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  1. As much sleaze about as there is inflation.
  2. ....they don't all buy houses with wage income......they buy with many sources of income.....many buying today are not working in the UK paying UK taxes......many do not work period. Wages have little to do with house price rises....cost of debt , the length and even size of deposit has a greater impact. A builder will not build unless they can make a profit or get government securities such as help to buy, shared ownership or any other invented schemes to help sell at a higher price....cake today.
  3. Inflation will be a good excuse to raise prices and gain from the momentum, 'had to do it inflation innit'.......on top of the government's hope that wages will increase to compensate.......a vicious circle, one feeding the other, many will be left behind, wealth inequality will increase, winners and losers.......at the end of the day it will boil down to how better off or worse off the majority will feel, how secure and safe they feel, including health and housing security.
  4. https://www.business-live.co.uk/retail-consumer/bournemouth-debenhams-replaced-bobbys-department-20568962
  5. Yes they do but they don't have to pay high rents..... knowledge and contacts will tell you that.
  6. The lesson is everything can rise.....Mortgage/loan/credit rates can still rise, inflation in lending costs...... doesn't require BofE intervention.....
  7. Nothing is going to be easy, but there are plenty that want the same thing so strength in numbers.....some might donate help such as their advice and expertise. Look to other countries how do they do things.....there are many different ways to provide housing, different housing concepts...... something has got to change.
  8. Inflation of homes have been out of control for years.....no change there, what do people require apart form housing, food, water and fuel.....then maybe communication........much of what we buy Is discretionary not necessary, nobody has to eat out, buy plastic tat or costly clothes...... inflation will affect business before it will affect the consumer. It will affect those that are in power that do not contain it.
  9. The macro environment is terrible for younger workers, they should make better choices........not cough up paying what is asked......they need to work together to cut the rentier out of the prosperity they create, not give it away to them.
  10. Who in their right mind will rent in any place if not being paid enough to live in the place where working.......do the math. The rents don't have to rise, plenty paying affordable rents, a good tenant is worth far more than more rent money....not all landlords are in it for the money, sheer greed.........there are as many bad tenants as greedy landlords.
  11. Agree.... the common man benefited form being part of a team a greater entity.......most SMEs would benefit from rejoining......young people most certainly will, more freedom, better choices. It is the future that has lost what the recent past gained from being a member of the EU...
  12. My car battery went flat had to get a bump start to get it home....it took most of the afternoon to recharge it, what a performance, could have done without that....buy a new battery on the shopping list.
  13. Don't need land just make one house into four......four lots of CT.
  14. Is that all the sh*t they voted to discharge raw into our rivers and waterways.......about says it all, you couldn't make it up.
  15. The most depressing thing is living surrounded by grey and black.......would make anyone feel depressed, grey enough outside......very SAD.
  16. Immigrants into the country, know too well that they need to do better with their studies than the locals, they have to study harder and work harder to have the same opportunities......many women will work full-time to pay for their children's education and extra out of school top-up lessons and they expect them to do well.....
  17. Can buy strong bread flour 1.5 kg for around 60p.....will easily make two large loaves.....flour + water = bread + fuel to cook. Four loaves fit in a large oven 180°c to 220°c for 30 mins.....50p a loaf = real deflation.
  18. Can buy new build or lease hold or property with issues.......other than that very little on the market, anything worth having often it is sold via word of mouth, friend of a friend......never openly marketed....all anecdotal of course.
  19. Dido has done rather well out of it......money made from misery.
  20. The port around Calais is now very secure, no more jumping on lorries, making travel by boat from the whole coast of France easier if the weather is right......they say more money is made from people trafficking than drugs.....people come here because they speak the language, there are communities here or they know people here, many do not want benefits they 'know' people who will help them to begin with,....... officially they can not work rightly or wrongly, the home office can take years to process them...many will come from countries where the west has been involved in wars, where their country is no longer safe to live, their homes destroyed or they are persecuted, some might be coming to work in the black market to support family, many so called 'students' have been doing that for years, they come by plane.....most other European countries take many more asylum seekers than we do, some prefer to live in other European countries and have done very well there......people since man has been living on the earth have travelled to many different countries, can't stop that, being an asylum seeker is not illegal.....most want to work in a safe welcoming environment, start a new life. Brexit has not helped, it has made it easier for migrants...... possibly because of the breakdown of relationships with the EU.....not having access to immigration information....not able to return without internal knowledge the EU share amongst themselves........the best way to overcome this is talking and negotiation with the EU and finding who the traffickers are and reducing it.....no trafficking = less ability to travel.....big money to be made from people that want something and can borrow to pay for it......
  21. Nothing wrong with living in relatives homes, can work out really well in expensive cities.......but important to pay your way, give rent to family not a landlord charging excessive rents.....loads of kids/adults have their own loft space dens or separate extension or garden log cabins......very popular to have a separate living area can be used for granny to live in..... or week day rental to a city worker requiring a bed for a few nights a week for them to travel home to own family home in a leafy affordable home in the country or airbb it.........nothing ever lasts forever.
  22. Wages including other in work benefits Inc bonuses, pensions,sick and holiday pay, overtime etc have not kept up with inflation, many now are expected to work excess hours for free, some are emailed about work in their own time...... deflation of interest rates paid for debt, and a push to forever lend more money into the economy has seen there is more debt outstanding than real growth and prosperity......one minute we are in austerity the next spend,spend,spend.........kicking the debt down the road to the next generation. Once most did not go to university, now most have that debt at high interest to pay on top of everything else......many will never repay it.........many business loans will never be repaid.
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