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  1. My mother wants ot buy something in mainland Spain in 3-4 years from now, just for the climate so she does not care about being in coastal region. Which are the best sites to look for Spanish properties? I know of Loquo.com and kyero.com.
  2. Thanks for the overview. What would be your prediction for Spain in 2010? Say that interest rate in EU goes up another .5%, there is a mild decrease of property price in UK, USA is completely thrashed and Germany does OK but not too good. Out of curiosity, which places in Torrevieja lost 60% of the value?
  3. Your posts seems are getting weirder and weider. What's up??
  4. "Maggie Hardiman cringed as she heard the salesmen knocking the sides of desks with a baseball bat as they walked through her office. Bang! Bang! " 'You cut my fkuing deal!' " she recalls one man yelling at her. " 'You can't do that.' " Bang! The bat whacked the top of her desk." "you didn't want to turn away a loan because all hell would break loose," she recounted in interviews. " http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...ml?hpid=topnews
  5. 40K for a POS is bad, 65K for same POS is just bloody awful.
  6. What about politicians and/or presidents and/or prime ministers being strangled on the streets by 80% of the people disagreeing to pay taxes for stupid home buyers?
  7. "James Mackenzie, a director of the country-house department at Savills, has already noticed more than the seasonal surge of new listings, and estimates he has up to 30% more properties for sale than a month ago, partly because some sellers want to test the market, excited to see just what they might get. " Why don't some sellers put their a$$e$ on the market to see what they can get?
  8. Just some quotes from this piece of shit article: 1) "This would require a visit from a so-called energy assessor, who would give the property an efficiency rating from A to G. How many people are going to buy a house on that basis, as opposed to its location, number of bedrooms or the size of the garden?" This idiot has no idea what an energy assessment is. He should go an d read what it is written on the official sites. 2) "Preparing the packs will slow down the sale process and make it more expensive, creating worry and red tape for estate agents and sellers at a time when rising interest rates could hit the housing market. The packs will also put an end to same-day sales or to speculative tests of the market." So what? Who wants to speculatively test the market? Only imbeciles with too much time at their hands. 3) "This will penalise owners of older homes, or require them to spend thousands of pounds upgrading equipment like older boilers." If they want to sell their houses for top money, the should invest a couple of thousands fro loft insulation and boiler. 4) "After the thumping Labour took at the polls last week, he needs all the friends he can get." This is a threat from the stupid author's friends...
  9. What do you mean by "someone of the right ability to sell foreign property"? Anybody can do research on specific countries, get the idea on what the best deals are and then offer the information to interested persons. What is so difficult about this?
  10. That explains everything. Nobody in their right mind would have spent so much time ramping a specific property for free. Of course this also takes away any credibility you might have had before...
  11. There is only one more months till HIP starts. In one year from now people will have gotten used to it and nobody will notice it any longer.
  12. Now it is time to be a man Dogbox! You carried the masses into the depths, it is your resposability. But I agree with you, if one wants to buy in MOrocco the Plan Azure sitesare the ones to go as they will offer some kind of guarantee. Saidia might be OK but Port Linux looks better.
  13. I know the overall picture, I wanted to know about more personal experiences.
  14. To be very honest, I would be disapointed if the Moroccans become greedy and scare the investors away. This would only show that they are not ready.
  15. Adi, as we discussed before, only time will tell. The good thing in Spain (and almost everywhere else) is that there is no hurry and no pressure to buy because it is guaranteed that the prices will not increase over inflation for at least the next couple of years. So people can take their time, see places and decide which one they like most. Or, if they do not want to buy, there will always be tons of rental properties at very decent prices.
  16. 1.Roughly one-third of the homes in Miami-Dade and about 40 percent of those in Broward aren’t covered by the homestead exemption and cap on assessment increases, available only to permanent residents. 2. ~25% of the current mortgages in SoFla are of subprime variety..US is 15% and FL state is ~20% 3. rentals have become soft and will be SOFTER years ahead (good deals abound) 4. prices in most (except for rich hoods) are at~2004 levels (of course w/ bargaining) 5. 2-3 yr supply.. 6. Big supply of condos coming onto the market in 2007/2008 (these projects were started in 04-05 at the ht of the boom
  17. Well, one can always spin any new which does not seem good. As I had the impression from the beggining, Moroccan first wanted people's money and then started the impose conditions.
  18. If you not all mouth and no teeth, please tell us which sources of information about Lybian property you know of.
  19. You are completely wrong. California has started the crash and will have one of the biggest crashes.
  20. Well, who bought to stay will be OK. Who bought because he/she was drunk during an inspection visit or at a realtwhore property show or because he/she was stupid and/or uneductaed or was purely sheeple , then good luck to them. Afterall it is only money...
  21. Yes, they thought they were smart. But, bad luck, they just lost more than $100000 , plus they lost each other...
  22. At least Casey Serin got on National TV and became a "hero".
  23. Oh yeah, especially interesting is the story abnout the realtwhore: "Morrow, a real estate agent for Keller Williams Realty in Arlington, bought a one-bedroom condo in February 2006 for $280,000. He intended to fix it up and sell it. But the repairs he needed to make were more extensive than he thought they would be. For almost a year, Morrow paid the nearly $4,000-a-month mortgage on the Arlington house he lives in and $2,300 for the condo. "The market at the time wasn't showing that it was going to get a lot stronger, so I decided it was best to take a loss and get out from under it," he said. He sold the condo for $265,000. After paying a 3 percent commission to the buyer's agent, a loan prepayment penalty of $8,000 and other closing costs, he ended up owing the bank $33,000, which he did not have. He managed to persuade the bank to let him make monthly payments of $1,000." What goes up must come down!
  24. Buy somewhere you like, the HPI will not be significant for the many years to come.
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