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  1. Why would someone on 20K-ish subsidize old people which can be much richer then them? The world is not fair, people should get used to this simple fact.
  2. This is what Stalin and Ceausescu told people when they were complaining about not having heat. I guess British people are natively used to living in cold houses...
  3. Many countries like USA, Germany, France offer tax reductions for married couples and extra tax reductions for having children. UK decided to give child benefits without tax reductions. What is your problem with this?
  4. Well, it is one thing to heat the house for a single person who can keep it cold for 10 hours/day and other thing is to heat the house up for children who need the heater on all day (unless one wants to commute to the local hospital).
  5. My gas company Npower just increased my monthly direct debit bill by 13 Pounds. The 150 Pound gift from Gordie will just cover that, thank you.
  6. Well, they start a dry run in October and the actual LHC experiment might start in January 2008. But do not worry, there won't be such things like black holes. As I actually visited CERN for 2 weeks and drove everyday from CERN to St Gervais area, I have some idea about the Haute Savoie and Le Genevois. Annemasse looks like a dump, I would not consider buying anywhere below Bonneville. I am not sure about Les Cluzes. Prices are cheaper that surroundings, there is Carrefour and one can reach many beautiful places for skiing and hiking in less than 20 minutes. Samoens, Morzine, Megeve are of couse much more convenient for skiing but their prices are quite high...
  7. I just returned from Haute Savoie, a region of incredible beauty. I am not sure though about property prices... I stayed around Chamonix and in Sallanches, St Gervais, Paissy,Chamonix, Cluses, Bellevaux, Samoens areas there were tons of apartments, houses and terrains for sale. I do not know about the price evolution in the last 5 years there but I saw some 20% down markings in some regions. Why are your colleagues bullish?
  8. I apologize for feeding the troll dogbox such that he had the possibility to repeat 1000 times his stupid story about Saidia. I was naive, I should have ignored this thread as it was obvious that people like dogbox were just trying to hook some naive "investors". Anyway, I am still curious to go visit the area when/if there is any airline flying to the vicinity.
  9. How can it be? I thought that once the agreement with the bank is done, nothing can be changed... By agreement I mean they agreeing to not chase you abroad.
  10. When was that period? How long did it last? I guess if I had a Turkish brother I might trust him with putting his name on the title, otherwise the percentage of being conned is close to 100%... Why wouldn't people wait till the ban is removed? I do not think people are soooo desperate to purchase in Turkey, are they?
  11. Sorry, I have no idea what happened last time.
  12. It is really amazing to see that the interest in Morocco "investments" has gone from all around hype to total indifference... There are only 15 months since many were raging about Morocco being the next best thing et al. Well, I guess I am young enough to never have lived through property bubbles. Next time I shall be prepared.
  13. What do you think that is going to happen about this? Let's say they extend this ban for 1 year or so. Are all the estate agents who sell to foreigners going to be bankrupt? What effect do you see on prices? People knew that is risky to buy in Turkey but I guess nobody knew that is that risky...
  14. Thanks Soup. I shall become curious again about Saidia in 2010. Hopefully there will be some good news by then.
  15. What is the current prediction for the timeframe of the resort's full opening?
  16. Well, if you go to that forum, you will see that the negative comments come from people who visited Saidia this month or last month. The positive answers come from agents... Believe me or not, I would like to have a holiday somewhere in Morocoo after things are built. It cannot be worse than many junky places in Spain... About amateurs abandoning the forums, maybe Dogbox had 10 nicknames and used them to hype Saidia. I wonder what else is he hyping now, rice prices?
  17. Hi Soup, the comments I posted are from people who visited the site and who had properties on the site and were unhappy about the site. I accidentally arrived on the Totally property forum and I was quite surprised to see those comments. My initial reservation towards Saidia was only due to the high prices, I expected Fadesa et al. to do serious work and hand out some good constructions...
  18. I was kind of curious to know what it is happening there as there has been a lot of talk on this forum. On other forum I have found the following comments: 1)" Saidia is in a complete mess as I had suspected......areas that are supposedly finished look very scruffy. the golf course looks pretty naff......... it shows how crammed together the properties are and how near the road, how small the gardens etc........ I wonder who is going to be responsible for all the 'waste land' which lies in scruffy pockets here and there............... When I was there I saw the mains drains etc full of plastic bottles and builders rubble and it just seems to be a sign of how little care has been taken over this development. It is quite depressing how little has changed in the last year, apart from throwing up yet more apartments to rake in the money........." 2) "There has been and may still be, a lengthy strike at the Fadesa site with hardly any work taking place for months. There has been a lot of anxiety over the financial situation of the company,who are not yet completely out of the woods, and if it were not for this site then clients would have been completely in the dark as neither Fadesa. Addoha nor in particular the Moroccan press publish anything unless it is giving them a pat on the back....." 3) "There are serious issues with regard to the specs in RT1(Magnum). The kitchen is identical to the one used in the APs- porous worktop and all. Apparently Fadesa even rated the kitchens available in Mobilia as too expensive! And this is meant to be their showpiece development with the highest specification. And then the base of all my internal walls was damp / mouldy. So bad that the plaster will need to be hacked out. The spiral staircase was so rusty as to be beyond repair. And the tiling on the solarium was simply atrocious. " How can things be so bad at a "flagship resort"??? Are the Moroccans commiting financial suicide? Do they allow all the Plan Azure to go down the toilet?
  19. I agree with your second statement, I totally disagree with the first one. 2010 might a good time to purchase a holiday home (not investment). The prices will be much lower than today.
  20. I never reccomended Dubai. It was a good deal 5-6 years ago. I was interested in purchasing a studio in Mina al Arab in Ras al Khaimah (not Ras Al Khamei) but then I decided not to do it.
  21. I had and still have some properties in Romania and recently purchased 1 foreclosure in Florida and prepare to purchase a foreclosure in California. I reccomend purchasing for cheap in Florida or California (for cheap I mean foreclosure but only if you can see the actual property and drive a hard bargain with the bank). Maybe in a few years I would recommend to purchase some foreclosure in Spain is prices crash. I might also build 2-3 houses on some of the lots of land I own in Romania. I like Turkey but the market is way too saturated.
  22. This guy BUgga is almost sure Adi Brown who changed his user name. Bugga has the same arguments as Adi Brown as in "buy in 2008 as in 2010 you would have lost part of your investment"... I wonder who can fall for that kind of prank in 2008, when prices everywhere in the world are falling like a hammer... Why people feel they need to change their usernames??
  23. Did they teach you to write this kind of bull$hit? "gain on your 2008 investment"????? What about the 30% fall? Before writing non-sense do a case study over Florida. There is plenty of good frontline opportunity at 50% discount as compared to 2005. Are you AdiBrown by the way?
  24. I am not bigger idiot that a cretin who ramps eye-sore places like Vera and Garrucha. They really were the worst places I have seen in a long time. Besides, one has to drive quite a lot to reach them Get a life stupid agent!
  25. Which Dutch guy??? Have you read the article? It is about Dutch Auction, a technical term... About people 55+, they MEW-ed themselves up to their necks and will have to work way beyond the retirement age. Forget about "investing in Spain" in 2008, only losers purchase now in Spain. 2010-2011 will offer much better prices.
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