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  1. A flat I brought looked all newly decorated and freshly painted. What a shock I got the day I moved in, they had painted around their furniture. Nothing ceases to amaze me anymore. I didn't like the colour anyway.
  2. Tell me, why do you think you would have to work till you die, you have more chance of that if you work for someone else.
  3. Why no forward chain? Because the wise are moving out of property for the time being. Watch this space.
  4. Sorry TTRTR you won't get me any where near a BTL. There are better ways of making a quick buck.
  5. Do we always need to rely on others for our employment? Why can't we create our own way in life...spot an opportunity to create wealth, for ourselves and others...look out for the next thing people will pay good money for and capitalise on that. The world is your oyster, if that is what you want.
  6. Spend less and you can save without thinking about it. As they say look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.
  7. In that case it sounds like he would be better off renting if he can't change his circumstances. I am sure he must have explored all possible avenues. How many more people will this have to happen to before house prices reach realistic affordable levels?
  8. You did say it was a neighbour, wonder how Matt and Luke are these days? By the way any sales today? Anyone putting in offers? and if so how much are they knocking off?
  9. I would suggest if you can, to sort out your finances well before it reaches the point of repossession...by then you will have to take what is given. What you don't owe won't hurt you.
  10. example: House value £150,000 Existing Mortgage £50,000 Extra borrowing £40,000 New total loan = £90,000 60% Loan to Value wouldn't have thought that too risky, all things being equal, and subject to affordability, prices go up and down and all that. Keep existing mortgage running at the same term and rate, and take out the extra as a seperate loan so shouldn't be any penalty to pay.
  11. Mobile phone masts also quite worrying, does anyone have any info on them?
  12. Sorry but if he brought it for £59k he must have a relatively small mortgage, why can't he MEW? if he has not done so already to pay off his £40 debt. But don't forget to cut up those cards otherwise could be quite tempting to generate even more debt.
  13. Reminds me of the early 80's when gold coins were all the rage. You could then pop into your local bank to buy your Soverign, half Soverign or Krugerrand. If I remember correctly a full Soverign cost in the region of £50 then but prices were rising fast, not long after the prices began to drop. What year did they introduce VAT?
  14. The estate agent refuses to market it for the price I want for it. :angry:
  15. My idea of freedom is not being tied to a 25 year mortgage, especially when the growth is either stagnant or growing at a rate that would hardly cover your costs and taxes. It's enough being a slave to the people you work for but not to the mortgage provider as well.
  16. Buying now/today. Wouldn't want to be a slave, would prefer to have my freedom.
  17. Once interest rates rise as little as .25% the increase in debt repayments will then have to be passed onto the consumer.
  18. One house in the road has been SSTC to For Sale 3 times, nothing seems to be wrong with it. Maybe the prospective purchasers can't get their finance together. Another house had, For Sale and To Let on the same EA board, must be desperate to move. Remember just because a For Sale board has been removed doesn't mean the house has been sold.
  19. Plan future, mixture of old and new. Communication... access to internet, radio. Irrigated Land...to grow own food. Land will always be more valuable than bricks. Transport...motorbike/pushbike/mule/legs. To be self sufficient, able to survive without electricity/gas if necessary. Strong community/family relationships.
  20. Just because you can not spell every word correctly doesn't mean to say you are stupid. What you lack in one part of your brain, you make up for in another part. Common sense for instance. I know which one I would rather have.
  21. Not the first and certainly won't be the last. But i'm sure whoever you are you won't be advertising it. Of course all is hunky dory, could be in denial.
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