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  1. Which property prices do you think will fall faster: - developing countries (Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Cape Verde) - Southern EU countries (Spain, Greece, Cyprus) - USA?
  2. >>The Canaries are chav invested with no decent beaches (apart from Fortuventera). Ive been and it was like Blackpool with sun. Fuerteventura has the best beaches one can imagine!! Jandia is the among the best beaches in the world. Tenerife has mountains and sun and some acceptable beaches. Same for Gran Canaria. Besides, Canary Islands are 12 month destinations, with 22 Celsius in December and 28 in August. To compare them with Blakpool is a very shallow comment... >Florida I dont know but I cant imagine appartments within a development that has three 18 hole couses set along its own 7km beach go for 50K unless they >are aimed at the chavvy chintz package holiday market. In Florida there will always be tourists. The current prices are extremely high but with the upcoming price crash they will become affordable. > Also competetion is fierce as there are thousands of developments in Florida but only a handful of large luxury developments in Morocco. How many tourists go to Florida and how many to Morocoo? IN MOrocoo there will always be the risk of: - being robbed - islamic uprising - cheap flights stop flying etc,etc,etc >Its all about location. Of course much of Morocco wouldnt command high prices but some parts will. I have found thousands of villas for rent in Morocco >costing thousands per week, indeed some are £20000 per week. In your dreama maybe. >You can keep chav invested Eastender Spain. Morocco will be a significantly more upmarket experience of that I am certain. MOprocoo is expensive now just because people compare its prices with the ones in Spain. BUt the Spain prices will crush badly in the next years and then the current Morocoo prices will crush as well. But Spain will survive, whereas Morocoo will be destroyed, that will the difference. Who would be so stupid to pay same prices for an apartment in Spain or one in Morocoo? The only exotic place to invest I think is Cape Verde, after doing the homework.
  3. In 1 year a good apartment in Florida will go for about £50000. At the same time or a bit later a good apartment in mailand Spain or in Canary Islands will go for about the same amount. The £50000 apartments that they are selling now in Morocco will be at most £20000 if all the risks are considered. So why on Earth would anybody pay now £50000 for a small apartment in Morocco, an unstable country with no infrastructure and imense poverty?
  4. Hello, for a £18000-£20000 investment (without wanting to flip or take a mortgage), where would you think that are better chances for growth: - Turkey (probably Altinkum where new apartments go for £18000) - Egypt (Sharm or Hurghada) Thank you.
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