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  1. Just take a plane to Budapest, then go by train to Cluj, Sibiu and Brasov and you will be pleasantly surprised. And no, don't bother visiting Bucharest!!!
  2. I agree that nobody in Romania fully understands the money and credit and value story. But, before I started reading this site, I was almost convinced that nobody in many countries in Western Europe or USA cannot fully understand either...
  3. It is criminal, I agree. Most of the brand are now own by Danone, Unilever, etc. There are pretyy much all the European supermarkets (Billa, Auchan, Co-op, Penny Markt, etc).
  4. Sorry, £200/month. Sorry Izzy if I sounded impolite, but with 30 Euros/month one cannot live in Romania. Prices at Carrefour are the same if not bigger than the ones in Tesco.
  5. I agree that 1200 GP is by far not the averae salary. But neither is 30 Euro/month. My mother is University professor and my grand monther was university professor. I perfectly agree that the country is going to feel the pain of the crisis very sharply. They simply do not realize what is going to happen to them, the majority are in the denial phase. The president of the country came 2 days ago on the national TV to threaten people to pay the debts to the bank. I do not think any other president has interfere in the relation between the costumers and the banks...
  6. What answer would you expect to get for an ignorant post?
  7. There are maybe 1-2 persons killed/year. Of course it is not acceptable. OK, blue collar people gain £200/year for unqualified jobs. And property prices/rents are totally stupidly inflated. And some old and unfortunate people live in misery. But from there to the 30 Euro/month average salary is a BIG distance.
  8. Romanian waitresses are among the most stupid persons living in Romania. Maybe she was refering to people borrowing from Gispsy Mafia and refusing to pay. No bank is associated to loan sharks. My mother has a £1200/month (one thousand two hundred pound salary) salary and my grandmother has a £550/month pension. Nobody gains less than £50/month. Get informed before posting on public forums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I really hope your ceiling will fall on your stupid head.
  10. 2 Houses: 1) Number 3 on the street http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...cending%3Dfalse 2) Number 5 on the street http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...cending%3Dfalse Both sold for £147K/each in 2005. Also Number 25 on the street (sold for 170K in 2005): http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...cending%3Dfalse
  11. Eastern Europe will go bankrupt before UK. Then will come Spain, Greece, Italy, Ireland. UK and Germany might go bankrupt together.
  12. Sorry, I wrote a bit fast. OK, if we are putting prostitutes into discussion, then maybe we should open another topic.
  13. Nobody says that. Returns can be obtained only from investments, where there is some risk involved. The reason why savers complain is because the real inflation (the one you see in supermarkets or when you pay your fuel bills) is hidden. There is a long way between some saver compalining and the stupid OP who says he hates savers...
  14. Banks get money from the savers and lend money to the borrowers. Savers get r% and borrowers pay q%. As r% is less than q%, the banks make money and can afford to pay savers their "wealth". I thought this was taught in secondary school...
  15. This is a very simplistic way to look at things. The easy and correct way: you put money in bank, banks makes profit and you get interest. Our of this interest , you pay 20% or 40% to the tax payer! So the taxpayer gets money, does not pay money. the OP is too full of envy and rage to understand this simple fact.
  16. Stupid (or ignorant) people usually turn out to be big losers in their lives, with low salaries. They also tend to blame everybody around them for their failures. OP looks very close to being one of them.
  17. This really is secondary school mathematics... Multiply 100 by 1+r where r is the interest rates connected to the inflation and you get 100 (1+r) after one year. After two years you get 100 (1+r) (1+r) If you want continously compounded interest, after two years you get 100 exp(2 r)
  18. You are trying to stir $shit or are a freaking idiot.
  19. Aha, another person rotten to the bone by envy.
  20. Seems that everybody who was connected to the dream called Dubai is now awakening to see that the $hit has hit the fan. From rich to very poor, everybody is running like crazy, no looking back. I guess the desert will reclaim the land back in the near future. Human beings should not fight with nature, nature always wins. If nobody dared to develop the desert in thousands of years, there was a good reason for that and they should not have tried this in XXI century. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/feb/13/dubai-boom-halt
  21. I agree! The problem many expat forced sellers have is that they bought in areas where nobody is interested, unless they sell the apartments/house for peanuts. If I were to buy now, I would have trouble oscillating between a 1 bedroom apt. in Costa del Sol and a 3 bed/2bath villa in Torrevieja area. They have more or less the same price.
  22. Who paid for such stupid developments? Are they gonna be squatter paradises or they will have the common sense to demolish them and return the land into agricultural one?
  23. Why do you think you lost your money? Idiots like dogbox were claiming that money would have doubled by now but, if you can still get the apartment at the price you paid, money is not lost!
  24. Who else than stupid people would have bought in 2007 for double the 2004 price? One did not need to be a geniuous to realize that a big correction was due... Good thing for the developers was that only the inteligence is limited whereas stupidity has no bound...
  25. I do not find it so depressing as Mark made a good effort to refrain from making the report as doomed as the reality is.. It is funny that people like Michael Moon thinks that some prices have already undershot when Costa del Sol has barely seen any price reduction. I guess the denial phase is still on...
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