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  1. Agree......may not agree with the anti Vax but I agree with their freedom to choose.....
  2. .....there are the exceptions, the generally younger that know or think they have already been infected so may or may not be immunity protected, even natural immunity fades and new variants evolve......those older who imo are taking higher risks with their health would be foolish to mix socially amongst all age groups without protecting themselves........and of course there is long CoVid....a higher unwanted risk in itself......most people do not want to be vaccinated, they weigh up the risks of not being vaccinated......the probability of consequences of action v no action.
  3. Should not be compulsory, the best advice is to have the vaccine.....bully boy tactics do not work. Most people want to preserve their life, that is why many rightly or wrongly imo choose not to be vaccinated, therefore they are if anything more cautious around others, than those that now act normally who have been vaccinated and mix inside in unventilated crowded spaces......the unvaccinated are more likely to wear face coverings and test themselves more regularly, more likely to avoid higher risk infection areas, they do not want to die.........what will more likely be more effective in changing their mind is a. time and b. more social restrictions for the unvaccinated, when they do decide they want to travel, go to theatres etc.......then it will be their decision to be vaccinated, their choice, not under the state's order, to control them......
  4. ........not forgetting the higher the inflation the more taxes that are collected.
  5. Sales volume by local authority tells you two things......more second, holiday, abnbs and or more leaving towns and cities and moving to larger, more countryside areas/market towns open spaces with less traffic congestion......buying much more for the same or less.......links in with more working from home and large numbers retiring or retiring from main occupation looking to do less differently for more job satisfaction and quality of life....
  6. The right to repair white goods and other electronics......the right to replace batteries and failed internal components, PAC test for safety......save money, help save wasted energy and the planet...waste not want not.
  7. Congrats, hope all goes well and you have many contented years spent in your new home....... everything is available out there to kit a home out, very often pre loved or used is of a better quality for free or a fraction of the price of new, that will make your house a comfortable original home....happy hunting and recycling.
  8. That price rise is shocking.....I don't think many are actually that aware of what is about to hit them, very few have solar panels or heat pumps or even effective insulation........ever more people in the future will be looking much closer at both food and fuel prices and cutting their cloth accordingly......we as a nation are getting poorer, that is the reality ATM.
  9. The worst types are the middle management people who felt they had power and thought themselves very important in their job......retire and still think they are important....it is hard for some to give up their reason for being, their importance, their value and sometimes control......to retire to become a nobody.
  10. Not as uncommon as people think......the issue is more they have started a pension and have put into it say a flat £20 to £50 a month.....ask them if they have a pension they will say sure they have. The more important thing is being healthy enough to enjoy it, or have sufficient time to spend it.......for many pensions die with the pensioner.
  11. As much sleaze about as there is inflation.
  12. ....they don't all buy houses with wage income......they buy with many sources of income.....many buying today are not working in the UK paying UK taxes......many do not work period. Wages have little to do with house price rises....cost of debt , the length and even size of deposit has a greater impact. A builder will not build unless they can make a profit or get government securities such as help to buy, shared ownership or any other invented schemes to help sell at a higher price....cake today.
  13. Inflation will be a good excuse to raise prices and gain from the momentum, 'had to do it inflation innit'.......on top of the government's hope that wages will increase to compensate.......a vicious circle, one feeding the other, many will be left behind, wealth inequality will increase, winners and losers.......at the end of the day it will boil down to how better off or worse off the majority will feel, how secure and safe they feel, including health and housing security.
  14. https://www.business-live.co.uk/retail-consumer/bournemouth-debenhams-replaced-bobbys-department-20568962
  15. Yes they do but they don't have to pay high rents..... knowledge and contacts will tell you that.
  16. The lesson is everything can rise.....Mortgage/loan/credit rates can still rise, inflation in lending costs...... doesn't require BofE intervention.....
  17. Nothing is going to be easy, but there are plenty that want the same thing so strength in numbers.....some might donate help such as their advice and expertise. Look to other countries how do they do things.....there are many different ways to provide housing, different housing concepts...... something has got to change.
  18. Inflation of homes have been out of control for years.....no change there, what do people require apart form housing, food, water and fuel.....then maybe communication........much of what we buy Is discretionary not necessary, nobody has to eat out, buy plastic tat or costly clothes...... inflation will affect business before it will affect the consumer. It will affect those that are in power that do not contain it.
  19. The macro environment is terrible for younger workers, they should make better choices........not cough up paying what is asked......they need to work together to cut the rentier out of the prosperity they create, not give it away to them.
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