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  1. [Foul language deleted by moderator and poster banned]
  2. No you are a debt ridden asshole. Who probably will never have kids because buying a house at an over inflated house means cannot afford them to feed any offspring. Why does buying ahouse = no family? I have bought recently, am expecting a child and am on average wage, I will be just fine you arrogant ******
  3. have recently had to go through probate TWICE,and in the space of a year,the property in question had NOT increased in value,so was not liable for CGT....so much for up 9.6% annualised MY PROPERTY INCREASE BY 10K in the SE>
  4. Bought in 2002 for 97K. Now worth 170K. Very happy thanks could sell for 240K to builder once obtain planning permission.
  5. I agree. And ths is how I plan to bring my kids up when I have the. Only buying essentials new - Matresses and car seat. Love is the most important thing
  6. Thats what I thought. I was thinking next year would be Sh*t. But the sooner it happens the better as far as I am concerned. Get ot done with. I am on a fixed rate until 2009, and live in Worthing Sussex. But in many ways am prepared for the worst. Life is tough.
  7. How long do people think it will take at best for prices to start falling? 6 months or longer?
  8. What makes me laugh is the fact that most people on this site HATE BTL, but they are the ones giving BTL an income. Are the poeple on this site just screwed what ever happens. I say buy and be your own boss. ITs GREAT. My colleague rents and has just spent £££s on doing up the garden and house, yet is oblivious to the fact that the BTL owner is the one who benefits from more of her hard earned ££££££££s. How stupid.
  9. [Gratuitous insults and bad language removed by moderator] Lets not belive what is said and find a more balanced view of the housing market And yet earlier it was said it could take 5 years. [Gratuitous insults and bad language removed by moderator]
  10. All we know about Oz is press articles, which could be false. People on this site hold onto negative press like its god, but call ALL positive press just spin. Thats the problem with this site. May be the TRUTH is overlooked by sheer desperation for a HPC. Get a life you guys. There is not evidence of a UK HPC. Even M King said it would be VERY UNLIKELY and the risk of one is one factor in IRs. ie the BoE will work very hard to avoid a HPC as they saw its damage in the 90s, when it was handed the power of setting IR. Its not going to make the same mistake of the 90s.
  11. I have a tight bugfet for the2nd year in a row. I cut up my C at the weekend, so its going to be small for me.
  12. Estate agents expect record Bank Holiday By Laurie Osborne, Editor Published 25th Aug 2006, (a Friday) at 09:00AM August bank holiday is set to be a bumper weekend for home sellers and buyers, with the number of sales transactions leaping 20% this month, according to haart estate agents. haart said a shortage of housing stock, particularly family homes, is contributing to the surge of activity. Parents are also rushing to secure homes in good catchment areas in time for school application deadlines, said haart. Paul Smith, chief executive, said: "August is commonly very quiet but we
  13. Oh well, at least its going to keep rising. Whats that going to do if 0.25% causes sheeple sleepless nights? insomnia any one?
  14. Will HIPS help increase the crash?
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