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  1. Your pension is no longer an annuity, it is your house......millions will need it later in life to live on, to draw it down.
  2. Why does he always say what he thinks we want to hear, or say how he would wish things are, that clearly it is not how they are?........ can even then convince himself It is true if says it enough times......
  3. Just to put things into perspective, how long is: One million in seconds in time....12 days One billion in seconds in time...31.69 years One trillion in seconds in time...31,688 years https://semaths.com/how-long-is-a-billion-seconds
  4. Lots of money has been created, billions of it.....it has to find a home, spent on homes homes go up, spent on bitcoins bitcoins go up, spent on gold the price of gold goes up.....etc.
  5. A snapshot in time......not important unless planning on selling.
  6. Some will rent when young, others will rent when old......living in a care home is renting, renting the space and renting the care......nobody is immune to renting or will avoid renting....... long-term or short-term.....a holiday in a hotel is renting.
  7. The greater the supply of money, the more the demand for money. The greater the supply of profit, the more the demand for profit. The greater the size of housing, the more the demand for size of housing. The more there is, the more that is wanted.
  8. I have been vaccinated twice, my choice completely.....I respect those that wish not to be vaccinated to uphold their liberty and freedom of choice, I will and am happy to mix with them, I do not want any medical intervention to be compulsory.......if a person's freedom and rights are to be violated they should walk away from the situation they find themselves in......
  9. Coming into a lot of money is not all sweetness and light, it is a burden as much as a joy.....very few will be able to manage it without paid outside help that, it is a responsibility and can if not careful change personalities.....if already have enough, it will not provide improved continued happiness, only instant gratification.....the chances are if extravagant it will not take long for it to be gone.....if have too much of a supply of something sometimes it is not as respected.
  10. Is this correct?......have enough money can purchase privilege. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/5d48120a-3f25-11ec-b903-910fd4392181?shareToken=185f5c7b3a21e496b4edfc8bfe98e4d2
  11. Not that confident re M&S........food mainly ready made or ready prepared and expensive for the size of portions, full of plastic packaging sometimes more than one layer of plastic, too much plastic......clothes still expensive for what is offered.......as I understand it they still own the freehold on their shops.....will they sub let any of the old big Debenham department stores they purchase rent space to other brands?......
  12. That is what it is......renting, paying years of rent upfront...... deprecation + service charges ÷ years spent living in it = rent pa.......plus any future cost required to extend the the lease.
  13. Take back control is all fair and dandy if you trust those in control and will benefit from those in control.......checks and balance.
  14. I believe there has been lots of Chinese investment in many countries throughout the world....... wasn't that long ago when travel outside of China was very difficult, now the world is their oyster.
  15. Don't blame the players, blame the system........ create the policies, get the behaviours.
  16. Would not central banks own digital currency be a threat to the existing digital coins?
  17. Wealthy and educated people in competition with those not so wealthy or educated for the better paid professional jobs and nice houses to purchase.......quite a different dynamic to the low paid European renters driving down the low paid jobs.
  18. For sure the interest rate or the cost of borrowing will be higher to reflect the 'riskier debt'......risky means lower monthly payments over a longer term for a higher price......customer for life.
  19. Is it not already happening to a degree.......I would like to think something would be done to discourage it, won't hold my breath though.
  20. What is a riskier mortgage?........one that is interest only or part and part to run indefinitely, one generation to the next, leave your house and the debt still attached to it to your next of kin.
  21. Can anyone with global money buy property here? For their own use and investment in capital growth or to rent out for an income and capital growth? Now we are doing deals with the rest of the world, it might be part of the deal clincher, money is money after all.
  22. .....nobody has to pay the high prices some places ask for, not as if would miss out on anything, but can't blame them for asking though......freedom of choice. Can buy a pizza for £6 in central London, sometimes in places the most creative, young and interesting people visit...icco. Has nobody considered that some places it is not only the high prices that put some off it is some of the types that frequent those places......there is something for everyone.....a customer with money to spend will always be a customer, so therefore will be catered for.
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