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  1. OK, I perfectly agree with you. Brasov and Bansko are way overpriced. If you really want to buy in Brasov area, go to Bran-Fundata area and maybe you can still find some cheaper land. The landscape is nice. As investment, Cluj could be better, there are 3 new areas developing there (Casarom, Tineretului and one I do not remember) . Cluj is a big university centre. I said could be...
  2. What's the connection between Bansko and Brasov??? Brasov is a medieval city, with lots of history. Bansko is a no-name place.
  3. I am very angry but so are many savers from USA or Canada.
  4. Everybody who thought otherwise was naive. UK has to devalue the pound to keep in touch with the falling dollar!
  5. Unfortunately it will be a cut. My (personal) question: I need to exchange some $ in £. Should I do it today or tommorow, after the cut?
  6. Could you give us 1 or 2 examples of prices for areas you were interested? Which are nice areas in Spain?
  7. Why don't you ask DianaM? She is the Romanian property specialist on this site.
  8. Hi Brian, thank you for your message and advices. I wanted first to stay in Vera Playa or MOjacar Playa. There were plenty of apartments for £150/week - £170/week for Christmas week and the owners seemed to be very willing to negociate further. We decided to go to San Jose because it might be a genuine new experience as I have only stayed in national parks in Death Valley (California) or Zion(Utah). We paid £220 for 1 week in a 2 bedroom apt. BUt we will definitely visit MOjacar. I also reserved now 2 nights in San Juan de los Terreros. About buying... As long as we can find so cheap rentals and we are still far from retirement, there is no reason to think of buying. Next year we might try other Costa. Thank you again.
  9. Hi Mark,, thank you again for the advices. We decided to book in San Jose, at least it will be an interesting experience in Cabo di Gata.
  10. Hi Mark, we fly to Granada (cheapest Ryanair) and plan to rent car and go to Costa Almeria as I have heard that it is the sunniest and warmest. I go with wife and 2 small kids and we plan to do some mountain hiking and get a bit of Sun tan if possible. I have found some nice complex near Vera Beach (Al Andalous Thalassa) with indoor pool and tennis courts. They do not seem to have karaoke and all that. We just want 7 relaxing day. Is Roquetas del Mar warmer and sunnier than Vera Beach? Thank you.
  11. Is the region Mojacar-Vera Playa nice for a 1 week holiday? What is the weather like at the end of December? Are other areas in Almeria more desirable and warmer?
  12. I do not know, there is still a $1 trillion of resets. Also, nobody knows is the Pound will be $3 in a couple moths or will go back to $1.5 I am interested in buying for cheap in Utah, the bottom will be reached there 2 years after Florida.
  13. I know 3beds/2 baths new houses who sell for $100K in not so bad area of Florida. I might have bought if I were to move there now...
  14. What do you see optimistic about the current worlwide situation?? if you have investments in property, the value is falling. If you have investments in stocks, they are falling. If you think that the economy is booming, then you are wrong. If you think the oil is getting cheaper, then you are wrong. If you think that everybody will do perfect moneywise, you are wrong. OK, if you love your wife and children then you are right.
  15. I do not consider myself pessimist at all. I was very aware of the fact that 2007 was supposed to be a bad year for property investments. 2008 wil also be bad. From 2009 on maybe I shall start again investing and I shall buy properties bought in 2005-2007 by idiots like you at huge discounts. then you will become the pessimist and people like me will laugh.
  16. You really are a 12 year old boy with sexual frustrations, as I guessed long ago.
  17. After 2003 it became easier to get credits. People gather credit garants from their families to get mortgages. Many people who went abroad after 2002 wanted to buy something in Romania. After 2006 also foreigners ramped up the prices. Current prices are way over the top in Romania.
  18. This is perfectly true. The last excellent deals in Romania were in 2003. I bought two apartments at 2 km from Casa Poporului for $14000 each (6700 Pounds these days). Now their paper value is about 60000 Euro i.e. more than 42000 Pounds. At the end of 2003 I bought some land in Cluj-Napoca for 14 E/m^2, I sold it last week for 95 E/m^2. The point is that the prices in Romania have increased incredibly in the last 4 years and they are far from bargain in 2007. Romania is a classical property bubble. One has to know very well the country and be visionary in order to find areas with potential and which are cheap in 2007.
  19. Builders in California are offering $200K discounts for $400K houses in not so great areas, 50% reduction. And nothing sells. When builders in Spain start doing the same in not so great areas, then the market might move again. Until then...
  20. OK, now I got it. Dogbox is becoming more and more subtle. I guess his icecream van just broke and he is waiting for the recovery car to haul it.
  21. Any idiot would be happy to pay 65% of the current price. Your point is?
  22. I am not selling properties in Romania, you are the so called agent. Anyway, you have no idea what you are talking about so get a life.
  23. I told you millions of times that you do not have a clue about what's happening around you. Do you start to believe me now? Looking forward to knowing when they reposess your properties.
  24. So let's see. Property prices crashing = Time to invest Is this what they teach nowadays in business schools?
  25. Romanians are not so much in debt now so they might still buy. But it is hard because salaries are very low and the cost of living is high. The Romanian economy is not yet very much connected to the real economy so economic shocks are not yet felt in Romania. The economic growth will continue, but the current situation is very bad so one can always achieve a good growth starting from zero. The next generation of Romanians will be mostly owners or renters abroad. Seriously, a young person does not get any chance to buy apartments in Romania. They do not even have money to rent and live with their parents and hope to inherit the apartments from their granparents... One problem one should be aware of: many old buildings are not earthquake proof. The latest earthquke in BUcharest was in 1977 and the previous one in 1940 so another big one is now due. This will mean lots and lots of building will simply fall. They have a red star on them which the owners hide.
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