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  1. Swearing is OK in any society where you have a freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the one main legal right that is capable of keeping government in check. Without that right, government would erode your rights until it became illegal to criticise government. At that point you end up with a dictatorship. I think the police should consider themselves lucky that the youth did not counter claim against them for violation of his rights. It is possible to cionsider the person morally wrong, but I believe the Judge did give the right verdict, even if he explained it badly. When the American constituition was written, the authors thought the freedom of speech was so important, that it was included in the first amendment. An interesting book that covers this point is 'It Is Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong' written by the youngest life tenured supreme court Judge in the state of New Jersey.
  2. I bought one of these to test my coins: http://www.fisch.co.za/home.htm these have also been faked though, so make sure you get it from that site - the site has some info about that, but you will need to hunt for it. I found the money spent to be worth the piece of mind.
  3. Can you not buy some carpet cleaner yourself for a few quid, and perhaps borrow a decent vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner from someone? You could probably hire one from somewhere as well. Just mow it as soon as you can, a dry enough day is likely to arrive at some point. Take lots of photos of the damage so that you can use them in the small claims court if you have to take the agency there for a loss of deposit. Did you send letters? If so you have evidence that you told them and could again use these in a claim against them if they try anything. If they didn't fix it, it is there problem. This is very illegal if you have been there for longer than 12 months - plan on claiming against the agency for damages to your safety in court. If they try anything then issue a counter-claim against them. Do you have a copy of the advert? Again gather all the evidence that you have. Take lots of phots (after you have done the garden of course). If the agency tries anything, then let them know that you will counter claim. If the agency is a member of an organisation for agents, then issue a complaint against them for the lack of gas safety check. Good luck, I have delt with a55holes of agencies before. The last time I got 3 months free rent for a leaky pipe that they didn't fix for months. Don't feel that you are in the wrong if you haven't done anything. Feel that they need to be beaten with a sharp and 5h1tty stick! Many of these companies back down when faced with someone who is intent on causing them damage. I have claimed for damages against several companies now, you learn to get better at complaining by doing it. Demand a good service, and back it up by force if you have to. I know that is easier said than done for many people, but that is how I handle it.
  4. I liked the cloned bush the best. The one that in photo 2, is hiding a window of the neighbour that overlooks the garden.
  5. According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llanelli) there are 46,358 people living in Llanelli so: £6,000,000 / 46,356 = £129.43 which doesn't sound that much to me. I know some people will have savings and some will have huge debt but is it really that bad?
  6. I agree with a couple of the previous posters, your kids come first. Personally, the building is OK if you are happy with it, if not then report it to the council. They don't seem to have informed you about it which I think is a little rude so you owe them nothing. Go and have a chat with them about what is going on and let them know that you are very concerned about the dogs/fence. Your first duty is to your family, your neighbors/friends/community (or lack thereof) come after that.
  7. bugger, lost that post as well. Oh well, his web site was a rip off if he spent 8k on it.
  8. A friend working for Standard Life in Edinburgh reported that only 3 out of 20 contractors in his department kept their jobs. He was one of them as he was dual skilled.
  9. I said Mr. B because he has the £100,000 that was created by the bank from their fractional reserves. Are you saying that the debt is between the bank and the BOE who 'created' the money from nothing and loaned it to the bank so they could lend it to Mr. A? I though the bank would use there reserves and the fractional reserve banking system to create the money and the BOE would never come into the picture unless the bank needed to borrow money as they had no reserves left. If I am wrong, can you explain why the loan never needs to be repaid? If a bank does borrow money from the BOE, I assume it is backed with some form of interest re-payment or asset and therefore it is in the best interests of the bank to pay off the debt to the BOE.
  10. I think that when the bank lends someone money for a house then the money goes into circulation. So if Mr. A borrows £100,000 for a house they then give that money to Mr. B (who previously owned the house), who then puts the money into his account, where it is available for him to use - so it is not destroyed. The bank, however gets payments for the money it lent to Mr. A. When the bank gets each payment it destroys the money it created from nothing and keeps the interest. So if Mr. A. defaults then the money is never destroyed as the bank never get their payents but Mr. B still has his £100,000 in his bank. Therefore the bank still has an outstanding debt of £100,000 (essentially to Mr. B ) and needs to repay it somehow. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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