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  1. Hi Mark, you forgot something. Vera Playa has a big area dedicated to nudist. Maybe BUgga likes having hard-ons by admiring the German women... Can you find this entertainment in Western Almeria? But Garrucha really is a horrible city, presumably the Spanish low-classes go there...
  2. It is the same in Florida and soon will be the same in California. To buy in California at the bottom will be a much better deal than to buy in cities nobody wants to live in like Detroit.
  3. I do not think anybody wants to talk down Spain. The only point is that to buy in Spain in 2008 is financial suicide. Prices have a long way to crash. And this is besides the illegal building issues which should be solved by Spanish authotiries before all foreigners decide that Spain is a country of thieves.
  4. I( had some interst in Turkish property in 2006. I looked recently over some Turkish property sites and I saw that the prices now are 30% lower than in 2006. Of course they need to go down another 60% in order to be at all attractive. www.londonspanishturkish.com has only rip-off properties.
  5. This topic is about Spanish properties not about ramping Turkish properties. Create your own thread if you want to write about Turkey!!!!
  6. These are the "predictions" for fools like you. The ones that are soon parted from their money!
  7. We had many discussion with "Adibrown". He seemed to be very unlucky, being gazumped all over the place...
  8. The pound fell by 20% versus Euro. The price of houses in Spain will fall by at least 50% (70%-80% in the British ghettos where no Spanish local would ever consider buying).
  9. Again, you are either VI to the bone or a very naive and uninformed person!!!! Hundreds of thousand unocupied properties in Spain are going to become met labs or pot hothouses.
  10. After reading your message, there can be 2 possibilities: 1) you are an estate agent in Spain and want to attract some costumers in which case you chose the wrong web site. People here know exactly what happens in Spian. 2) you have no diea what you are talking about and what happens in Spain. A good souce of information for you would be www. spanishpropertyinsight.com Murcia had a 9.5% growth????? Are you nuts???? Do you know the 100 of thousands of apartments for sale in Murcia that nobody wants to buy?
  11. I guess the holiday packs are taking a beating. The self-arranged holidays are OK. We went 4 people in Spain for Christmas week for £270 air fare+villa renting for 1 week. We might go again for May bank holiday for about £350 air fare+villa renting for 1 week.
  12. What about 2009 or 2010? Prices will be 20%-30% cheaper by then in good location and probably 50% in places you advertise.
  13. You do not even know how to spell the name of the city you advertise in Romania! It is Sibiu and not Sibui. Besides, where did you find such a map of Romania? Brasov and Sibiu are not on the map but one can find "famous" cities like Zarnesti and Vulcan...
  14. Sorry for generalizing. I was thinking of some of my neighbors who have those jobs and whose kids are playing footbal and riding bycicles till 10pm everyday.
  15. You are a lucky person. But what was possible 5 years ago might not be possible today. Bad schools are getting worse and some good schools are getting better. I visited some schools in my area and I was negatively shocked by them. There are very few areas in Liverpool and surrounding where one can find acceptable schools.
  16. Before coming to UK, I always believed that Bristish people are among the most honest in the world. But then I started to find out about many aspects. I do not care about me as I have a good enough career, but I care about my children's future. So yeah, becoming catholic and renting next to best schools in order to cheat the entrance are ideas which bother me, but I am willing to dothe same as the majority who want a better future for their children and not send them to failing schools together with van driver's and cashier's children.
  17. Yeah, right. So all the parents that fight for their children education are just stupid? Wake up. Maybe you do not have kids and can afford to see things from far away.
  18. No, not these places. Probably buy some urban land and build.
  19. I have never planned to buy properties in Spain but, after having some nice holiday there, I would probably purchcase something if the price fall much further.
  20. 3 days ago I told everybody to get out of dollars. The dollar is falling as we speak.
  21. I was lucky to sell lots of dollars at the end of 2005 at about £/$=1.68 So yes, timing is everything.
  22. Well, GBPUSD was 1.94 about 3 days ago. Now it is 1.98. This is a 2% increase or 2% loss for dollar holders...
  23. I was also refering to the development strongly marketed in the UK. The same is true in Spain, only the overpriced developments like Polaris are strongly marketed in UK, the ones with better prices are sold to people who actually do some research before buying. I am sure that there are and will be good opportunities in Morocco but only the ones who do not sell will be very strongly marketed, the others will sell because they are good.
  24. The Pound is up about 1 Eurocent. Is this a rally??
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