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  1. I've said this before but its going to take at least 30 years to repair the damage that Labour have done to this country, and we dont have 30 years. This lot must be removed from power at the earliest opportunity and hopefully given such a bashing that they'll be out of power for a lot longer than the 17 years the last time they f***ed the country up.
  2. Errrr hmmmmm Isle of Grain, at the confluence of the Thames and the Medway. Is there not a great big WWII munitions ship sunk here somewhere ? one that is potentially gonna blow ? and cause a tsunami back along the Thames to London, with a 7 m odd storm surge ? There is no way that this could ever be used as residential moorings, the danger is simply too great. The estate agent that is punting this one should be made to buy it and live in it, the fool
  3. Yeah Yeah Yeah, if you tried to charge me £200 to visit you'd be going home with a very empty wallet you leech !
  4. Early in the last crash you got 100% of your mortgage virtually immediately, a few weeks after you claimed JSA etc. Later on, you got 50% for the first 3 months and 100% only after 6 months. I was unemployed twice in the last recession/HPC and lost my flat because of the change in the rules ( They even came back after a year or two asking for the mortgage shortfall. Facts and Figures 2 Bedroom Flat in Erith 1991 Cost £64k, repossessed and sold in 1997 for £40k, IN 2000 had letter from Eversheds asking for repayment of shortfall of £52k !!!!Actual funds paid for shortfall £0 Why? Becaus
  5. I maintain and your links prove it that there was no minimum wage until 1997. forget about the wage councils they only operated with specific industries and were not nationally binding except within their own industry, and most wage councils were for skilled workers, an electrician in London was paid the same as an electrician in Manchester except for London Weighting. National Minimum wages as brought in by Noo Labour do not make that distinction, the minimum wage is the lowest that a UK Worker can be paid, even though some organisations seem to get away with paying lower. Read everything,
  6. Theres also a lot of b**locks as well, there was no minimum wages pre this government, and if you cant get that right, then I'm afraid that the rest of your neo labour propaganda must be taken with a large pinch of salt.
  7. You buy when everybody and his dog is saying that housing is dead, and that they wouldn't touch it with a bargepole, similar to 1994
  8. Heard a report tonight on Radio 5 Live that the Polish Minister for Construction needs 200,000 polish construction workers to return to Poland to build the new stadiums for Euro2012. Thats it then all over, some of them will be going home.
  9. Change your bank to an internet bank like smile all the benefits of a high st bank without the "financial review this, mortgage adviser that" etc etc bollux get on with your life without gettinginto their sad and lonely existence (its all performance related pay these days, get some sap to agree to a review and they get an extra 3p in their wage packets.
  10. They know a lot more than that, tell me have any of you actually read about any liberal democrat policy ? http://www.libdems.org.uk/
  11. Sarcasm is the highest form of whit IMPO!!! Even better when people miss it I think you'll find that the correct quote is "Sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence, and the LOWEST form of wit !
  12. No, that'll be the thread I started last night on TMF, called Clueless FSA or evidence of fraud/malfeasance http://boards.fool.co.uk/Message.asp?mid=9657437 I agree with eric, the whole self cert thing has been the driver for the HPI over the last few years, its fed on itself, necky prices caused by estate agent snotbox wideboys, requiring ordinary folk to oversextend (lie) about incomes, meaning prices rise again to take advantage, and so on and so on until the multiples have got too rich for some people and the so called M day of last year when the FSA supposedly took control of mortgage
  13. John Reid will be the next Labour Prime Minister !
  14. Balls was lying through his teeth, his blink rate was way higher than Clarke. The BBC has been after the Libour party since the Gilligan affair, they are playing it real cagey, a little nip there, an little nip here, once the moron is pm the sharks will start to gather and the pace of the litle nip will get faster, more sniping attacks and more of them at the same time. The BBC will do for the libour party, but the libour party will do damage itself.
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