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  1. Everybody without exception is wearing a face covering on buses, trains, inside public places such as shops.......very low infection rates, few deaths.......masks help stop infection therefore potential death when with other people inside with poor ventilation.
  2. I would say that paying public sector pensions make up a large percentage of spending power in the economy......I wonder what the breakdown of public v private pensions is........pensioners, their pensions and their savings must make up a big and important part of the money in the economy being spent.
  3. Wise words.......now is the time where it is so important if going to buy, to buy the right property in the right place.....better not to buy anything than to buy the wrong place at the wrong price.
  4. Interesting, why do we think that is, is it because of the state of our overall health that means we are more vulnerable to catching viruses, vaccinated or not....if we have been so efficient with our vaccine rollout why is that not showing in the figures of 10k population comparison to other countries......can't say it is because of the numbers of people in a smaller land mass, because the US is a place with plenty of space.
  5. First was that wages were a lot higher in the UK......what could be earned in say London from city bonuses and people with cash to burn could go further in home country, the exchange rate good once, so worth earning pounds....other countries would more likely employ their own rather than a foreigner including the British.....there was no competitive advantage.
  6. ........there are jobs, there are roads, there are trains, there is connection......first things first..... infastructure......good infastructure at a reasonable price encourages people.......people need people, they feed from each other. People need to earn enough to live......who wants to live in a place with growing inequality, where poor areas and wealthy areas live alongside and one looks down to the other as if they have deserved what they have got......An area of deprivation and low investment, a shit life with little hope........that doesn't make for a cohesive contented society.
  7. Sorry but mobile internet connection is the pits in many places in the UK......old copper wires to a box.....what you get depends on how far from the box you live.....I am not dissing us, all am saying is it takes ages to do anything, build anything .......cross rail as an example, our energy storage capacity, the growing cost of HS2.......there are small towns in Europe with the best up to date connection......not good enough.
  8. Only have to raise it 0.1% to double the cost of borrowing.
  9. Taken is drawn, the T&C's can change until drawn....there will always be a pension it is the level of pension and how it is to be serviced and what increments added over time.
  10. Not a good time for agents if they are not selling anything.....because there is nothing to sell, nobody wants or needs to sell, or asking prices are too high to sell.
  11. But asking or even getting doesn't mean you are any better off than you were last year....
  12. It is the shrinking younger population that will be left to pick up the bill, on top of paying rent, student loans etc......what can be done to address this?.......higher taxes, higher council taxes, lower spending power state pensions to be taken later.....AFAIA no pension is guaranteed until it is taken.
  13. So you are saying people will be feeling confident until the newly created money runs out and inflation becomes more noticeable.....that is the money security confidence side of the health of our society. Another factor is how safe and secure people are feeling, mental health and wellbeing, where people are being killed doing their job, walking in the park, in homes, where people are in fear of others and what they might take from them, where trust is lost, where lies are being told and gas lighting is rife.....communities being ever more divided.........but keep being told, everything is getting better, doing their job, getting it done, leveling up, you are in control...... All is not bad, all is not yet lost.
  14. Many will, some might decide to buy their starter home somewhere in Europe where the broadband fibre investment is really fast fed straight into homes, the TV is totally internet, the road infastructure is excellent, the CT is low.....the bus and train services are of excellence value........now people can easily work from anywhere?
  15. When our main basis of the growth in the economy is property growth, jobs connected with property growth, agents, builders, bankers, furniture makers ect........surely as a nation we are rather top heavy, prehaps we should start investing more into diversity......as they say don't put all eggs in one basket, only has to drop and all eggs are broken.
  16. My question is, the fact that we have had to borrow so much money to help support people and the economy over lockdown and low growth throughout the CoVid pandemic is not a good sign, is it not telling us that the underlying strength of economy and confidence of the people is very weak at the moment?...
  17. Not forgetting when the Europeans first came over the pound bought ~143 euros....get a lot less today, rents and the cost of living here is much higher....one of the reasons why we don't want to do the low paid jobs is because we will not put up with living in a HMO for months on end...we have mortgages, rents and often families to keep.....nobody really wants the state to top up their wages, that is not taking back control.
  18. Big houses and cars are expensive, CT is always a big monthly outgoing however old you are....if debt free £20k for one person is more than enough if choose to live simply with low fixed costs...if going to travel part of the year to places where the cost of living and rent is reasonable, where money goes further and the climate means less spent on fuel to heat with.... important to keep fixed costs at home low, means juggling tinternet connection and standing charges.... don't want to be paying for what are not using. If two of you £15k each is even better. No right or wrong, different things for different people. The important thing is to know what you would like, and try to begin to put a plan together...sometimes there has to be sacrifices made to achieve something, sometimes it doesn't work out to what had planned other things got in the way....a change of plan.
  19. Fixed doesn't mean it is not portable.....check you can take it with you or transfer it to a new property without penalty.
  20. How many free market capitalists are directly or indirectly paid out of the social purse?
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