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  1. Thanks to all for the advice so far In the end we just called their bluff and didn't renew the contract. They tried phoning a few times to apply pressure but I ignored. Nothing in writing yet about what will happen... Question: A few weeks ago they informed us of a rent increase of £50 that kicks in from the next tenancy period (in a couple of day's time). Given that we haven't signed anything can they enforce this? I'm thinking it's probably reasonable for us to accept the increase as it's the usual annual thing. Not accepting it might make an enemy out of them. However, if they try hitting us with any more within in the next 12 months then they can p*** off. Thoughts?
  2. Thanks all for the advice. I like the idea of doing nothing What happens about rent increases? They have already written to us to say that the rent will increase after our contract expires. If we're on a Statutory Periodic (rolling) tenancy, can they increase it whenever they like to make life uncomfortable for us?
  3. We have rented our flat for almost 8 years and our contract is due for renewal. We don't want to renew for another 12 months as we have previously done. Instead we want to move to a rolling monthly contract, because we want to find a bigger property with garden that is more suitable for family. Our agent has discussed our request with the landlord who has "generously" offered to give us another 12 months contract with a 2 month break clause. ...oh and the agent want to hit us with a £120 admin fee (we have never been charged one before despite making changes to our contract). I thought we had a legal right to switch to a monthly rolling contract, and certainly shouldn't be charged admin fees for this. Is this correct? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  4. I have recently met our landlord who is currently back and forth doing some repairs. Our contract is due for renewal in a few months time, so I was thinking of suggesting we do a deal direct and cut out the Letting Agent, thus saving everyone money. Is this is good idea? Are there any typical reasons why this cannot be done? Any disadvantages? What would happen with the deposit? Presumably the Letting Agent is the gatekeeper to that which might make things difficult? What can they do to prevent this happening?
  5. Our 12 month fixed tenancy agreement is due to expire in 1 month and we're still agonising over what to do. We've been here for 5 years. Letting agent basically will automatically put us onto another 12 month contract unless we give them 1 month's notice (last chance to speak is tomorrow)a We are thinking that we want to be more flexible in the next year, so would like to perhaps go for a 6 month contract or even a monthly rolling contact. Do we have any rights in this area? Is there anyway of dictating duration to the letting agent? Do they have any rights to penalise us with higher rent if we go for a shorter contact? Am I too late to try to change things this much with only 1 month to go? Any advice gratefully appreciated.
  6. I've never seen those presenters before but they're completely inane. Such stupid idiotic comments
  7. Argos the robbing bastards tried to rip us off a few months ago. We ordered some shelves online for around £40. Nothing arrived. Didn't hear from them at all. Rang them and asked for a refund. They refunded £5 less than they should have. Rang them for a second time and finally got the rest of the money out of them. I expect they're hoping that they'll keep the money because some people won't want to go through the pain of ringing their call centre for a second time.
  8. This is a real poster??????????? I've seen this before but I thought it was something that had been photoshopped for a joke. I am speechless
  9. Check out the wide angle lens on this one!!! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-222...2&tr_t=rent
  10. They are all gone now (over the weekend)!
  11. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-182...2&tr_t=rent I cycle past these houses everyday. It is a new block of approximately 30 houses on New Street (near the magistrates court). About 8 of them were completed around 3 weeks ago and instantly a forest of "To Let" signs went up. I am amazed to see that aready approx half of them are already leased by now, although I haven't seen any signs of tenants. I really can't believe they are 3 bed. I thought they were actually very small 2 beds. They look poky and crammed in. My jaw dropped when I saw that they are on the market for £1200pcm!! Who in their right mind would pay this? This is crazy money. They don't even look half as good as in the photos, and it's a grotty area next to a square of hideous looking allottments and are facing council houses.
  12. This 120 quid thing is a total rip off by BT. Basically they send a bloke around to mess around with a couple of wires for a few minutes. We have split the bill with the landlord. Still waiting for the cheque thuogh...
  13. The landlord will pay 50%. We had the line installed the other day. Unfortunately the developers have bodged the wiring and some extensions don't work. At least that'll be up to the landlord to sort out in full.
  14. Well I have asked our agency if the landlord can pay. I think I know what the answer will be, but it's worth a try. If I was a landlord I wouldn't expect my tenants to pay for wiring in a phoneline. Surely it's the same as expecting them to pay for plumbing in taps.
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