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  1. Prehaps they want to avoid large credit card limits being spent on a house deposit, gold or coin?
  2. Going to be very expensive to travel from outside now driving, carrying tools of trade.......might no longer be worth it unless the employer pays the extra including fuel costs and time, time is money. Happiness is all about having the small things in life, a small yacht, a small mansion and a small fortune. Groucho Marx.
  3. Not got a problem with having the vaccine......got a big problem with citizens being forced to have a vaccine......I would resign.
  4. I take it you are a Conservative that doesn't agree with new Conservative policies.
  5. Not taking sides.......but amazing how many who supported this government and brexit have kept quiet, ignored, stuck heads in the ground or turned a blind eye when things are very wrong, been done wrong, or not done when should have been done.......if it had been another politician or party you wouldn't hear the end of it....
  6. Some countries have a greater number of younger people than other countries including ourselves......higher growth potential for other countries that have more room for maneuver, balancing up.......older people that no longer work can be beneficial and productive to the economy, their spending power and the growth made from their property increase that will eventually one day be fed back and spent.........a major part of growth we have had is from housing growth and turnover.......what would we do without it, where would we be then?
  7. Is it just a coincidence......that times have changed for many people, and it is not for the better since leaving the EU. Others might say however bad it gets, it is worth it.......or is it because the sun is no longer shining and getting colder.
  8. Can't you see they are dancing in front of homes and on top of homes........ what tis saying is not to make a building your only love...... don't make it hurt you.
  9. Comes naturally when can feel the beat.....you have either got it or you haven't.
  10. The west now has massive inequality, those that have gained enormously from those below them.......but will the proles continue to put up with it?......who is the more scared of who?
  11. If you live in London in a paid for house.......CT is cheaper band for band in comparison to elsewhere, water is cheaper than other places, WiFi is cheaper, cable non existent in most places......fresh food is cheaper, transport is better and cheaper....no need to run a car......even the museum's are free.......the cheapest place to live with the best facilities and connections is London...... if you own your home.
  12. It is either those that can afford a mortgage paying an extra £50 or those that can't afford a mortgage paying an extra £50.
  13. Yes of course a short-term high uplift that will see them through......all a case of degree, many might have invested enough already to see them alright.....for most on lower wages they will be in a very insecure working environment not knowing what tomorrow will bring......short-term work contract with a long mortgage commitment... What about all those that lost their jobs with excellent in work benefits, then re-employed on an inferior contract.....complete opposite to high skills high wages, when a large proportion of wages is made up of the benefits of doing that particular job.......no incentive to stay......works both ways........ loyalty no longer pays.
  14. Or on fixed high costs that keep on rising that are out of control...... can't change fixed costs as easily.
  15. The cold weather doesn't help because people are indoors most of the time and viruses thrive a lot better in the cold months.......but the figures in hot Mediterranean countries were high over the summer.......now has fallen because of vaccination and mask wearing.
  16. Depends a lot to where you live.......what people need is security, safety and feel they are valued. When housing does not provide security, the health service is trying to cope, people are being killed doing an honest and worthwhile job or in their homes from the people they know or in the street walking home......where others look down on the type of job they do, such as a waiter, cleaner, veg picker, cab driver, packer,carer etc and pay them a wage where they have to request a top-up from the state to live......not a nice place to be.
  17. People don't want to be pleased, they require leadership and fair and honest direction......they need to be seen to practice what they preach.......we are all equal, but some, not all, think they are honerable and worthy special entitled flowers.....actions speak louder than words.
  18. One step at a time.......extra precautions when the risk is high. The government would look silly if everyone ignored their instruction, prehaps there isn't the resources to enforce it, would not be good if people pointed a finger at each other, each blaming each other.....what a divided and selfish nation we seem to have become......wonder what has caused that?
  19. Nobody is saying it should continue forever.......just throughout the winter.......if we can have complete freedom for a few months but only wear a face covering inside.......maybe the government do not say it is because they know many will ignore it, just like they have ignored many CoVid guidelines that they have implemented for us to abide by......many rules made though if money to be made from it. Double protected.....
  20. Only takes a few unknowingly to infect a few, out of the few one could die........I know people who have been double jabbed who have been infected, few days before they realised they had it, like a mild flu and bit rough for a few days....if not wearing a mask on the bus or train they unknowingly might have infected a few without knowing....
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