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  1. In Victorian days people's labour was cheap, more people requiring work meaning hard work was devalued, also little money about, they didn't print it and lend it and create it out of thin air then........

    Today there is lots of money sloshing about in the economy.......not enough places to store it, an excess indeed.

    Demographics top heavy, people therefore can do less for themselves, they require help.......help is expensive, hope they have enough to afford it.......people need to earn enough to live.

    Old money being devalued fast, new money the value of what is less......need more of it to get the same use out of it......so as to make even more, the winners are the ones who can get hold of it first and spend it the fastest before it loses value.......;)

  2. 32 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    It's stupid and I've long said that it will reverse.  There is no long term equilibrium scenario in which it makes sense for almost everything consumed in Britain to be made in China and shipped half way round the world.

    It either reverses because Climate Change and Peak Oil make the shipping untenable, or it changes because China soak up the entire world's wealth and no-one can afford to buy from them anymore.  But it has to change.

    By the time I (mid 40s) am an old man I shall be buying slippers and flat caps Made in England once again.

    New Eco Ships....... someone had to do it, kudos to them.;)


  3. 19 hours ago, Riedquat said:

    TOTAL consumption per head will drop, but that can still be the case even if it permits an increase at the bottom and decrease at the top. And in the situation where inequality is as high as it is I'd call that a net improvement.

    Now presumably there's an optimum point in there somewhere - there has to be. Carry on improving the bottom and you end up with everyone the same, communism tried that and was rather a failure, but keep arguing in your direction without recognising a balance and you have to end up advocating slavery.

    It's not just lorry drivers. Overall it's quite a bit of upward wage pressure for a large proportion of low-paid workers. Why won't that outpace the price growth and overall leave them better off? With fewer workers available the rich can't just say "well we'll kick you out then and drag in someone cheaper." The place that has to take the hit is the rich in that environment.

    Few jobs, lots of workers, rich gain.

    Lots of jobs, few workers, poor gain.

    Not hard to see why the wealthy love globalisation and automation. The odd thing is why anyone else sees anything worthwhile in them, at least in an economy large enough to theoretically supply a reasonably comfortable lifestyle for all. It's the big difference between now and the start of the Industrial Revolution, for all people keep trying to point to that to justify doing the same thing now - solving yesterday's problems.

    A good thing....consumption is too high, if we want to reduce carbon omissions we need to consume less.......existing wealthy people who consume more per capita than those that do not have the funds to, but most certainly would do if they could, require others to labour for them so that their wealth can increase further.....spending more time doing money making work and less time on cleaning, cooking and shopping, mending, caring......why would anyone now in this day and age choose to do that, working for low pay in under valued jobs that does not pay the rent and bills when they could be doing something else far more satisfying and worthwhile......times have changed, other peoples work is a valuable commodity.....not cheap labour, so pay them a living wage or do it yourself.;)    

  4. 19 hours ago, shlomo said:

    Higher food prices will not affect the rich as they have so much money, people will actually respect them more, the rich have a higher status in an unequal society, one of the main advantages of being rich is people want to be you, and is not imitation the sincerest form of flattery 

    Correct, one person can only eat so much.....food isn't a financial consideration to them, they can afford to pay far more for food, they would like to also eat and drink more but health, body beauty and  quality of life often puts a stop to that, reigns them in somewhat.....not everyone wants to be like them, can well do without status, do people honestly think all people want to be like them....or imitate them?;)

  5. Inflation will be different for us all.....it is all about how we manage the particular inflation that will hit us and how we can reduce it from the actions we take......many jobs will be left undone, such as home improvements and insulation....cars will be given up, travel less, eat differently, heat differently.....cancel the gym subscription, cancel the charity payment, cancel the paper delivery......get on the bike.......keep moving.

    Spend the house, no house share a house......born with nowt, die with nowt.......stay healthy, could otherwise cost a fortune.;)

  6. 4 hours ago, jonb2 said:

    I would always judge a person by his audio system Bruce. I find it hard, but sometimes I can forgive some for having an 8-track - as I will in your case - you were obviously not responsible for your actions at the time. Perhaps you were completely  possessed by a demon?

    Yup, I know vinyl is a bit difficult to play in the car - but really? 8-track? 🙂

    We had an 8 track in the car.....played the jungle book on a loop, know all the songs and words.;)


  7. 12 hours ago, shlomo said:

    My ukrainian cleaner has left, well she left 2 weeks ago said it was to far to travel, I cannot find a replacement, anybody else finding it difficult to get good home help.

    The country is going to the dogs

    Going to be very expensive to travel from outside now driving, carrying tools of trade.......might no longer be worth it unless the employer pays the extra including fuel costs and time, time is money.;)

    12 hours ago, Drat said:

    That is very middle class of you :)

    Reminds me of the person who was moaning about being so poor "We are so poor that even our butler is poor"

    Happiness is all about having the small things in life, a small yacht, a small mansion and a small fortune.;)

    Groucho Marx.

  8. 1 hour ago, MARTINX9 said:

    People do make quality of life choices - perhaps she got a nice big house with a garden in a quieter place. You will actually find that houses in places like Brentwood or Billericay and and some parts of North Essex are actually more expensive than houses in the greater London area that border them like Havering or Redbridge or Barking and Dagenham. So it wasn't an entirely bad choice - if you want less traffic, less crime, less pollution and less noise.

    Money - or at least sitting on an asset worth money - isn't everything. So many wealthy people who keep claiming mental health problems - seems the richer many get the more unhappy they get (too much time to think?).

    Peace, quiet and tranquility - which are hard to find in London - are priceless!

    Indeed they do.....;)

  9. Some countries have a greater number of younger people than other countries including ourselves......higher growth potential for other countries that have more room for maneuver, balancing up.......older people that no longer work can be beneficial and productive to the economy, their spending power and the growth made from their property increase that will eventually one day be fed back and spent.........a major part of growth we have had is from housing growth and turnover.......what would we do without it, where would we be then?;)

  10. On 20/10/2021 at 15:37, steve99 said:

    If you are mega rich, inflation is low, (so long as you dont count house prices, but they they all own lots of houses anyway) if you are poor then it has been high for a number of years. Private rents being one of the worst issues and public transport has gone up by more than CPI for decades (where I used to live in London 14 years ago a weekly travel card was £28 now its £63 in a period of almost zero wage rises for many).  When rents and other compulsory essentials go up more than your wages or benefits (think of disabled people as much as anyone)  then there is less to spend on things that are not going up, like food and heating for eg. 

    If you live in London in a paid for house.......CT is cheaper band for band in comparison to elsewhere, water is cheaper than other places, WiFi is cheaper, cable non existent in most places......fresh food is cheaper, transport is better and cheaper....no need to run a car......even the museum's are free.......the cheapest place to live with the best facilities and connections is London...... if you own your home.;)

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