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  1. Yep, many more driving less, I understand car insurance premiums have plummeted, the risk is less because driving less, at lower speed limits, better fuel conservation....fewer accidents.
  2. Task, try getting a driving test anywhere in the UK......the government don't want people learning to drive else they will at least give them the ability to do so......there are no tests available, got four grand for training, two years driving experience.......I am sure there will be many who can only wish they could get or could finance a class one license.......or even get a job.
  3. Fish a red herring, small farmers and fishermen don't care for them......sme, don't care about them......those floundering can be purchased by the bigger fish for sprats.
  4. Wow, cut down milage by half then only 75p a litre........or do what many are doing get rid of a car or work local or from home...... can't do that if driving for work claim your mileage back.
  5. Create an artificial shortage and justify a price hike.......been doing it for years, won't stop now, if not one thing it will be another.
  6. By stopping freedom of movement has only prevented people who would like to leave from leaving.....those of global value, educated here and with the global skills required not withstanding.
  7. Do people think society gives individuals a social credit score based on various points such as how old, how healthy, how productive, how much money can make, how much money can borrow, how much money will spend, how much a cost to society they are, etc. Saw this term, not sure if it fits the bill entirely but certainly very interesting....... internalised capitalism. https://www.victoriasmithmurphy.com/blog/internalised-capitalism
  8. There is a lot to be said when living in a peaceful place around nature, when have openess and fresh air about you, nobody to make a call upon you, no emails, no phone calls, you could say everyday is a holiday.......wood to burn and some soil to grow. Suits some people very well, others would be petrified.
  9. Once a person say 50+ that is very skilled in the job they do, have repaid their mortgage, might have a small income from a BTL......type of jobs in short supply such as doctors, lorry drivers, nurses, builders, plumbers, etc...... can't blame them for wanting to stop selling their time to others.....wind down, maybe go part-time on their own terms or even retire completely.....they might have a lump from being a beneficiary in a will......when working full time with 25 days a year time off, getting your life back to do something never had time to do, go somewhere never had time to go, or even live somewhere could never live before because of the job that gave half a life to........once no longer working cost of living is reduced....once have enough less is required to live. Money isn't everything, in the autumn of life time can be more valuable......so important to train up the next generation to replace the previous generation..... investment into the future.
  10. Spam?........or push the boat out and enjoy a tasty plate of healthy sardines, bones full of calcium and omega 3, vid d and b12......mushed up on toast with lemon, seasoning and a blob of mayo.....yum.
  11. An Englishman's word has always been his bond..... trustworthy with integrity. That is what deals are made of.......rule of law, contract law.......
  12. Payment in art......you never know one day might be worth a fortune.
  13. £70 a week for one person is rather excessive unless eat out, take away, do not shop and cook, or spend a fair bit on drink....
  14. The reason why so many low paid jobs are not taken is because they don't pay enough to enable the employee to live in the area where people want them to work........years ago certain good employers used to bring people down to London from up North and provide accommodation as part of the job package......many never went back.
  15. Agree....three pots, easy access cash, mid term saving but with easy needs must access and long term access for later......no risk, med risk, poss low cost ISA and a tax efficient pension matched by employer if possible....put it away and forget about it, let it work for you...
  16. No not if you live there......always had to have your own health insurance if below retirement age and not working or contributing into the economy paying income tax etc..... the retired British used to have free access to health cover and medication........when we visit on holiday there is a reciprocal arrangement Ghic card that allows free access to the health service when out there temporarily......it does not cover expats health cover.
  17. No not referring to Italy, Italy sounds good very beautiful, I don't know enough about it......lots from the UK have chosen to live all over southern Europe......the Irish still can no red tape for them..... the rest if they want to be legal will have to show they have a certain income to live on and have health insurance so not to be a drain on the citizens of the country of choice.....any sick or unhealthy or with pre existing medical conditions.....it could well be costly, doubt the UK will cover if they want to return in an emergency once they no longer live here, no longer a British resident....got enough money can live almost anywhere......we prefer the young, healthy, skilled and wealthy...... therefore can't see anything wrong with other places wanting the same......that is what we voted for that is what we have got.
  18. Working from anywhere you feel comfortable.....big ole world out there, some places your money goes further......why there are people working from a boat in the Mediterranean.......nothing wrong with that.....lead by example, Marbella is very doable, practicing what they preach.
  19. One might provide the house, another the income....pool resources.
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