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  1. Somebody who believes Brasov is at commuting distance from Bucharest must make lots of money indeed.
  2. Yeah, Dobgbox was hit by the Real Estate Crash! And he is bleeding badly like any other person with Vested Interest in a dying breed.
  3. NOt investing in property now is a no-brainer. In 5 years from now it might be another story.
  4. There is no difference between chimps and many people who "invested" lately. Both do not know where the place they "invested" is, both do not real money (the latter have funny money).
  5. Tell me who your frieds are to tell you who you are. Your friends will lose money big time. You do not invest anything so you won't lose anything. Your only problem is that nobody will be interested in your lies anymore.
  6. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People have used their miraculously obtained equity to make adventerous and quite bad investment all over Europe and the world. Now most of them will lose lots and lots of money. Money they never really had but were lured by sharky estate agents to "invest". Everybody who bought in the last 2 years in almost all countries in the world will lose tons of money. Investment in real estate should be made by professionals not by every Joe-six-packer!
  7. Everybody who do not hold their heads in the sand knew that Dubai was going to crash badly. The s**t will hit the fan very soon.
  8. You said you bought in 1995 your first property in Berlin? Are you also a liar?
  9. You can find 10K apts. in Hurghada. the problem is: what to do with them? I could retire tommorow, Egypt could be a nice retirement spot. But as Buy to rent is quite bad. There is a 5 Pound/ Person fee to use the private beaches in HUrghada and the public beaches are overcrowded and smelly. Do not get fouled by the cheap prices, there is a good reason fro that.
  10. To make some wrong statements is humanly acceptable, to repeat them is plain stupid.
  11. Brian, are you as ignorant and very unbright as you sound like? Or you chose the dumbing down job of being a Real Estate agent and just need to play the game in order to make a living?
  12. Buy in Bulgaria in 2007? Are you nuts?
  13. No, he is just telling you are not very bright (to use a mild word) and we all agree with that.
  14. I almost bought last year there for 15K Pounds. Then I realized that the closest airport are at 200 KM(Cairo and Hurghada) and it is quite risky to drive for longer distances in Egypt. There is also some polluting industry not very far to the NOrth. 15K POunds it is an OK price, I have not been to Zafarana, maybe it is worth it.
  15. These prices are WAY above 50K Euros and in regions where I would not really want to live. This just shows that no 50K Euros can be found in Spain right now. So it is worth waiting for the crash.
  16. Well, by 2011 Dogbox villa will cost Half a million Pounds so he will get the £340K and be happy with it. Or won't he?
  17. I am not sure what to do with them houses there but quite cheap. http://www.syracuse.com/articles/news/inde....xml&coll=1
  18. So now you think that by screaming you can be more convincing, right? There are also clues that the figure might me much lower.
  19. You pay insurance as DEA and that covers accidents. It is illegal to give advices to sellers. The report needs to be redone if they make improvements.
  20. He is paid to save the economy. The sheeple needs to be reassured otherwise they will run for the hills.
  21. WOW, what about people who took your word in Saidia (and lost couple of tens of thousands £) and now curse and wine on all the Forums? Are they optimists or pessimists?
  22. Do you expect him to say: "The end is coming, every man on his own! RUNNNNNNNNNNNN!"?
  23. Spin-Spin. However, the median price of a new home sold last month fell to $229,100, a record 11.1 percent decline from the previous month. The big price decline indicated that builders are slashing prices in an effort to move a huge overhang of unsold homes.
  24. "To this day, the properties remain unsold, draining nearly $6,000 a month from the Daimlers' dwindling retirement kitty. The couple had thought the properties would help finance the lovely new life they planned to lead in Florida. They had retired from their jobs - But when the housing bubble burst, so did their dreams of a real-estate funded retirement. The properties have been on the market for nine months without a serious offer, and the carrying costs are killer: The Daimlers pay more than $65,000 a year on their mortgages (including loans for their primary residence and a vacation house in North Carolina), plus tens of thousands more for property taxes, insurance and maintenance. Money is so tight that Carol has stopped filling prescriptions for her cholesterol medicine. Steve says he has no choice but to go back to work. "The financial pressure is too great," he says. Watching their savings drain away, she admits, "is scary." Worst of all, Steve confesses quietly: "I feel like I've let down Carol and the kids." She counters, "We both made this decision, but now it feels like a failure." http://biz.yahoo.com/hmoney/070522/052207_...mp;.pf=oneclick
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