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  1. MY friend is not good at taking MY advice to sell HIS houses. If they were MY houses and MY money I'd be S**ting MY pants. Thanks.
  2. Um.. maybe but there's probably a few tits out there that'll get spring fever next year and buy his overvalued s**t. (he's not that good a friend!)
  3. A friend of mine has several buy to lets and is very worried. He says he wants rid by next autumn. Sell now, while you still can.
  4. Increasing rent is quoted in the media about as often as petrol prices. I have been renting now for over three years and, as I become increasing tight ar*ed during this time, have been paying less and less every year for rent. I now pay £400 pcm and only £865 pa council tax (2 bed house with garden). I have moved around alot but was wondering what the forums experiences are of rent. Are there any stats to back up the media available. Or, is it just a pro-buy strategy from VIs. I appreciate hearing about any experiences you have had.
  5. It's the old exam revision formula. The later you leave it, the harder it gets. Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Particularly when its going to be about as popluar as a fart in a spacesuit.
  6. Another factor with increasing importance is the cost of the finance of these shiney new cars that few can afford but many drive. I've a feeling that cost may be growing too........
  7. Do the BoE have the balls to sort this out? Inflation is the biggest problem facing this country at the moment. Are the best decissions sometimes the most unpopular?
  8. Do you honestly think that economic immigrants come here with the intention of buying a 3 bed semi and a dog?! I'm sorry but I'm sure Poles and other eastern europeans are savvy enough to come and earn a Polish doctor's salary by picking spuds or whatever and take/ send the money home
  9. From a personal point of view I have to disagree. My girlfriend and I are saving furiously (ages 26 and 31). We are on a 4 year saving schedule and many of my peers are doing the same. In fact, I often think that if everyone adopted the spending habits that I have the economy would have collapsed long ago! I honestly believe that there is disquiet amoungst the x-generation and serious interest in the next £5000 wiped of the average house price as it's £5000 that doesn't have to be worked for and saved. Before my partner had a career change, she worked for connexions (the careers service) and was regularly asked to be creative in hiding the NiET group of young people (not in education or training) so as to make NuLab stats look rosy. With this level of institutional deception I think they may hide the precipice until 2009 (calling an early election?) and get a final term. I hope this goes someway to demonstrating the group of 20 somethings that do hold a certain amount of financial awareness
  10. I love it how the media pretend to be giving us the unpleasant facts dead straight. They are just trying to get the message out to leave interest rates alone as if 0.25% is enough to curb spending. What they are failing to "dwell on" is the announced energy cost increases today (+9% electricity, +18% gas) and the implications on cost of living for ALL not just shoppers cutting back. IRs need to go to at least 6% to prevent a loss of quality of life for our most vulnerable- particularly with winter and big heating bills on the horizon.
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