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  1. Are you joking?? Don't tell me you do not know the problems in North Cyprus. Just search for: Cherie Blair Noryh Cyprus. You will see .
  2. You make commentds ramdomly, without thinking, isn't it? Read messages before answering them or you cannot really understand?
  3. The creation of hedge funds determine a slower dcrease. You will have your 26% but in one month instead of one day. Do you think this can make people feel better (they lose money in one month instead on 1 day)? Anyway, you prediction was dead wrong, this was my original observation.
  4. What about you? You predicted the markets will be at MOnday level today? Are they? Of course a 7% decrease is just peanuts, isn't it?
  5. Maracajau beach is an excellent area (nice beaches, snorkeling). They are close to Natal where there will be a huge airport next year. You can see some other projects in Ceara: http://www.beachfrontbrazil.net/property-48971.asp I am almost tempted to purchase there, but I might go with land instead of built property. There will be many projects around Natal or Fortalleza in the near future. Turkey I do not know, it already had 5 years of boom. The regions of Ceara and Natal in Brazil are just starting. Morocco is good but at the entry level I have heard lots of complains, stick with the Plan Azure developments.
  6. Brazil, if you know where to look. Turks and Caicos, if you know where to look.
  7. Result: your holiday in Europe will cost more. Buy some Euros now and use them over the Summer when you visit Francxe, Spain or Italy or Greece.
  8. You are amazing!! Exactly as you said: it went up 40 at first minute and the went to negatives. This is the END my friends!
  9. Of course it is going back to normal. The 2 trilion dollar losses are going to be forgotten soon. It is only money afterall.
  10. Well, on Exuma I have 2 possible area: - Bahama Sound on Great Exuma - Exuma View or other parcels near Tropic of Cancer Beach. I am also considering the Rainbow Bay in Eleuthera. On Turks and Caicos I am looking at some lots in Middle Caicos and South Caicos, two islands less developed but with some potential. I just want to get rid of some dollars I have in a USA bank account and I do not see any better way to do it. I might build something in 2-3 years.
  11. Why would you prefer Bahamas over Turks and Caicos? I am oscillating now between two nice plots of land close to the beach of similar prices in Exuma (Bahamas) or some of the islands in Turks and Caicos.
  12. Well, the baby boomers will still want a place to retire at least during the cold days in USA/UK. So Carribeans cannot do that bad, eventhough they might not get the massive increase seen today.
  13. Again I perfectly agree with you. If 20-30K is the maximum to afford and one really wants to live in a country warmer and sunier than UK, then Turkey is probably the best choice in and around Europe. Morocco is already more than 20-30K and non-crappy apartments in Egypt are also more than 20-30K. But again, this is not investment but a very cheap way to stay in sunnier areas.
  14. OK, so it seems we are actually saying the same thing... I agree that Turkey offers cheap living and cheap housing. The only point is that it is not a good investment in 2007 as the prices have run up 5-fold in the last 5 -years. If they manage to develop a higher scale tourism then things can change. Otherwise people with money will go to Dubai, Spain, parts of Morocco, parts of Egypt and Caraibeans.
  15. I do not deny that Britons have bought in Turkey like that was no tommorow. As I also got into that hype, I did a thorough research and went 3 times holidaying in Turkey in the last 3 years. Conclusions: - Altinkum is a dumphole and Bodrum is not far from being that. - Fetiye is quite nice but good places are extremely expensive and bad places are Altinkum-type. - Antalya-Alania is nice, but there are 30000 apartments for sale which can be rented for £90/week - Kusadasi is almost OK but it gets quite cold from October to April So why would anybody well informed still purchase in Turkey?
  16. I now understand, I was not aware that the inland prices grew that much. In Tenerife and FUerteventura it is just the same, places far away from the Ocean are now sold at a premium.
  17. Which areas do you think will have such decrease? Do you think the same is bound to happen for non beach properties in Canary Islands?
  18. Everybody knows that Turkey is before yesterday news. Antalya has 100K apartments that nobody wants. Altinkum is dump hole and Kusadasi is a distater waiting to happen at first earthquake.
  19. Blah, Blah, blah. Propertyhelpturkey, did you have a nervous breakdown after Abibrown's message? You wrote about 7 answers to some remarks which made perfect sense. Turkey has conned enough people into thinking they are the second coming of Spain. Be happy that they managed to take enough money from inocent Brits. There are thousands and thousand of apartments in Turkey which nobody wants. Why would anyone purchase in Turkey? if they want Muslim country, MOrocco is much closer. If they want Sun, Spain and Italy are much closer. Get a life.
  20. I am now working on liquidating all my reserves in Pounds and Dollars. Maybe I can save myself.
  21. I acknowldge this. Idid not realize how huge the prices in Spain are. Even if they fall 20%-30% they will still be very high.
  22. It looks better that I expected. I like the lack the huge buildings. It can be a nice place afterall. I would have liked to see in the video the beach and surroundings.
  23. This ESCO must have some Vested Interest in Saidia. I doubt that the king would have allowed some Spanish builder to destroy a promising area of tourism...
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