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  1. I dont know what all the fuss is about. Most Key workers in London City are earning around the 750k mark, often with an annual bonus of at least a couple of million in some cases. Only recently I had a few drinks with some key workers and they were all concerned as to house prices in London. As they said, working in a bank is now not just a job, but a responsibility to society, hence the reason they are added to the list of key workers, and in fact they are now the first emergency service which is why taxpayers money has been used to ensure they remain stable, profitable, and more importantly able to pay the wages of the board and executive staff. Imagine this scenario. You have been knocked over in the street and have only minutes to live. The most important person in your life is not a Doctor, but a banker as you need to make financial arrangements before you croak.
  2. The UK retains some autonomy as to how it spends is money. Currently the UK has a self imposed austerity, if Labour were in power they would be spending more money, and that money would be borrowed which is a debt on behalf of the British Taxpayer. People should face facts. The EU is disintigrating and there is going to be some terrible events over the next decade. Thankfully the UK is an Island, and thankfully we are living in the Asian Century. The UK should leave the EU and negotiate individual trade deals with each European nation. In addition the UK needs to get is smartest and brightest out to the Asian nations and get some business that provides a profit, rather than the business in Europe which is loss making.
  3. They dont need to have worked to claim the dole. Provided they are signed on in their home country, they can walk into any UK Jobcentre and present form U2/E302 and they can immediately claim unemployment benefit. http://ec.europa.eu/eures/main.jsp?catId=9018&acro=living〈=en&parentId=7866&countryId=UK&living= Also interesting to see anyone in Europe can access the UK jobcentre from the EURES website and apply for UK jobs. http://ec.europa.eu/eures/home.jsp?lang=en
  4. History is not your strong point 1970's was a terrible event that had the Labour government go cap in hand to the IMF for a bailout. The problem is that every Labour government has destroyed the UK economy, placed millions on the dole, and decimated public services as a result of their incompetence.
  5. The answer is very simple. Quantative Easing coupled with ridiculously cheap credit. House prices can be directly tracked to the availablity of credit, and its cost. In 1998 average earning were around 26,00 and you could buy a decent 3 bed home for around 60k with interest rates around 7%
  6. If Doctors did their job properly, then people would not have to go to A&E for what is often mundane and not life threatening ailments. I myself dont bother to waste my time booking an appointment at my local GP, I simply pop over to A&E at a time I consider to be quiet. Saves me taking a day off work, and ensures the A&E department remains open as the more patients an A&E department has, the more likely it is to miss the Chancellors Axe.
  7. There isnt any work....................thats why they are having a crash on their property market.
  8. Correct. The reason for this is also that the vendor will need to put in an offer and have it accepted if his sale is dependent on buying another property. The property can remain under offer for some time as the agents try to complete the chain.
  9. What I find amusing is that Spain contributes to a fund to bail out Italy, and Italy is contributing to a fund to bailout Spain. The simple fact is that the PIGS are all going to be leaving the Euro, however taxpayers money is going to be used to support the banks to have enough funding prior to the event to allow the rich and influential to get their money out first.
  10. But the problem is that you will not make 10 quid on a bumper. You will most likely be losing 100 quid on each bumper by the time you have paid Employer Ni Contributions, satisfied the Unions, satisfied the local Council and paid the rates, and paid the bank the interest on the money you borrowed, the same money that got printed by the BOE at the expense of devaluing your savings.
  11. I dont think it would take an economist to understand that what we are seeing is the final death gasps of a failed political project. Europe is bust, and the UK is not far behind. The solution for the UK would be to leave Europe and negotiate its own trade deals. Clearly the UK needs to break away from this pitifull failure before it gets sucked into a mess it cannot get out of.
  12. Could it be that they are really going to lend this new money to bail out Spain, Italy and the IMF ? We all know that if it was the case then it would be political suicide for Cameron and the Tories, so they print the money but actually send it to Europe and the IMF under the pretence it was for our Banks ?
  13. The class system is dead and buried. The only people who discuss class are those that consider themselves working class and feel the world owes them a living. Anyone can be anything they want to be. Everyone is an architect of their own future.
  14. Strange that, the laws being in favour of the owners of the property. Have you ever hired a car and enquired if you can change its colour ? I really do not understand what the beef is about tenancy laws. You rent a flat and you look after it because it is not your property, just like every other thing in life you either borrow, or use, that does not belong to you.
