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  1. Yeap! become a generator, my exported electricity now pays for my gas bill. Inflation proofed energy security for the individual. Only probelm is now the set up grants are not there now. The best time to install PV was about three years ago
  2. I received my annual electricity bill on Friday. My exported electricity came to a total of £620.49 and I have a credit on my account of £513. The PV system cost me £8.6K My solar PV will now pay for itself much quicker that expected and that's before we start the feed in tariffs in 2010.
  3. Kurt have you looked into the principles of 'Forest Gardening'? It sounds like you have the basic structure here. Whitefields book Farm for the future video Unwittingly my garden was based on this model and with some minor tweaking i should be able to increase the production and hopefully reduce some of the work load so it largely looks after itself. However I have now been lucky enough to buy a 5 acres just a couple of miles away, 4 of which will be coppiced woodland for heating the house and 1 acre for growing and rearing livestock. Again I will use permaculture and forest gardening principles here, though have much to learn about animal rearing.
  4. Guidance teachers use for teaching personal finance in schools
  5. Our installer said that some meters do work in reverse when excess electricity is being generated but I'm not sure which ones. This would be technically illegal and you only get away with it with small amounts of surplus electricity
  6. No, I get on really well with my neighbours. Thankfully. Planning permission is not needed for this unless the house is in a conservation area or listed
  7. Turning everything off when not in use, boiling cup fulls of water; that sort of thing - religiously... and spending my time in the pub!!
  8. 20m2 Mounted on a roof it generates about 3000kwh per year. Our house is very well insulated for a victorian buiding. It is a three floor semi. We have a gas combi boiler for general heating and wood stove, but we only use that when the outdoor temperture is below 0c. I don't pay for any wood just what i can pick up on my travels. I put a website together a while back, though i don't get much chance to update it PV pictures
  9. Where in Cities?? I'm with Harold with this one. In order to utilise the energy around us which appears in low concentrations you have to have systems dotted around all over the place. Though, really, we are going to need a huge diverse energy mix. typo
  10. All true solar thermal is great for hot water, elecricity however has a great deal more functionality. The best thing is to do what you feel you can afford and get most use of. Most people who have some kind of renewable energy system do not regret it.
  11. Yes, you can get a grant for these installations I received £8400. However the grants have been substantailly reduced now. It was too much of a good thing. Yes you are correct, we have no teenagers... sympathy. However thinking about it most of our exported elecricity probably travels next door for their teenagers use.
  12. The meters were installed by Scottish and Southern Electricity for free! Micro HEP systems are possibly the most efficient systems if your lucky enough to have a stream. Wier technology is where its at!!! Just think of the amount of enery being wasted by all that water running to the sea. Edit Yes they pay me 15p per kwh exported . Other like Goodenergy pay 9.6 p for energy generated
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