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  1. As I am on this site, you can imagine that I am a saver (I put about 40% of my monthly salary in the bank). But I try to preserve my health and not pay attention to some hundreds of £ I lose per year because of low saving rate. Try to detach from thinking every singlke moment about your bank savings, enjoy life, you only have one.
  2. Envy is a worse sentiment that greed. Spend some of your money and eat properly, you only have one life and it is not worth wasting it .
  3. 65K Euro where? In Alicante region 65K can already get you many 2 bedroom apts. in areas nobody would like to have holidays, let alone live. You mean 65K in very desirable areas? Also, 65K Euros for how many m^2?
  4. Everybody knows that, except the sellers... http://www.spanishpropertyinsight.com/buff...homes-in-spain/ There is no chance of a recovery before this glut of 1 millions properties are selling. Or are demolished... Anybody has any guess which area on the Costas (or lnland form the Costas) will offer the best value for the money at or around the bottom? Properties in Alicante region seem to get close to being acceptable, but the area is wreck. Meanwhile, the Malaga region prices are still holding extremely high.
  5. Did anybody experience the previous downturn during the '90s in Spain? How much was the price falls from top to bottom? If there is any desperation stage, when do you expect it to happen?
  6. How are the ski apartment prices in the Provence Alps doing? Falling or stagnant?
  7. Hi Michael, I am not planning to see any real estate in Tanger, just some sites. Which are the main attactions?
  8. Seriously now, is it worth making a day-trip to Tanger during a Costa del Sol holiday? What can one see in a 1/2 day stay in Tanger? Is is extremely crowded in August?
  9. The KIng, the King, The king. He can come to open anything in June, Ceausescu was inaugurating things which had not even been started. Do you ask 85K Euros? At least in 2006 those 85K Euros were 60K Pounds, now they are 85K Pounds...
  10. Are you crazy or stupid? The Romanian propery lost about 20% of the value in the last year in Euros and it is in free-fall.
  11. About how much would be a relly low price? How much was the reduction?
  12. How much would be the right price for a good January-March 2001 Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV-4, NIssan X-Terrain or BMW 3 Touring? All around 100K (or lower) and full 12 Months MOT. Obviosly I am not interested abnout anythjing after March 2001 as the Road Tax is going to be huge. I only drive about 60 Miles/week and I am fed up to taking my kids to school or to the playgrounds in a little 1998 Renault Clio.
  13. Where can one find a list of car auction places? Does one need to go to the auction?
  14. Where are those Fords with warranty left fof less than £2K? There is none on autotrader for £2K and under 3 year old... There is no acceptable car less than 3 year old for less than £2K.
  15. I went last week skiing in Adelboden, Crans Montana and Wengen. I would not trade the Alps skiing with Eastern European skiing, they are in different classes. Yes, Swizerland is very expensive (eventhough a 580 SFR rental for Christmas week is not bad). The only places worth skiing are in the NOrthern Hemisphere are Alps, Whistler, Colorado, Utah and Lake Tahoe region.
  16. Much too late. You should have done when the Pound was $2.1 and/or 1.5 Euros.
  17. There were many lunatics on this site. A guy Dobox was ramping MOrocco and German properties, another one Gnao was ramping gold. Are you the leader of Euro rampers? If you did not exchange your Euros when £ was 1.01 Euros, then you were too greedy and are going to lose.
  18. He meant there are plenty of British people in France waiting to sell up in Euros, exchange the Euros in Pounds and buy palaces in UK. A dreamer.
  19. There are many idiots who threw money away by buying properties in hyped-up countries after being conned by estate agents. But the ones who invested for a profit in Cape Verde are by far the biggest suckers. They don't even have the oportunity to visit their "investment" as the cost of flights are prohibitive. At least in Spain or Italy or France one can reach the house/apartment by train or car or cheap flights.
  20. There was an idiot on this Forum called Dogbox who claimed the tunnel/bridge was supposed to be finished by 2010... Even if they eventually build it, it will takes 20-25 years to finish it so it will not influence in any ways the current property prices.
  21. You mean using the 2030 Spain-Morocco tunnel?
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