  15. I was thinking only yesterday. If Russia was to take Turkey from behind, would Greece help ?
  16. Angel Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany. Why on earth is she making decisions with regard to other nations internal affairs ? Clearly Angela Merkel sees the ECB as something owned by Germany when in fact the ECB is owned and funded by all members of the EU. Germany is merely a member. The best thing Angela Merkel can do is keep her mouth shut and sort out her own problems as the Germans will be voting her out shortly.
  17. Greece is a very interesting subject as it is clear that powers outside of a nation are indeed the more powerfull than our own governments and it confirms that this is no longer a conspiricy theory but hard facts. The saga with Greece is quite simple. The nation was going bankrupt despite reporting to the contrary. The markets were informed several years ago, but needed time to get their money out of the country without too much fuss. Over the past couple of years the markets and the wealthy have been removing billions from Greece in anticipation of the inevitable, all with the approval of Brussels. When the job was done, for good measure a haircut was taken on debt.............however this was debt held not by the rich but by hard working families pension funds. Job nearly completed, the IMF, and the ECB collated a huge sum of cash and sunk it into the greek banks in order that they could pay their rich overseas clients. The truth is that the bailout funds are to ensure that wealthy investors, mainly overseas, are paid out in full. None of the bailout funds are for social welfare, but ringfenced to repay debt with debt. The Greek people should vote to default, leave the Euro, and reinstate the Drachma. That is the only solution to what would otherwise be a long painfull death, which will end in misery and suffering for the people of Greece.
  18. For me five years ago Nigel Farage was talking sense, but nobody was listening. Farage predicted the GFC whilst other laughed. As we know all his predictions have thus far come true, with the exception of anarchy across europe, civil war, and the destruction of civilised society in Europe. We have a choice. We can either listen and act on the advice of someone who is the only person who has correctly predicted the path of Europe, or we can laugh at him and pass on a legacy to our children that will shame us as a civilisation for many many generations to come. One thing is for sure. I do not want my children to be raised under what is now fast becoming a Europe of poverty, that is controlled by unelected people, and a Europe that serves only the interests of the banks and big business.
  19. The French are so corrupt its actually an accepted part of daily life for the citizens of France. Chirac is simply the tip of the iceberg with a suspended sentence for corruption and fraud. Same with Greece, and Italy. Its hardly suprising that the UK is looking for a way out of Europe. We should chose our friends more carefully.
  20. I would love to start my own business whereby I can provide a service and then increase the charges to my customers to whatever I please once they have signed up. It would also be great to know that no matter how much I paid myself and my colleagues, if we overspent and dipped into our investors savings to the point there was none of their money left, the Government would pay for it all and we could keep our jobs and our business. It would also be great to know that if anyone accused us of wrong doing, the Government would come down on them like a tonne of bricks and advise the law courts to overturn any legal cases that might see my business having to pay some money back to the investors whose money we spent. When I have spent all the investors money, and I have asset stripped the company it would be great for the Government to come onboard as a shareholder and repay all outstanding debts, then sell it at a huge loss to somone else.
  21. Europe is bankrupt in its entirety and I guess just about everyone knows that. They have been pumping money in for months and nothing is coming out of the other end. The simple fact is that default is going to be the only way forward as there is NONE of this mysterious money they continue to repeatedly announce but it comes to nothing. I think they are simply playing for time so they dont get a run on the banks. This is going to allow the rich to move their money over to safe havens and the poor left to pick up the tab. The UK is going to initially suffer, however long term the UK is going to do very well from this. We live in a global market and currently we have to go to the EU if we want to trade outside the block. All trade negotiations outside the block are bound by EU rules and regulations and the customary kickbacks the EU delegates get from the trade deals. In all honesty I seriously think the UK will leave the Eurozone completely within the next five years.
  22. Given that the US and the EU are knee deep in sh1t I suspect they will do very well with this aquisition.
  23. Little known fact is that Europe is pressing all Governments in the EU (UK included) to put pressure of fund managers of private pensions to use those funds to purchase Sovereign Bond issues such as those in Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and France. So forget about the fees the real crunch is coming when Europe arranges with the banks for those bonds to be written off in the future as was the case with Greece.
  24. Not sure of his landlord skills. However i think his main area of concern are the public housing landlords such as the councils and the housing associations who refuse to carry out propert maintenance of their properties and are very quick to evict tennants who are in arrears.
  25. The UK has enough farmland to support the population with plenty more besides. As for fossil fuels well YES that is something we are going to have to import for a long time going forward. What we cannot continue to do is leave our doors open, its time to make cutbacks. And it is also time to cut off the benefits of those who have no intention of working, and the benfits of those who have made a job out of destroying UK society.
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