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  1. There are many others sites which sell properties, they are easy to find. You tell me to do my homework? I was buying and selling properties in Romania when you did not have any idea that Romania existed. I am sure you still do not have much idea of what is happening around you over there and try to steal money from people who are lured by your so-called "experience". Anyway, I am sure you will not find many customers with this kind of atitude so I advise you to learn a lesson or two from your ex-professional friend and change your career.
  2. I told you have serious problems. Why would a foreigner pay you to find a property for him/her when they can buy directly from the developer, without paying your fee? If you were a bit smarter and/or with some knowledge of romanian language, you could have seen that the site I pointed out does not sell properties but just advertizes them. You do the same but then ask money for "finding" the properties. So you are more or less stealing people's money to find the same things which can be obtained for free. Other good sites for romanian property: http://www.imobiliare.ro/ http://www.anunturiimobiliare.ro/
  3. Sorry to say, but you really have big problems. What is to tolerate? I was just saying that the politicians in Romania wrecked the country after 1989. Young people did not and do not have a chance in their own country, unless they are connected to people in power or, very few, lucky. This is why they leave the country. The ones which would really be important for the country (doctors, professors,lawyers, engineers) manage to find jobs abroad and never go back. The ones that go abroad to collect strawberries or contruction workers might go back, but they are not so important for the progress of the country because they cannot contribute to creating a better younger generation. Even they do not tend to want to go back as I have recently red in newpapers (I am not sure if you speak romanian so this might be relevant to you)). What was racistic about this??? Holocaust you say? The only thing I could have been mysoginistic about is about your prostitute friend and this is just because I know the attitude of men towards women in Romania, especially if they know that the respective woman sold her body before. One last thing: for people interested in purchasing in Romania, you can go to www.ansamblurirezidentiale.ro It is (mainly) in Romanian but some information is also in English. You can access a big number of off-plan properties. You can contact directly the constructor/promoter and I am sure som,ebody from their comopanies will speak English.
  4. I cannot hate Romania because one cannot hate his/her mother country. I love the country but I hate the politicians and the people who cannot adjust to the new post-comunist order or take advantage by becoming crooks. I can tell you that almost nobody who left for university or for PhD abroad returned to that country. There is no incentive to do that. My mother is full professor at university and she gets 800 Pounds in hand after 43 years of work. Somebody who starts the career can get 150 Pounds. Can you live with those money in Romania? I guess not. Anyway, if you are Romanian it means that you are blind and do not see the disaster which surrounds you. If you are not Romanian than you are just naive and cannot understand the disaster which surrounds you.
  5. No, I am not interested in buying anymore on the Costas. I have been twice this year (with work, not holiday) and I hated it. Crowded, lots of drunks. The only I might be interested in opurchasing in Spain is in the Pirinei mountains or in Fuerteventura. But not in the next 20 years (unless the crash happens).
  6. Shit man, even when things are crashing you still have the bull point of view. Some people really are blind.
  7. OK, if a hooker can become branch manager, than things are good. I always knew that the good sex can get you far in Romania. On the other hand, only losers return to Romania. Everybody I know managed to get a well paid position somewhere in Western Europe, canada or USA.
  8. How can you compare Panama and Dominican Republic??? Panama is a democratic country where the property right is recognised. Dominican Republic is not such a country. The Americans retirees move to Panama and not to Dominican Republic. People that bought in Dominican Republic are tryong to dump their properties as they are losing value. The ones in Panama will still be OK. I forgot to ask, do you actually know where Panama and Dominican Republic are located and what political regimes they have?? I am sure you have no idea.
  9. Is this is a joke?? The prices in Florida are 50% down for prime location. In Dominican Republic the discount should be at least 60% in order to be worth thinking about. I got some offer in Turks and Caicos for 70% reduction as compared to the 2005 prices... Do these guys follow the evolution of real estate prices????
  10. This is totally WRONG!! Young Romanians,Poles and Bulgarians feel excluded from their societies by the crooks who managed to grab the power. They do not have any intention of going back. Maybe the lower skilled categories yes, but not the people with a college degree, they run and never look back. And, at least in Romania, the lower skilled categories who go back, build housesd by themselves and not purchase from speculators.
  11. I more or less agree with you. Point 1) Everybody is aware that the crooks run the country. But you know what, many enjoy this... To be a crook in Romania is received as a sign of being smart. Point 2) Depends where. In Transilvania the ownership is much more secure than in the Muntenia or Moldova. Banat and Transilvania are about 20 years ahead as compared ot the rest of the country. Point 3) + 4) I agree. The only problem is that your professionals (who are still being unfortunate to live in Romania and try to succeed there) need to buy apartments now for theimselves and families. They need to pay the current overinflated prices. There is no reason to purchase asa foreigner in Romania, only if someone wants to actually live in Romania (which is OK-ish if you have a Western Europe salary). Point 8) Everybody who is smart and not lazy and not scared of unknown left the country or is leaving the country now. The mediocre people (and the crooks discussed above) will become the elite in Romania.
  12. Only people who cannot make it in Spain are returning to Romania. I did not say that Romanian is a land of thieves. But the people in power are thieves. I have a question: why isn't Valea Oltului being developed? I think that the region around calimanesti is among the best I have ever been to (mountains, river, thermal waters, fresh air). About my investment in Romania, I made them long ago so they are 8 to 10 times more now than when I bought them (also considering that I bought in dollar and now everything sells in Euro). My point is that I am not sure if an apartment at 30 km from Piata Univestitatii (like many are sold nowadays) is such a good investment. How is somebody going to make it to work in time?
  13. Unfortunately for you, I read daily many newspapers from Romania and I know the disaster over there. 3 milion people left after EU opened the border in 2002. besides, all the capable persons think of leaving the corrupted country. If you do not know the right persons, it is impossible to succeed in Romania. In what concerns the property, the prices are artificially high such that the thieves can squeeze the last drop. I have invested there, I made some money and I am still making money with my properties. Nevertheless, I really do not see any reason why people would "invest" in Romania except maybe land. Romania is ruled by bandits and liers, until some more honest people come to power, there is no hope. Toate cele bune.
  14. This is one of funniest posts on this site. Sounds like Ceausescu's propaganda. If you do not have time to offer details, why bother??
  15. So you have your money blocked in Bulgaria. You know the saying: to make one mistake is humanly, to make 2 mistakes is stupid. To make 7 mistakes is...
  16. Man, you really are a piece of work. All your investments are the crap of the crap. You buy things without having any idea about the $hit you are getting into. I hope you will be taught a hard lesson.
  17. The prices in Romania are way overstretched. The highway is 10 year away. There are more than enough decent places to rent in Brasov. Why don't you buy some land and build your own house in Bran or Paraul Rece areas? You can still find land with utilities for under 50 Euros/m^2.
  18. This is what the financial advisors are paid for. Go talk to one. Many uninformed have lost £200K in unwise investments. Do not jump into overseas investments before you have a clear picture. I would say you would better invest in cities around you, after doing your homework.
  19. This is incredible logic!!! Congratulations.
  20. How come you manage to meet all the idiots in this world??
  21. So what's problem? I was just refering to some remarks about Sardinia in August, which is best avoided. Capisci?
  22. There are enough ignorant people in the world. Well informed people will always know where to go in holidays.
  23. You took a stupid holiday in a bad place and paid an idiot price. Do you want us to congratulate you? Do your research before booking holidays, everybody and his dog knows that Sardinia has overcrowded beaches and that August is packed with italian holidaymakers.
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