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  1. Freehold would be my first choice, but if that was unaffordable, I would go for a masionette 1st floor with garden (or shared) a loft space with the possibility to extend. Location, and parking is also important. No way would I go for a new build block, estate or studio flat. Just my personal opinion.
  2. Just a question? Should a standard bank account be free to all people whether you are in credit or not, and all basic services be free ie cheque books, cards, statements, cash machines,after all any credit balances must be used to make money from, to off set these benefits.
  3. Sub let your council house and live on the proceeds in the sun.... Only joking, but has been known.
  4. Surely a caravan or camper van would be better value for money, personally I would skip that rung of the ladder, to low for comfort.
  5. I enjoy the walk to the bathroom, the further the way the odours the better.
  6. If you are unhappy with your bank or it's charges...Close your account, and find one that does not charge for unauthorised borrowing or returned items. Your choice.
  7. What do you think? I have my own thoughts. Sorry who is that photo of? Is it someone I should know or recognise? excuse my ignorance.
  8. The U.K. is great and has done me no harm, but I have decided to opt out for a time, a time to reflect and reassess the current situation. Life is good, but far too short and I am determined to make the most of it.
  9. TTRTR, You are a wind up....Kids don't care what room they have, all they need is love. It's true you can't buy happiness... Not at todays prices.
  10. I often calculate the so called value of a row of bricks houses and have to smile to myself. Who will be the lucky one left holding the Ferrari?
  11. Sam I do feel for you, and some may shout me down but, be careful what you wish for. O.K. having a home of you own can make you feel good, but it's not your own until you have paid for it. Think of all the hours you will have to work to pay for it and maintain it. Owning your home ties you down, you can't just go off and leave it, you need to insure it, see the bills, standing utility charges and tax are paid on it. A home of your own won't make you happy, but if you are happy it might help. Hopefully, prices will come down to more realistic levels and more people can then have the choice to buy or not to buy.
  12. Sounds like a great idea, would like to do that myself, travel around europe in a motor-home for a while, would be a great experience. I have been told they keep their price quite well, can always sell on when you get home. Well until I organise myself will have to do with £44 return with easy jet, pay for accomodation in euros via internet. Make the most of it while it lasts I say.
  13. What a shame, I would love to have a local butcher to buy from, you just can't beat the personal service, and to help the local self employed. How I hate to buy my meat and veg from a supermarket. Our local shops are a dying breed, but I am prepared to travel to get quality and service and to support our small businesses.
  14. I brought in 1988, had a large deposit that I had saved, and took the commitment to buy with a fixed rate mortgage that I felt I could afford, and if the worst came to the worst could always rent out the second bedroom. This was to be my home over the longer term. Over the next few years property slumped and interest rates rocketed. I held tight as I could afford to. Many handed their keys back to the banks and building societys as they fell into negitive equity and ran,(bet some regret that now). Over time you can ride out any storm
  15. Tax your wages Tax your car Council Tax Fuel Tax Fag Tax VAT and more 48% of your wages go towards tax, all well and good if spent responsibly to the benefit of the majority. Taxes are important and I am happy to pay them. But do you really want my blood group, DNA, finger print and inside leg measurement? Of course only the guilty should worry. Watch out you are on candit camera
  16. I would recommend ( don't take my word for it) if you can afford a second home, don't buy it in the uk. Less taxes and better value for money outside. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket.
  17. You pay your money you take your choice
  18. Recon its worth at least £20k to the right buyer!
  19. Quite right Barnet is suburbia very residential. Not your Islington, Camden Kensington culture. Why try to sell it as such? Trying to sell it at the same prices, some hope. In your dreams.
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