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  1. OK, too bad. Sorry to hear that, I thought you were quite rich by now. BUt just one last question: do you now agree that the upcoming crash on the Spanish market will have an effect on the MOrrocan market? The VVT-6 versus LJDF story is definitely related to the Spanish market and its ongoing and accelerating crash.
  2. What do you mean he does not get paid??? He himself acknowledged he got money to promote Saidia on the Forums. This means he got paid. Of course he only acnowledged this recently, last year he looked like the Good Samaritan who was spreading the wisdom... This is what Dogbox said: QUOTE(dogbox @ May 3 2007, 11:21 AM) * "Nitrox - the developer did offer me a commision if I were to introduce someone. This occured as a result of my early days enthusiasm. "
  3. Well, Dogbox was the music that lured the others into the woods where the bad wolfs were waiting... Then Dogbox took his flute to other regions (Brazil, Germany, Malaisia,you name it) and some others bit the bullet again. Smart boy this Dogbox, I raise my hat to him.
  4. Well, you have been warned many times on these forums that Moroccan are crooks... BUt you did not listen...
  5. I want to hear about Spanish doom because it is a natural outcome. When there is greed and stupidity, the result is pain.
  6. Like where? By decent I mean livable, in an OK area.
  7. All your questions are answered in the materials that the Home Inspectors use for their preparation. They are covering all the bases and all the situations that you can image to appear in the future.
  8. I agree, as of May 2007 is not as bad as many thought. But by May 2008 will be worse, and May 2009 will be even worse and May 2010 will be even worse. And so on. The end point of the fall will be the moment when a Spanish worker will be able to buy an acceptable 2 bedroom apartment with 25-30 salaries, i.e. with 50000 Euros. By then many Brits will be burned badly.
  9. Te EA in my area have full pages in newspaper with pro-HIPS ads. Don't worry, HIPS is here to stay. What is your father problem with HIPS?
  10. When one find plenty of cheap rental, there is no reason to rush buying. And that takes any appetite for speculation and also allows price to stabilize/fall. Do not try to find the bottom of the market, it will come to you...
  11. A house might cost £200K. Add £500 to that and it is £200500. There is no difference, maybe £2/month mortgage.
  12. The best balanced article about HIPS I have ever read. The stupid Torries and the sharky Estate Agents will bite dust on that one. People will only remember their stupidity and greed and life with HIPS will go on.
  13. What makes you an expert on NE Brazil? To claim that Ceara has worse perspective that RG del NOrte requires lots of knowledge.
  14. Thank you, I would prefer to purchase from Spanish agents/owners. That way I avoid paying the foreigner surplus. I have founf a good site with lower prices at /www.compraventa.com/ I shall follow the listings for some time.
  15. Another Muppet investment. Free pass for Skiing in Calabria???
  16. Because the UK school standards of mathematics are so poor and the greed is so BIG, many Brits lost and will lose millions and millions of Pounds. People will not stop throwing money until the money will not be available to them. if the banks stop offering funny money then people, as reckless as they are, will stop throwing these money away. So a site like your yours does not have any value as it is only a drop in the Ocean. The banks need to stop offering easy money and the problem will cure by itself.
  17. There is a clear message: if you have money that is not essential then invest everywhere your heart desires. If the money you invest is a matter of life and death for you and your family, than think twice or thrice and play it very safe and do not risk investing in shady countries.
  18. Sorry Dogbox, I just mentioned to them that you might be interested in their deal and they called you. I have found your phone number on one of the forums you ramp about Morocco and Germany.
  19. Sorry to say, but not only the TRNC agents are at fault, your parents did not do their homework and they got burned. Things which look to good to be true...
  20. Maybe. Anyway, nice to see that people took their time to answer.
  21. I am quite sure "Miklo" was a troll. But your answers are very good, this is a thread useful for future real FTB.
  22. We speak Spanish quite well so this would nnot be a problem. I am trying to find a site with properties, like www.realtor.com or www.rightmove.co.uk but in Spain (most likely in Spanish). Does it exist?
  23. Don't you think it would be better to invest in an investment fund? Here on the forum nobody is a specialist. If we were specialists, we would not give the information fo free on a public forum.
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