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  1. Why you pointing out or singling out a certain demographic......all people want the same things.....35 years is good but doesn't guarantee you anything, just means have paid in for 35 years rather than 42 years.....
  2. I don't know but not as many as one in two........of course the longer someone lives the higher the risk, the risk is lower if see will nurture mind,body and spirit......exercise the mind, body and spirit.....quality never quantity.
  3. Questions to ask is, why selling? what buying? where buying? how much planning to spend?....why asking so much? Most sellers will have to first sell or have a viable offer before they are in a position to offer on a new place.....if asking too much they might find the property they are interested is has sold and similar either unavailable or more expensive if in a place that is at the moment going somewhere.......a place and a time and a price for everything.
  4. The joke is on the one that buys it.......you borrowed how much? As soon as easy borrowed money becomes scarce and more costly there will be fewer potential purchasers that will buy, nobody is going to use their own money to buy it......and the lenders don't want to be left holding it. There are lots of places now where the property effectively is not for sale.....there are many nicer places where it still is.
  5. Some people will still get something, the fully paid up in years of NI, the issue is when or at what age and what will they get, how much, what will it purchase or what real value will it be in spending power by the time it is collected....if still alive at a certain age they could be as you say be 'entitled' or have the right to something.
  6. I agree with your points......what we do as a country will have little impact because we import so much pollution created by others for us to use, using carbon to get it here, we don't even recycle effectively enough including recycling for energy use,we export a large amount of our rubbish......far too much plastic is still everywhere much of which we have made, used once and has been found in deep seas throughout the globe and we still keep producing it.....the plastic age. If we are really serious about cutting down on co2 emission we need targets to reduce growth or GDP not increase it.
  7. I didn't sign any contract, no verbal contract......thousands had the impression they would get a payment from the taxes they paid at a certain age, they didn't, so why should anyone expect they will get something at another age sometime in the future.....hope for the best, expect the worst.
  8. Only wish it were true, but the reality is there is no entitlement......nothing is guaranteed until collected, that will be quite a few years into the future......who knows where we will be then.
  9. Why are our infection rates still so high given all the good work we have done compared with other nations......is this a good reason for phama to want a six monthly gab?.........who has if anyone has, got a vested interest and why?
  10. Take it how you see it yourself.......not all about numbers is it now........winter for some, might be a place where life is no longer recognisable.......
  11. Good four score years plus ten = 90 .......spring = 22.5 sumer = 45 autumn = 67.5 winter = 90 give or take a fiver.
  12. Yep, many more driving less, I understand car insurance premiums have plummeted, the risk is less because driving less, at lower speed limits, better fuel conservation....fewer accidents.
  13. Task, try getting a driving test anywhere in the UK......the government don't want people learning to drive else they will at least give them the ability to do so......there are no tests available, got four grand for training, two years driving experience.......I am sure there will be many who can only wish they could get or could finance a class one license.......or even get a job.
  14. Fish a red herring, small farmers and fishermen don't care for them......sme, don't care about them......those floundering can be purchased by the bigger fish for sprats.
  15. Wow, cut down milage by half then only 75p a litre........or do what many are doing get rid of a car or work local or from home...... can't do that if driving for work claim your mileage back.
  16. Create an artificial shortage and justify a price hike.......been doing it for years, won't stop now, if not one thing it will be another.
  17. By stopping freedom of movement has only prevented people who would like to leave from leaving.....those of global value, educated here and with the global skills required not withstanding.
  18. Do people think society gives individuals a social credit score based on various points such as how old, how healthy, how productive, how much money can make, how much money can borrow, how much money will spend, how much a cost to society they are, etc. Saw this term, not sure if it fits the bill entirely but certainly very interesting....... internalised capitalism. https://www.victoriasmithmurphy.com/blog/internalised-capitalism
  19. There is a lot to be said when living in a peaceful place around nature, when have openess and fresh air about you, nobody to make a call upon you, no emails, no phone calls, you could say everyday is a holiday.......wood to burn and some soil to grow. Suits some people very well, others would be petrified.
  20. Once a person say 50+ that is very skilled in the job they do, have repaid their mortgage, might have a small income from a BTL......type of jobs in short supply such as doctors, lorry drivers, nurses, builders, plumbers, etc...... can't blame them for wanting to stop selling their time to others.....wind down, maybe go part-time on their own terms or even retire completely.....they might have a lump from being a beneficiary in a will......when working full time with 25 days a year time off, getting your life back to do something never had time to do, go somewhere never had time to go, or even live somewhere could never live before because of the job that gave half a life to........once no longer working cost of living is reduced....once have enough less is required to live. Money isn't everything, in the autumn of life time can be more valuable......so important to train up the next generation to replace the previous generation..... investment into the future.
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