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  1. I've actually been to see these houses. He's had them on for YEARS, and is a seriously deluded seller. The living rooms aren't wide enough to swing a cat in. Unless it was some kind of manx cat. He also owns (mortgaged?) a house round the corner (station rd, the garden of which was cannibalised to make this development). He's had THAT on for years too, and has actually UPPED the price to 350k. Even the estate agent told us he was 'crazy', and that 'the bank were pressuring him'. Not much pressure if 2 years on he is still somehow afloat. When we talked to him, he started trying to sell us the crappy ruin on station rd, offering to do it up for us at a 'good price'. Living in a fantasy world... They're worth 200k tops. In fact, when he gets repo'd (which he will, cos he doesn't understand the concept of 'stop loss') the bank will probably sell you TWO for 300k. The high st is reasonable (if you like chips), but the entire area is surrounded by the 'Blue Hall' council estate which is a no-go area for armed police after dark. Check the crime stats for ts20.
  2. you need to find yourself a girlfriend, tithead. try the local blind school.
  3. Seems kind of appropriate for you PAYE wageslaves.
  4. last I heard, there was a rumour Fergus had lost his spot as 'Chief Wizard' of the local Ashford Coven, because his wife is so ugly, she was scaring the demons away.
  5. what is the point of this stinking pile of weaselshite? You trying to carve yourself a new career as a kids writer? Don't ******ing bother.
  6. OK, here's how it works. There are only 2 ways to get resources to do something now that you actually can't afford to. 1) consume saved resources from the past 2) Use a pledge of future resource production as a basis for providing credit, i.e. bring back production from the future for consumption now, aka run a tab. If you lose either of those options, what do you think happens? They've deliberately disincentivized saving, so only (2) is now an option. As people have a finite lifespan, there's a limit to this option. So make a wild guess what will happen over the next 18 months.
  7. "I never really liked him, actually. I was just pretending to be his friend because I thought the rest of you liked him". RIP, Gordon "Shit" Brown
  8. this has been going on for a long time. I remember hanging out with some sloan chick back in the early 90's. Good looking broad, but dumb as a bag of rocks. She told me one day she had inherited 70k and was 'going to see some properties'. As even then it would only get you a small one bed or studio in London, I realised it was time to move on. Last I heard, she blew the lot. But not on pwoperdy. She checked herself into some exclusive rehab clininc in Maida Vale where they 'treated' her for her 'depression' until the 70k was used up, at which point they declared her fit, and bumped her into the street. ah... some things never change...
  9. kind of like NZ, or Canada, for example.
  10. printy printy £4500 per head of population, including pets, zero percent interest rates = no need to sell. Also, what the hell else are you going to 'invest' in? stocks? HA! Savings accounts??? HAHAHA Gold??? All time high, commodities??? Thanks, Gordo.
  11. you were right the first time, and Twatmangle is as his name suggests, a twit with a mangled sense of reality. No one NEEDS a holiday home, and they are therefore a speculative purchase if bought with borrowed money. you buy ANYTHING that you don't NEED with BORROWED money, you're SPECULATING. twatmangle by name.
  12. we've all left for more tax-friendly locations. obviously.
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