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  1. I really should'nt rise to the bait but: repos are rising. Up 50% so far House prices have dropped 20% or more in 18th months. A blip of growth for 1 month means nothing. Desirable properties are'nt being sold. So their value is unknown Unemployment is continuing to rise. wrong on everything. e
  2. I can't remember where or when , but somewhere on this forum i read that " if you can buy your rented accomadation with the rent you pay between 12 to 15 years it's worth it" In my case I live in a very nice 2 bed in an art deco block of flats in highgate, north london. I pay 2200 a month. Let's say in 15 years (at the top end of the example) i will have given the owner 396000. Currently this flat to buy would be about 550000. Therefore still a long way to go. It was bought in 2000 for 392000. e
  3. It's a nice problem to have. Save as much as you can. I think ( wild guess) the bottom will be around 2012. You should then have a good year to pick what you like. Prices will creep up then probably going nuts by 2020. But who knows. ed
  4. EDM 1.what's to stop the banks hoarding this NEW cash that MERV is handing out. AND 2. Do you think this plan WILL stop the rot. Thanks for Your time. e
  5. From what little I know about the stock Market, Value investing seems the safest. e
  6. I read this in the guardian and got excited but I think it means 25% from last years peak. e
  7. credit is too cheap? I thought the problem was that it was too expensive for the banks
  8. Do you think then that all the nasty surprises have been seen ? What about when the governments start trawling through all the books. Seeing all the toxic debt. They might have to revise their figures about the amount of money needed to stablilize the system. There must be a limit to how much debt the governments can afford to clear. If and when we reach that point are'nt we really in trouble ?
  9. It's so tricky to say . Obviously the idea behind a free market economy is to let people make money. But if the result of them screwing up is that the world plunges into the dark ages, we may just have to look at how much control they have. It's obvious we have not, so far in the history of capitalism , found the right balance. We lurch from boom to bust with sickening regularity. Politicians and bankers profiting most of all , but without banks and credit life really would be pretty miserable .
  10. He did'nt recind it. That was Phil Gramm. Clinton was just dumb enough to sign it. In effect the law just made official what had been going on since Reagan. The democrats were not that keen.
  11. READ THIS: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/03/business...qqrKoYPkV3ww9Tg
  12. what about derivatives ? Do you agree with Buffet that they are weapons of mass destruction. Or do you think the have a worthwhile role to play in banking ?
  13. thanks for all the help. I understand a lot more than I did yesterday and I think Barney Frank is right (very solid dude BTW) people are thinking that the fat cats have blown it and it's our job to bail them out. It's obvious that without access to credit the world will go medieval. But is all this happening because of a ridiculous bubble in real estate ?
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