feeling the pain, high costs high inflation, stagnant wages, i guess more of the same......

    I think the disasters in Queensland have hit them hard. However NSW and WA seem to be doing well. If you have any connections to Construction, Mining, Energy, or public services then you will make a very good living. We have cleaners out on site that have earnt $150k in a single year!!!!

    The biggest problem I have seen is the inflation of tyres, not the pressure the price. :rolleyes: Tyres used on mining vehicles have gone through the roof with some tyres hitting $300,000 and its almost impossible to get replacements as the factories are flat out supplying the demand.

  22. I am thinking that the UK may enter a stage of hyper inflation as the printing machines warm up ready to bail out the EU. France is insisting that control of the ECB is taken away from Germany and printing starts ASAP. Germany for obvious historic reasons is not giving it up and are keeping the doors to the print room firmly closed.

    Holding cash is going to be a big mistake over the next decade. I would pile my money into property, or war bonds.

  23. Bad news for Europe and the US

    "China and other cash-rich emerging economies have refused to commit any of their large amounts of surplus cash to bolster the rescue fund. Jin Liqun, chairman of the China Investment Corporation, a sovereign wealth fund, offered a blunt assessment of Europe's woes on national television, blaming them on "the accumulated troubles of the worn-out welfare society"


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