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  1. Why......nobody can take the good bits, but dismiss what they don't like........we all share one world and are interconnected and interdependent.......small world that is unbalanced, prehaps now becoming more balanced financially?
  2. Yes they don't want the pension liability, sick pay, holiday pay and other in work benefits.......gone are the days when your job was your second family, where you were a valued member of the workforce.
  3. I wear one in shops and on the bus, all around few do, not because I am scared, I could be a healthy carrier and would hate to infect another........if we carry on and the NHS can no longer cope nobody wants to go back to bubbles......is that the ulterior motive?......madness.
  4. Quite........better to sell a street load of lawnmowers than two or three that all can share and maintain.
  5. Why do people not wear masks, is it to make others both fearful of others and the virus..... therefore more might want to keep being vaccinated, good for pharma companies and shareholders?
  6. Our deaths are higher......death and infection is related when similar percentage of the population has been vaccinated. Nobody wants another lockdown.....the country can't afford more furlough. Home working is a matter of agreement between employer and employee a business case, should have little to do with the pandemic going forward. All we ask is fellow citizens wear a mask in public inside places and public transport, to show respect and concern to others.....the MPs should lead by example and show themselves wearing them, instead of directing blame to the population for being reckless and inconsiderate to others.
  7. The poor spend more of what income they have on housing, food, utilities and fuel, therefore their inflation rate is higher than others who might spend it on garden furniture and other non essential extras.
  8. Ground heat pumps work well in newbuilds with top class insulation and heated floors......it can be incorporated as part of the build when foundations laid.......if the government was honest with their intention they would insist new homes were built eco friendly......and fit in a car charging point whilst they are at it......but they are very clearly not.
  9. In recent history the next generation always became more prosperous than those before them......until now, kids from all backgrounds had the ability and opportunity to make their own way in life without parental help or so called state props and benefits.....the best thing parents can do is encourage kids to make it on their own not feeding them with financial props.....working and middle class kids had to in the past......or have we reached peak growth? We have, all of us apart from the few at the top been getting poorer whether we like it or not.... Growing mental health and anxiety and addiction will only compound the big problems that are real and growing.
  10. Smoke and mirrors. Edit to say; all anyone can do is try and change their own personal inflation, by buying things differently.
  11. ....and all adults that live in their parents home, and their parents live somewhere else in the world, always a well looked after home to come home to.
  12. .......and all the first time buyers that don't live in their first home, they live with family and rent their first time buyer property out.
  13. Not forgetting all those that were told at a certain age they would be collecting a pension but no longer can because they are not old enough yet.....3.1% of nothing is nothing.
  14. If no action is taken by tptb people will have to or will be forced to take action, by action will mean spending and borrowing less, using less fuel, working from home, not eating out, not buying so much tat, buying secondhand, sharing more, DIY, helping others with skills, doing voluntary work, even multi generational living, pooling resources, sharing cars, using more free services, travelling less or travelling to places where inflation is not as noticeable, fuel and food is cheaper...... sometimes needs must, by spending less and using less and recycling more also means doing your own bit towards climate change.......all is not lost, people can be very innovative when they want to or have to.
  15. RPI includes elements of housing costs......CPI doesn't. There are good reasons why they want to ditch it.
  16. Inflation is down because we ate out to help out to get inflation down, when all around is going up. If vat is reduced, price of course will reduce, if given two for the price of one the price will half.....is there any other ways inflation can be manipulated?
  17. Can't understand why........looks like we are throwing all our eggs into heat pumps and electric cars. I don't think it is SMART.
  18. Those types of places are built for the wealthy of the world, not for the common man......the common man has to be cleverer than those that buy sell amoungst themselves.......a fool is to think they are something they are not and try to show to others what they are not.....be proud of who you are.
  19. Is that why we are seeing so many agency staff, contract workers, locum doctors and a cap on training doctors and nurses?
  20. We are not very forward thinking......look to what other countries particularly scandanavian countries are doing and have been doing for years when they build a community of housing, or estate they also build community heating that pumps hot water into the homes via underground insulated pipes......one heater that can be a ground heat pump and each house has own meter to read usage........the homes are built with top class quality insulation as standard.
  21. divide and rule......instead of bringing people together, your neighbour is your enemy.
  22. I understand there is a shortage of vets......why are we encouraging more pets when there are not enough vets to care for them?
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