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  1. It's going to be hard for anyone to give you specific advice. Consider talking to the EA handling the £136k house, if you're lucky they will be an older, experienced and pragmatic person instead of an office boy. If so, and you tell them you're thinking about listing your house and want to actually sell it, they might give you some good info on the micro-market that is your street.

    As for getting two mortgages ... it would go well, or badly depending on what happens to your job and/or the housing market. You're the only person who knows your circumstances and risk preferences...

    I called some EA and they told me that £115K would be a price to get attention. So I think I am putting it at £110K and maybe somebody will take it from my back! :)

  2. About two years ago we moved from Liverpool to Wirral for reasons of better schools for our children.

    We have a house in Liverpool which we could not sold and rented it to some friends and we are renting in Wirral.

    Now, I am thinking of selling the Liverpool house and buying in Wirral.

    The cheapest house identical to mine on my street in Liverpool is on sale for £136K now. On the other hand, two houses were sold at auction last year for £110K each.

    On zoopla the price is about 130K which of course is stupid.

    Do you think a £115K price would attract some interest without much haggling? I paid £120K for it in 2005 when it was new.

    Then, should I start looking for properties in Wirral only after selling the Liverpool property? In principle I could easily afford to cover two mortgages and pay a 25% deposit for the Wirral house, but I would prefer not to do so.

    Thank you for the advice.

  3. Just having a look at some Spanish/french houses.

    Not seen many drops over the last year. Today though, here is a good example of the desperation I am starting to notice:


    "€99,000 3 bedroom house for sale"

    25 January 2010 13:09:17

    * Detailed Description found: PRICE REDUCED FOR A QUICK SALE . . . . VIEWING HIGHLY RECOMMENDED This attractive townhouse is ready for you to move into. With a light & airy lounge dining room that leads to a fully fitted open plan...

    25 January 2010 13:09:02

    * Price changed: from '€166,000' to '€99,000'

    05 March 2008 14:58:20

    * Price found: €166,000

    That's a healthy drop and now makes something like this:


    unsellable at that price.

    I'm so glad I'm not the CountOfCrappySpanishUrbanization


    Just shows, you cant keep a bubble inflated for ever

    That is not Spain.

    That is Villamartin i.e. a ghetto subregion of the ghetto area called Torrevieja or Orihuela Costa.

    Also known "the place where British chavs got burned by "A place in the Sun"!"

  4. Telling them what? The government is blowing their money on stuff we don't need? I think they;d just say something like 'well, duuurgh, tell me something I don't know'.

    Big deal. If my aunt had knackers she'd be my uncle.

    I used to clean the bogs at Birmingham University. Now I serve the teas at Rolls Royce. Is my opinion valid now?


    Aaaah yes, the losers like me. With a fairly secure permanent job (as secure as they get anyway), doing some nice work, it has to be said. As opposed to a loser like you moaning because I'd like to stop giving you my money.

    Glad we cleared that one up.:)

    Of course. I think the LHC is fundamentally useless therfore I'm a religous fundamentalist. I see. What a master debater you are. Flawless logic, which can only be commended fine sir.

    Quite late to come, but your postings really are the most stupid I have read in 2009.


  5. You think wrongly my friend. I've worked in public and private sector science. The public sector lot are by and large a bunch of wasters with overly high opinions of themselves and their work. You don't get creative by having £bns thrown at you. Innovation hangs on a shoe string budget, believe me.

    OK, so you are one of those "sour grapes" rejects. The world is filled with losers like you.

  6. :lol:

    I seem to have inadvertantly stepped into an academic circle jerk.

    I'll be labelled a 'denier' next for questioning the value of multi £Bn vanity projects financed out of my pocket.

    The taxpayer ain't paying anymore so you're all spitting your dummies, claiming that smashing protons into each other is, like, weally, weally important. Carry on, it's hilarious

    OK, then be happy that they are using your taxes for supporting teenager alcoholic mums. And tax cheaters who are now spending their Christmas on your money.

  7. Depressingly predictable responses. I wish there was a big fat 'yawwwwn' smiley. someone advocates stealing my money to spend on nonsense and accuses ME of goosestepping. Now THAT'S irony folks.

    Physicists are such vain gits. Ooohh look at me I'm revealing the fundamental structure of the universe. Yeah, whatever. Good for you. Do it with your own cash if it means so much to you. I'll just sit here, reading good books, listening to interesting people and contemplating. Whilst you fanny about spunking my cash away and pretending you're doing something useful.

    Was anybody in your family abused by a physicist? Or are you just a retarded lad?

  8. OK, it has been 1 year since the Morocco topic was discussed here.

    And about 3 years since dogbox dissapeared.

    What's new in Morocco? If I were to decide to have a holiday in Summer 2010 in Morocco, which new resorts are going to be opened by then? Which one should be advisable to choose?

    Is there any of the Kings resorts open yet?

  9. Thanks for that Redwine. I just found the story in English:


    I know this developer and have been in contact - I have been asking about Murdeira Beach + the Nikki Beach Hotel resort on Sao Vincente at Fortim Mindelo - which I was told has been sold 100%. I visited the site 2 years ago.

    Very interesting and I think I will "wait and watch". I do take on what another poster said about the Canaries - but frankly I find them pretty awful - black sand does not appeal to me at all and the streets of Murphys Bars et al are awful.

    Go to Costa Calma on Fuerteventura. You won't see many Brits over there and the beach is gorgeous.

    For Cape Verde, the best place for informaiton is


  10. Amazingly enough, there are allegedly signs that big price falls in the property market in Spain has stopped. Well according to the following that is (obviously a VI, but he quotes government figures):

    Mark Stucklin is not VI. He has the most honest reports on Spanish properties you can find on the internet.

  11. Oh, and another thing that comes to mind, is trust me, after a while, physically your mouth (NOT to forget your mind) will get fed up of trying to speak another language which is NOT your own 100% of the time (again, it's a MAJOR uphill struggle to command any 2nd language to anywhere near the command of your own native tongue - trust me, I know, I speak 4 and none of them can match my English because I haven't spent my lifetime learning the others).

    I really enjoy more speaking in English than in my native language. I also enjoy more speaking italian (when in Italy) than my native language.

    For some reason I do not fully understand I hate speaking in French (I did not like my French teacher at school).

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