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  1. Hi Soupdragon Have gone for the Hibiscus on Phase 1 second line, thanks for the offer of report on contract will let you know if I need it, Regards Atlantis
  2. Hi Scotty, Thanks for the info, I have contacted CBA for a quote, If you could you could send me a copy of the contract I would really appreciate it. I have entered my private mail address in the members section, but you have difficulty let me know and I can give you my contact details.,Thanks very much, We have reserved in LJDF Villa second line. Hi BrickingIT Great name, thanks for playavistaonline, seems like they encountered a bit of trouble, very useful as I have not come across this site. Soup/Fws Thanks for CBS mail, I have contacted them and asked for a quote, will take on board
  3. Hi Thanks for that, seems alot cheaper than I have been quoted, could you mail me CBA email please, I would really appreciate it, We are out of the country tommorow, no not Morocco, Cyprus, so any info would be appreciated
  4. Hi I have been following this thread with some interest, thank you for all your informative posts on Morocco, I have purchased a villa on the LJDF, It would be really useful if you could let me know what solicitors you have used, I have been recommended Legalex but would like to see what other options there are before signing up with them. Thank you
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