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  1. Can you point out a place in Europe and surroundings where the speculation was not huge? Do you think Egypt, Turkey are cheap?
  2. People had the wake up call and came to their senses.
  3. Can you summarize your message? Who do you think has time to read the full novel?
  4. How much do you ask? If 30K is less than 10% then it is a piece of cake. How much do neigbors ask for their apartments. Go at least 5% less than neighbors if you want a quick sale.
  5. Hold your money now. The credit crunch is ongoing. It will get much harder to get mortgages especially for overseas investments. Cash will be king. If you really have money that you need to spend now, I would say buy cheap parcels of land in Florida and build some houses. By cheap I mean $5000-$6000 for lots with electricity and not far from the Ocean. They might cost $3000 in a couple of months though. Emerging countries like Brazil might become more interesting soon. the Brazilian Real lost 10% of its value in the last 5 days. if the stock market crash continues, it might lose another 10-20%. That would mean a 30% decrease in the real prices in Brazil. There are other examples, unfortunately I am not a professional investor but the ones who are might get some gems in the near future.
  6. Read the Telegraph. Bulgaria has a 25% deficit, money spent on real estate among others. In the ongoing crash, the BUlgarian economy will be ravaged. If you really want to purchase in Sofia do it in 3-4 years when prices will be on the cheap. Sofia is a nice city.
  7. The financial world is burning and dogbox keeps ramping about the obscure place called Saidia...
  8. Extremely cheap? What are you talking about? If you believe Franck Knight then you probably believe in fairies and witches too...
  9. I have no idea. But the ABBe Home inspector exam is not easy. Idiots never pass it.
  10. The biggest muppet are you as you do not know what you are talking about. The "short course" is a year long course and the ABBE exam is quite thorough and difficult. Do not talk about things you have no knowledge of.
  11. I never had a negative view of Morocco. What I dislik(ed) were the prices in MOrocco which were dictated by the bubble prices in Spain. And the speculation in Morocco done by people who had never been there.
  12. There is a clear explanaiton: credit is crunching. Easy money is not available anymore and many need to reconsider their position on buying overseas. Also the mortgages for Moroccan properties are on the rise as the ECB rate goes higher and higher. I agree that Morocco might become a good investment in the not so distant future. The Spanish coasts are becoming rubbish...
  13. It is a difference between "has made" and "will make". But I guess is too subtle for people like you.
  14. Prices in Croatia have already climbed the 100%-150%.
  15. I gained 600% percent in Romania. But I know the country very well whereas you do not have a clue about it. So stop advising people when you do not anything about anything. You invested in Brasov thinking that it is commuting distance from Bucharest. This says everything about your profound ignorance. Now there is no way to gain 40% in Romania, prices have been aligned to the EU.
  16. Yeah, right? Your frienmd from BUcharest told you so? The one who commutes to Brasov? Wake up!!
  17. But the Brits might buy the speculated properties, aren't they? As they did everywhere in the world recently? Or the MEW runs dry?
  18. Sorry, you just gave the definition of being a loser!
  19. The same thing is happening to others who bought in: - Cyprus - USA - Italy - Greece, etc, etc The problem is that the money lost is repayed by the FTB in UK who have to buy the overpriced apartment/house from stupid "investors" who lost their shirt abroad...
  20. This is good news, I need to buy 2 used cars in the next 3 months.
  21. Nitrode sounds like a 10 year old, teenagers do not have money to buy abroad...
  22. You can add: - International HOrizons - International Property Link - La Luz and many, many others.
  23. They are a business, they want to make money not to create money for their costumers.
  24. Is this guy Soup Dragon actually Warren Buffet? If not, who cares if he pulls in or out of Saidia or any other place. It is quite sad that fools like Dogbox managed to drag people into investing in unknown places and now they probably lough their way to the bank...
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