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  1. Where and what will you need to live in order to retire?........a low cost place, a place survivable with lower wages, but a better quality of life, a place with a temperate climate......where people look out and care for others.....where small business matters, where infastructure and communication has been invested in for the people that need it and use it......£12k pa is doable, sufficiente.
  2. The newly printed , globally created debt, has found its way all over the place..... improved living conditions and better wages happening in many places all over the world, people everywhere are using more energy, travelling further, eating better food including meat, building improved infastructure, using more of the earth's limited resources......they want what we have got, therefore we will have to share more with others, the scales are tipping, more evenly balanced.
  3. Well you know what their response will be, that they could have done all these things had it not been for CoVid......blame it on the boogie........ 'don't make promises you can't keep'.....a song there somewhere.
  4. Supermarkets and manufactures are in the business of selling as much stuff as possible at whatever price possible......shift all the cheaper stuff and bring in more at the higher price, more panic buying that prices will get even higher.......shift from HPI to GPI, goods price inflation.......houses will be jammed packed with tins and toilet paper hoarding, for those that can......targets exceeded, bonuses all round.
  5. I think I know where the government want us to go, a high inflation economy to erode away old debt, high wages so as not to have to subsidise low wages using more debt, high commodity and product prices to inflate stock prices to make profits for firms so as to pay the higher wages, higher wages so that people feel better off and spend and borrow more......high investment into automation to do away with high staff costs.....high house prices to pay for a future when less labour is required.......your house is your pension, your insurance policy, your rental income to pay for your old age rental requirements..........all ticking along nicely until a spanner is kicked into the works such as a global pandemic, a global fuel shortage, a global stock market crash, a global natural or man-made self inflicted disaster.......reset.
  6. Not saying history always repeats itself in the same way, but in the last high cost of living decade of the 70s, house price inflation was not impressive, there were other more pressing things to worry about.
  7. Many could flee because of the high cost of living...... .....and take their house price money with them. Like people moved here because their work was worth more, people will leave when it is worth less or doesn't go as far.
  8. No success without failure, no failure without success.......high risk, high reward, high risk, high chance of failure.....
  9. Can't continue to have assets hyper inflating when day to day necessities are becoming so inflated it becomes unsustainable for normal living people......people before property.
  10. Do people always know what they are have committed themselves to buying.......not all property purchase will end up being a positive, many could well regret the day they signed on the dotted line.
  11. Better than ever.....nine lives don't you know.
  12. They want to justify rising prices, making out it is the higher wages that is why we have to pay more for everything......what is the cause, what is the effect.......not all higher prices will trickle down to higher wages......lots will be getting wealthier from the higher prices.......lots will spend a lot less because of higher prices.......who will end up winning?
  13. Lol.....looks just like that interesting fella I was talking to a moment ago.......what looks like can't be judged by what thinks like......more sane than many that look very different.
  14. We are all the same but different......we are all on a journey travelling along the road of life, until like a tree where the branch of the road divides into a choice of branch to take....all places everywhere have interesting people, like they have the givers and the takers, the workers and the skivers, those that require more and those that do not need so much.... ambition is an individual choice, being productive means different things to different people, subjective.......in a world where the climate is changing, where the earth's resources are being depleted and abused, energy consumption needs to be reduced and infinite growth is completely contradictory to saving the world and nature a world we all live on and share.......like life itself, we will all have to wind down, everyone always being 100% or even 50% productive is not possible, it will be the death of us.
  15. We were given fore warning about fuel rises, don't say have not been given warning about interest rate rises.....protect yourselves.
  16. Just a thought, some would really not care what house prices did if rents fell and rent protections were enhanced.....does it always mean that property values always have to be closely aligned with rents charged, yields rock bottom? If inequality grows there will be those that will never own, more so than today, all is not lost......even now owning a property is sometimes only 'owning' in name only.........renting, lower, better protected will be better than the never completely own scenario, many have been sucked into.
  17. Forward planning.......plan ahead to see that the weather will be good, they can if they want to.....
  18. Nearly dead, why would you say that?.......becoming more alive, doing something always dreamed of doing but never had the time, always someone or something calling on it....define contributing...... ambition is not draining away when achieved your ambition........nobody says anyone is escaping a job they don't enjoy, they have found a better job that they enjoy better.......sometimes that can be in a better place.......interesting people are everywhere.
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